The bright spot in the Star Wars Universe: Star Wars Rebels

h_starwarsrebels_season4_72a021c3I cannot believe I haven’t yet written about the final season of Star Wars: Rebels! Rebels had a four year run, and ended with its final episode this past February. The final season was broken in to two parts, and the episodes themselves were run in blocks of two per week to fill an hour time slot. The show aired on Disney XD and was available via the Disney XD app usually the day after.

The head creative gentleman in charge of Rebels is the person in all of the Disney Star Wars machine who really gets what makes Star Wars, David Filoni. Mr. Filoni learned under George Lucas himself doing Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Rebels carried on the same spirit that was evident in TCW. Rebels feels more like Star Wars than anything that’s come out since the Disney acquisition. I am both sad that it ended, and grateful that it was on television at all.

I have much more that I want to write up about Rebels, like actually getting into the details of the show, but this will hold my place and serve as a reminder to come back to it. If you didn’t watch Rebels while it aired, Disney did put all four seasons up on the Disney XD app back in February when the show was airing its final episodes. I haven’t checked if they are still there. I highly recommend watching.

Yes, it’s a show aimed at children so expect the good guys to prevail in the nick of time and don’t expect anything too depressing. There is loss, and the final half of the fourth season packs a lot of emotional punch. In the end, I believe that the original trilogy was meant for kids and that Star Wars is really meant for kids. It should be hopeful. It should be cause for cheering. Ultimately, I think this has been lost in the new Disney trilogy. But then, if you’ve read any of my posts over the last two years, you are very aware of this.

Until next post.

May the Force be with you.