RSM Thoughts: Castle Season 3 Finale: Knockout

With the Castle season 3 finale history, I thought it time to write another blog post and offer my thoughts. I have to say that my immediate reaction is disappointment and sadness. I wasn’t taken by surprise by anything that happened last night, but that’s not the part that disappointed me. I am disappointed that yet another show I watch has decided to go for the shock value season ending, rather than something really and truly different. Warning, you must watch the episode before reading through below because I am going to talk about a huge plot point and I do not want to spoil you.

Captain Montgomery. I knew something was going to befall our captain from that look he and Esposito shared several episodes back, but his fate was sealed when they cast an actress as his wife. You don’t give someone a back story and a family if there isn’t something big about to happen. They practically stamped “not long for this world” on his forehead. It would have been different to have him defeat and take out the badguy. Sacrificing himself to save Beckett seems more of the same shock value season finale stuff that TV is known for. The kicker for me was when Ruben Santiago-Hudson joined twitter just a couple of weeks ago. I just knew he was gone.

I guess I am just getting old. Too many Joss Whedon disappointments where characters I liked were killed off. Or perhaps I was really hoping that after the emotional drain of six wonderful seasons of Lost, I had found a show that would be lighthearted and fun, serious at times, but never taking itself too serious. I needed a break from the deep stuff, and to enjoy the laughter. This finale was so much of what I don’t want from Castle.

It occurs to me that Castle actually admitted he Loved Beckett as the very last line of the episode, but I was so beside myself at the Captain’s death, that the moment didn’t even resonate for me. Sure, it happened immediately after Beckett is seemingly shot by a sniper who set up in the cemetery, another shock I found disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong. I will continue to watch, but I’d have been tuning in again in September without killing Captain Montgomery and possibly wounding Beckett, not because of it.

As always this cast and crew do an outstanding job. The acting is top notch. I cried with Esposito and Ryan as they discovered their beloved Captain had a past. Their fight in the alley was probably the best scene of the whole episode. I cried with Beckett as she screamed in the hangar for Castle to leave her be. I cried when the Captain said good bye to his family knowing it was going to be the last time they saw him in this life. All in all, the cast is stellar…just another reason we didn’t need to lose Captain Montgomery. Sure, there will be more storylines as we get a new Captain at the precinct, and this new captain gets up to speed on things, test his or her on all things NYC Blue. I just don’t feel it was necessary.

Bottom line, I feel cheated. Same old shock value stuff. Again, maybe I am old, but this isn’t what I wanted to see on Castle.

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