The End of 2011: Saying Goodbye to Steve Jobs

I have been thinking on whether or not I’d share with you my feelings on the loss of Steve Jobs. As a huge Mac and Apple fan since forever (and a vocal one to be sure), I felt it was my duty to chime in with something. It is fitting that I learned of Steve Jobs passing, via twitter, on my iPhone 4, a device I wouldn’t have and love if it were not for the tenacious determination and genius of Mr. Steve Jobs.

I have been a long time Mac fanatic, and cannot even begin to express how my life, both as a professional and personally, has been impacted by the tools and vision brought to the world by Apple. I don’t think I’d have become half the rocket scientist I am now, if I hadn’t been lucky enough to join a group here at NASA that was heavily focused on using Macs to think different. It is no small coincidence that the man who is now my husband was also the one who led the charge in that branch to move entirely to Macs. Our kids are as comfortable using iOS devices as I was using a pen and paper when I was growing up. We have more functioning Macs and Apple devices in our house then we have people in our family.

Thank you Apple and thank you Steve Jobs, for giving me the tools to become better than I thought I could be. Not to mention, giving my children a future where technology is something intuitive.

You will be missed, but never forgotten.