Continuing my Multi-Family Disney World trip planning – Grocery Delivery

As I continue to plan the multi-family trip to Disney World for myself and my siblings and Mom, I thought I’d capture some of the things we’re working on here on my blog. It’ll give me something to write about, and it might be information worth sharing with other folks who are working on their own Disney World plans.

Today’s post is about saving money on food when visiting the parks. You certainly won’t starve at Disney World, but it can get expensive to eat all your meals in the parks and the surrounding resort hotels. It can also get challenging if you have picky eaters or kids with allergies as I do.

Typically, the husband, kids and I drive down to Disney, so we make a stop at the Win Dixie for a quick grocery run before checking into our Disney Vacation Club resort hotel (complete with kitchen and full refrigerator – We’ve been DVC members since the kids were born). This trip, we’re flying down, so we won’t have a car, and taxis can be expensive. But there is an alliterative to getting food down in your hotel room at Disney from packing it and bringing it yourself.

For the trips that we’ve flown down to Florida in the past, we have used Garden Grocer

We found this one through and some of the other Disney World related websites that we typically frequent.

To use the service,  you effectively go grocery shopping online, picking out the items you want (refrigerated and otherwise, anything you can find in a grocery store –including baby stuff like diapers and wet wipes). Pick the date you want them delivered and the hotel you will be staying in. Enter a tip amount and your credit card information, and the food you’ve ordered will be delivered to your hotel on that date and time.

If you arrive at the hotel and through check in after the food arrives, the hotel desk will store it in the bell services area and they will keep all cold items in their refrigerated areas. Once you check in and your room is ready,  just call the bell services desk and ask that your items be delivered. It’s actually quite easy.

We are staying in a moderate and not a DVC resort this time, so will only have a mini fridge in the room, (sadly, no freezer), but good enough to keep milk, juice boxes, or other small things cold. That’s enough to make sure you can have milk and cereal every morning instead of eating in the park.

It is a good idea to book the service in advance because the scheduled times of delivery can get filled up the closer you get to your date of arrival.

A second option is to mail a package of non perishables to yourself at the hotel. That will be an upcoming blog post.