Open letter to the Show Runners of ABC’s Castle

If there is no Kate Beckett, there is no Castle.  Period.

Several years ago, I used to post pretty regular reviews/summaries of episodes of Castle on my blog. So regularly that I’ve made a tab at the top of my blog to link to them. I’m a Nathan Fillion fan, and fell in love with his ruggedly handsome Richard Castle character from the first episode of this mid-season replacement show. While Nathan may have gotten me to start watching, it was the Beckett-Castle relationship, embodied by Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion that got me to stay. From the very beginning, their chemistry was amazing, add to that the fact that the show took what is typically a male dominated profession and instead gave us the amazing Detective Kate Becket and I was hooked.


I stopped writing reviews and summaries because I grew unhappy with the direction the show was taking. It focused on a lot of dark stuff. Betrayal. Miscommunications. At it’s heart, it’s a hopeful, zany show with shenanigans wrapped around the serious murder-solving.  Along the way, the show runners forgot that, and made things too dark. Dark is fine. Dark has its place. Castle is not dark.

The season leading up the wedding of Castle and Becket seemed to remember what the fans of the show loved, and gave it to us in spades. Then the show runners traded hands, and the entire tone of the show changed. The ratings have reflected that. For me, I never returned to writing reviews, but I have never stopped watching the show. I used to have to watch it the day it aired (after our children fell asleep) but now I might go a couple of weeks before catching up. I find that telling. I still watch, it’s just not as fun, so I don’t rush to the DVR.

I’ve just read news that neither Stana Katic nor Tamalia Jones will be returning *IF* Castle is renewed this fall. ABC has not announced what will happen to the show going forward, and news is out that the show runners have filmed three different endings, depending on whether the season ender is also a series ender or not.  I do not know whether one of those endings results in Kate Beckett’s death, but if it does, I am done. Here and now. I am done watching this show.

There is no Castle without Beckett. No Beckett without Castle. Sure, I love Ryan and Esposito, and I love them with Castle, but the heart of this show was the two leads. The romance. The love. The teamwork. The episodes were always their strongest when Kate and Richard worked together to solve the crimes. That became painfully evident this season, as the characters underwent a “fake breakup” to throw off some bad guys.

At this point, if ABC has decided that it’s not worth keeping Stana, then I have decided it’s not worth continuing with this show. If the finale doesn’t let Castle and Beckett ride off into the sunset then I am not interested in watching anything further. I won’t watch even a shortened season without Beckett.

The fans deserve a happy ending. The fans deserve Castle and Beckett growing old and catching bad guys. Let them have babies, and save the world. Let us know they will be living the happily ever after that this couple was always meant to have.  Show us a healthy relationship where the wife can continue her career and she and her husband can work together as partners.

But I am not even sure I’ll continue watching to see.

I am beyond disappointed ABC. Whoever is making these decisions has no idea why the fans watch this show. Nor do they appear to care. I know it’s about the money. I just wish it were also about the storytelling and the fans.

I won’t even start my rant about how they are letting go of only the women on the show.


RSM Thoughts: Castle Season 3 Finale: Knockout

With the Castle season 3 finale history, I thought it time to write another blog post and offer my thoughts. I have to say that my immediate reaction is disappointment and sadness. I wasn’t taken by surprise by anything that happened last night, but that’s not the part that disappointed me. I am disappointed that yet another show I watch has decided to go for the shock value season ending, rather than something really and truly different. Warning, you must watch the episode before reading through below because I am going to talk about a huge plot point and I do not want to spoil you.

Captain Montgomery. I knew something was going to befall our captain from that look he and Esposito shared several episodes back, but his fate was sealed when they cast an actress as his wife. You don’t give someone a back story and a family if there isn’t something big about to happen. They practically stamped “not long for this world” on his forehead. It would have been different to have him defeat and take out the badguy. Sacrificing himself to save Beckett seems more of the same shock value season finale stuff that TV is known for. The kicker for me was when Ruben Santiago-Hudson joined twitter just a couple of weeks ago. I just knew he was gone.

I guess I am just getting old. Too many Joss Whedon disappointments where characters I liked were killed off. Or perhaps I was really hoping that after the emotional drain of six wonderful seasons of Lost, I had found a show that would be lighthearted and fun, serious at times, but never taking itself too serious. I needed a break from the deep stuff, and to enjoy the laughter. This finale was so much of what I don’t want from Castle.

It occurs to me that Castle actually admitted he Loved Beckett as the very last line of the episode, but I was so beside myself at the Captain’s death, that the moment didn’t even resonate for me. Sure, it happened immediately after Beckett is seemingly shot by a sniper who set up in the cemetery, another shock I found disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong. I will continue to watch, but I’d have been tuning in again in September without killing Captain Montgomery and possibly wounding Beckett, not because of it.

As always this cast and crew do an outstanding job. The acting is top notch. I cried with Esposito and Ryan as they discovered their beloved Captain had a past. Their fight in the alley was probably the best scene of the whole episode. I cried with Beckett as she screamed in the hangar for Castle to leave her be. I cried when the Captain said good bye to his family knowing it was going to be the last time they saw him in this life. All in all, the cast is stellar…just another reason we didn’t need to lose Captain Montgomery. Sure, there will be more storylines as we get a new Captain at the precinct, and this new captain gets up to speed on things, test his or her on all things NYC Blue. I just don’t feel it was necessary.

Bottom line, I feel cheated. Same old shock value stuff. Again, maybe I am old, but this isn’t what I wanted to see on Castle.

RSM initial thoughts: Castle Episode 3:17 Countdown

Last night was the second of the two parter started with last week’s Setup. I didn’t even take notes while watching last night, I was that into the show. I hope to watch it again and this time take some running notes so that I can post the recap up here earlier rather than later.

Let me start by saying that I thought last night’s payoff was emotional, stressful, beautiful and really the perfect part two of last week’s Setup. There were parts where you just knew the cavalry would come to the rescue, but really, isn’t what we want in an episode of Castle. Thank goodness that this isn’t a Joss Whedon show, so I am free to enjoy the fact that characters I have grown to love aren’t going to be senselessly killed off just because they can be (Still miss you Tara).

The scenes between Nathan and Stana were subtle, powerful, touching, and heartbreaking. I absolutely adore them together, and love that head writer Andrew Marlow has an amazing sense of timing, pacing and storytelling.

If you haven’t watched this episode and last week’s, I urge you to head on over to, or hulu, or buy them off of iTunes and check them out.

Best moment ever – Nathan Fillion’s reaction as Castle saving the day. I won’t spoil it here, but I laughed so hard I had to pause and rewind the DVR and watch it a couple times.


RSM Review Castle Episode 3:16: “Setup”

It’s been a while since I had time to write up a summary of an episode of Castle. So, without further adieu, here is the writeup for part one of a two parter.

Air date February 21, 2011
First of a two parter

Castle Episode 3:16: “Setup”
Guest star Adrian Pashdar (of Heroes fame)

We open with a scene similar to something out of Close Encounters or ET: Castle is being led down the hallway of some chamber (looks like a government quarantine facility), by two people wearing HaZMat suits. An alarm is sounding. Lights are flashing. Castle is struggling. The men in suits unzip the door and shove him in. Inside the chamber stands Kate Beckett. They look at each other with fear and worry in their eyes

“36 hours earlier”

A taxi sits on cinder blocks. A security guard approaches. Beckett, Ryan and Esposito arrive. The body of the taxi driver is located inside a nearby warehouse. Cause of death, gunshot to the forehead.

Lanie is there going over the body. Esposito is theorizing the cause of death, and Lanie corrected him calling him “baby” as he approaches. Beckett notices, and mouths to her “did you call him baby?” Her response: Guess I did. Time of death fits a robbery, 11:15 p.m. His watch stopped when he died. 9-mm to the head. Fingers broken one at a time, as though he were tortured before being killed.

The dead body is Amir, a cab driver. He was found in Washington heights. We all know that’s a shady area that time of night. Turns out he had turned off the fair computer in his taxi when he went there. He apparently didn’t want any trace of having gone there.

At 10:01 p.m. he made his last phone call to his wife.

Ryan points out that Amir wrote C4121652 in a notebook application on his phone. Castle thinks it’s a phone number. Ryan already tried that.

Beckett and Castle head off to interview the victim’s wife.

Beckett is asking the wife why Amir would have turned his meter off and go to Washington Heights. That part of town is known for drug dealing and prostitution. Amir’s cousin is there, helping.

Things have been tough for Amir. Monica, their baby daughter needed surgery. His wife is sad that now she will never know her father. Jamal, Amir’s cousin and business partner tells Beckett that he invested in the taxi business with Amir, but he didn’t drive. They rented driving spots to two other drivers. Nazeeth will inherit the share of the taxi business.

Car parts from the taxi have been found and brought into interrogation. The gent who stole them claims he found the car parts. Beckett says he striped the car and killed the driver. The car thief freaks out. He was cruising, saw a perfectly good cab just sitting there, so he stripped it. He says he’s just a car guy. He doesn’t hurt people. He says there was a guy there who ran off when he pulled up. He was there looking for something in the car. Tore up the upholstery.

Beckett’s phone rings. She leaves saying that she has to get that. Ryan approaches her to engage her with some recent discovery, but she says “Not now Ryan”. We, the viewer, are left to think the phone call is from her boyfriend, Josh.

Castle asks Esposito what’s up. “You know Beckett. she plays it close to the vest”

Ryan has found the other taxi drivers. One had an abli. The other, joined another taxi company. Ryan pauses, glances at Beckett, and Castle says he will tell Beckett.

Beckett and Castle go see the other taxi driver. The driver was upset because the taxi company owner (Amir) was fat with cash and definitely not sharing it.

Esposito calls them back to the crime scene. CSU figured out why the person was trying to get inside the car. It had several cameras installed. All the hard drives and video have been stolen so the team cannot watch whatever was taped.

Castle is talking the case over with Alexis. He obsers that Amir’s wife, cousin, other drivers didn’t know he installed the cameras. So was someone spying on him? His passengers? Both? Martha arrives and asks if she’s talked to him about their little trip to the “Oasis of Serenity” You’ve heard of Serenity haven’t you? (nice inside joke for Nathan’s previous show, Firefly – Serenity was the name of the spaceship in Firefly.)

Alexis gives Castle a look saying “please Dad get me out of this? “ And she mouths to him her impending Physics exam. When he asks her whether she’s got an upcoming physics exam, she says that It accounts for 20% of her grade. Castle insists she can’t go. Martha leaves to go pack. Castle looks at Alexis and mouths “best Dad Ever” as he’s pointing to himself.

Beckett is talking to “motorcycle boy”, or as Castle corrects himself “Dr. Motorcycle boy”. It’s pretty serious. Castle walks up with two cups of coffee. When he asks her what’s up, she brushes it off.

Esposito sits down with everyone going over Amir’s latest cab routes that day. He did loop on a street with a fare. Did the fair need to talk to Amir?

They got a name and match on the person who installed the camera equipment. Amir hired him to put the cameras. Only said it was for security.

The guy who was driving with Amir is caught on a traffic camera. The chief and Esposito can tell he’s packing, and from the look of his suit, he’s not a cop.

Back at Amir’s house, the wife is shown the photo of the man who rode on Amir’s car. She said he stopped by the week before to talk to him. Amir said that the guy got him mistaken with someone else.

After taking the photo and showing it along the route, someone identifies having seen him in a coffee shop near by. Becket goes to him, and stops him on the street. She takes his gun. A 9-mm. And asks if he has a concealed weapons license. He slowly says he did, in his pocket, along with his credentials. He’s a Syrian diplomat. And he will not answer her questions.

Turns out he’s a member of the Syrian secret police. Probably has a lot of history of breaking fingers.

He was at a soccer game the night and time Amir was killed. There are photos to prove it.

As they are going over the case, Castle hits on the idea that the 1600 is an address. A storage warehouse sits at that address. C412 is a storage unit.

Castle and Beckett go to the storage area. When Castle asks how they will open the door, and she shows him chain bolt cutters. Castle says that for reasons he won’t explain, he finds that (Her with the bolt cutter) very hot. Beckett took Amir’s keys from the police lockup, so she goes with the easy entrance. They get inside the storage unit, and find a box. Nothing else. They go to the box, and open it. The top is lined with C4 plastic explosives. As they stand, something starts beeping on Beckett’s hip. A monitor of some sort.

She runs out of the unit, pushing Castle with her, and calls on his walkie talkie her badge # and asks for help, that she’s been exposed to high levels of radiation.

Back to where we started the episode. Castle asks the team how serious it is.

Back at the precinct, the chief, Esposito and Ryan ask how serious it is. Amir had a key to the this storage unit, what was he into? Maybe the Syrians?

Enter Mark Fallen. Dept. of Homeland Security. DHS sent him down to act as a liaison. Syrians won’t want to get in trouble, so they won’t help him.

Cut to the quarantine area, Castle is looking out the plastic window. He asks Beckett about her radiation detector levels. She says it was maxed out.

Ryan says that Homeland security debriefed Amir when he first landed here. Amir had worked on nuclear weapons when he was in Syria, for the Russians. At that Mark announces that now he’s taking over.

Castle and Beckett are sitting on a box in the room. She wants to talk about something other than the bad possibilities. So he asks how’s Josh. Beckett responds that he’s on the way to Haiti on another doctor’s without borders mission. She’s sad that he’s not around a lot. How do you compete with him out there saving people. She was attracted to his passion and drive. She rhetorically asks why is it that the thing that attracts you to a person always ends up being the thing that drives you crazy. She just wishes that she had someone who’d be there for her and she could be there for him and we could just do it together. Castle looks like he’s going to offer himself just as a hazmat guy comes in, and tells them they are free to go. Castle looks like he just needed another minute.

There were only minute bits of cobalt 60. Nothing life threatening.

The chief enters and expresses how happy he is that they are ok. in order to leave traces behind, there had to have been another crate with large amounts of cobalt 60. Makings of a dirty bomb.

Castle comes home. Martha is leaving, that she’s going alone thanks to him. Castle says he changed his mind. That it would be good for the two of them to spend time together. He looks at Alexis and urges her to go with his eyes. (he’s trying to get her out of town).

Agent Fallon is briefing the crew; Amir built a dirty bomb in the storage unit. It’s gone missing. We hear Ryan and Esposito tried to get Jenny and Lanie to leave town. Neither were successful. Fallon continues that we need to find the person who took the bomb. He also tells Castle thank you for his help but we can’t have a civilian on the front lines. It’s for his own protection. Castle mentions that his friend the governor will be very disappointed. Fallon allows it, then he asks Beckett for a word.

He is asking about Amir’s wife. How did she seem in the interview? Truthful? Fallon asks Beckett to come into interrogation with him. If he goes over the line, real him back in. Then he mentions that it’s a nice touch. When Beckett asks what is, he says “the baby”.

Castle is helping to search the databases to track the $10k Amir had put into his accounts. It was wired, so Ryan tells him how to trace it. It came from a James Smith in Dearborn, MI. Before that from same name in TX. Ryan mentions that there’s a large middle eastern contingent in Michigan. Castle thinks that Mid East Terrorits has been done. It doesn’t seem right.

Fallon is trying to scare the mom by saying social services will take her baby. She is swearing through panic stricken tears that she doesn’t know anything. He threatens to take away her baby. Beckett stares on in awe. He mentions that the baby is a money pit. After allowing the wife to leave, and reassuring her that no one will take her baby, Fallon asks Beckett if she thinks that she’s truthful or not. Beckett says that she thinks she is. Fallon has bugged her house.

Castle has traced the money. it was wired through 6 banks but originated in Afghanistan. Ryan is looking through the tapes of the storage area and finds Amir’s cousin Jamal is on it, moving the crate.

Mark Fallon regroups the team and briefs them on Jamal Alhabi. Had his cousin fashion a dirty bomb, then killed him. Less than 12 hours ago, he disappeared. He owns a moving company so check his trucks. Pull his financials. “Folks we live here. I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. Let’s find him”

Castle asks to talk to Beckett. What’s your take on Fallon. She weighs in that he’s a Good cop, as a person, kind of a douche. Castle asks if he’s an open minded douche. This seems too simple The details aren’t there like if you’d write a story. The money from Afghanistan came from a city near a military base. Why choose that one? Castle thinks something else is going on. The breadcrumbs are leading us to Amir as though they were put there on purpose.

Need to talk to the one person who knew Amir, that might be able to talk to him.

Fallon is going through details on the case with the team at the precinct. Esposito and Ryan are going through the moving company employees. Call in an alert to find the missing truck.

Castle goes out to meet the Syrian embassy security chief off the record stressing to him “The last thing you wants is my country thinking your country was involved in this activity.” Amir was being watched. The Syrian never saw any evidence of terrorism, but then what other answer could he give? He met with Amir from time to time to remind his of his history. To try to convince him to return. Money usually overcomes obstacles. Not so with Amir.

Amir thought that the Syrian put the 10k into his account. He didn’t know where it came from. With that, he leaves but offers his card in case such a time came that Castle needed his services.

At the precinct, Fallon asks Castle and Beckett to come talk him in the Chief’s office. Fallon had Castle followed. He’s shocked that Castle went and talked to the embassy guy. IN the interest of national security, he wants to have Castle and Beckett removed from the task force. Captain tries to go to bat for them. Fallon ignores him, and offers to have his agents escort them out. Mentioning, that the governor has never heard of Castle.

At Castle’s place, Castle is hooking his iPhone up to a projector. He’d taken pics of the murder board as they were being kicked out. VIrtual murder board. Beckett asks where Martha and Alexis are. He got them out of town but didn’t tell him why. Castle has everything on the PC of Amir’s taxi route. It’s just like the precinct. Beckett observes “Only it smells better.”

So, they have to solve the murder to find the bomb.

Maybe the cameras weren’t to spy on a passenger. Maybe another driver. Amir suspected another driver and he put in the cameras to figure out what he was doing. The last two places Amir was, Kevin McCan was near both of them. (the other driver).

The missing van from the moving company has been found. When the cops get to the van, it’s empty.

Castle and Beckett decide to go to this warehouse area that both Kevin and Amir drove by, to find out is so interesting. They go to where Kevin parked his cab. Inside is another van (but not a moving van). Beckett gets out her gun. They approach the van. Walk around to the back. Find the bomb. It has a timer clock set for 13 hours. Beckett’s radiation detector goes off. Someone comes from behind and starts shooting them. She covers for Castle so he can make a move for the door. They go into a cold room. The person doesn’t follow, but rather locks them in. Inside the room is jamal, with a bullet in his head. He’s pretty frozen. As Beckett guards the door, the person outside shuts and bolts the door, locking them in the cold storage unit.

The van is covered in white paper, and the person who locked them in takes off the white paper, and drives away in a black van.

End of part one!


RSM Repeat Review: Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

Last night’s Castle was a repeat airing of the episode entitled “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind”. Here’s the link to my previous review of the episode when it aired.


RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:13 Knockdown

Last night the much anticipated Castle/Beckett kiss episode, Knockdown, aired on ABC. The action of this one centered on a return to the mystery surrounding Beckett’s mother’s murder, and begins to untangle the web of mystery surrounding who killed her (a hit-man we learned last season) and why (we start to learn that now).

This was another fantastic episode with emotion, action, humor: basically all of the things I’ve come to expect from an hour with the cast of this excellent drama/comedy.

Below are my notes, taken while watching. If you didn’t watch it last night, please do go watch it again before reading my comments below.

On to the show.

At the start, we are treated to ABC’s recap of Beckett’s mother’s story as told over the first two seasons of Castle. To set the backstory, understand that Beckett is Batman, and after her mother is killed, she turns to crime-fighting as both a passion and profession.

We open with a Det Raglan, as evidenced from photos, plaques and images we see around him. He is loading a gun, bring it to his chin, and begins to pull the trigger. We cut to Kate (Beckett) doing chin ups in her apartment (the new one, after they blew up her first one), as the phone rings.

Rather than kill himself, Det John Raglan, calls Beckett and introduces himself as the lead investigator on her mother’s case. “We need to talk about your mother’s case” He wants to meet her at a coffee shop at 4th and Main.

Beckett goes to Castle’s place. Apparently, she invites him to accompany her to the coffee shop, because the next scene is the two of them, entering the shop, walking over to Det. Raglan.

WHen they arrive, he asks her what part of no cops she didn’t understand. “he’s not a cop. He’s someone I trust.”

Det Raglan has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. He’s got 6 months. He’s going on and on about things you notice, and Christmas Carol. He did a lot of things and hid behind his badge. Now he has to carry them. Her mother’s murder was one of them.

When pressed, all he says is that he did what he was told and kept quiet. He tells Beckett that “People” noticed the hostage standoff (from last season, when Beckett caught the hit man who killed her mother).

This started 19 years ago, before he knew who Joanna Beckett was. He made a bad mistake and her mother was the beginning.

His coffee cup explodes. Everyone hits the ground. Beckett is covered in Blood. Castle asks her if she’s alright. She says she is, it’s not her blood. The Detective has been shot. Beckett yells to Castle to get down and away from the window. She calls the station for backup. Det. Raglan is dead.

The captain has arrived at the scene asks Beckett “tell me you didn’t come down here without backup.” Esposito and Ryan quickly come up behind her and improvise “We were backing her up. We were just..and they point to something off screen.”

Not fooled, the Captain warns Beckett to go where the evidence leads, not the other way around.

The forensics take a bullet out of the set. They use a laser to site the trajectory of the bullet. Beckett sends Esposito and Ryan off to check out the fourth floor of the building.

Castle comes back from the bathroom. He’s been washing his hands. When he saw the blood on her, he thought she’d been shot.

The building across the street is a secure building. Only way in or out is the locked lobby.

Esposito and Ryan bring back data on Raglan. Raglan was a widower. No next of kin. Only friend was another detective named McAlester.

In interrogation, McAlester tells them that Raglan was talking about 19 years ago. Beckett wants to know why, since her mother’s murder happened 12 years ago.

Raglan was retired by the time Beckett came on the job. She asks McAlester what Raglan was doing 19 years ago. NYC was a different city back then, and Raglan was a different cop back then. McAlester says he told Raglan not to get involved with a Vulcan Simmons, a drug dealer, punk, all around bad guy. Raglan worked homicide for 4 years and got involved with Simmons who used to run the drug trade in Washington Heights.

Beckett’s Mom tried to put together a “take back the neighborhood” in Washington heights back in the day.

Esposito says he’ll have him (Vulcan) “in the box by noon”.

Vulcan, a strong and scary large African American gentleman, tries to work on Castle and Beckett. Beckett surmises that 12 years ago, Joanna Beckett led a “Take back the neighborhood” campaign in Washington heights. She was murdered along with two of her colleagues. And he had his pet detective cover it up.

Vulcan leans in and tells her he remembers Joanna. RIch Bitch from the heights. Someone should have told her not to play with the animals. Beckett takes him, and throws him against the on-way glass wall, breaking it. Esposito and Ryan run in, Esposito telling her to stand down.

The Captain takes her off the case and tells her to go home. He tells Castle to go too, he doesn’t’ need him “nancy drewing” on this case. Captain puts Esposito and Ryan in charge of the Raglan homicide. They respectfully turn down the assignment. Captain “What’s it say on my badge?” R: “AH, captain.” And he tells them to get down there and solve the case.

Castle is at home, drinking and thinking. A very distraught Martha comes in and asks what if it had been him. He asks why she’s worried. And she very emotionally tells him that she loves him as much as he loves Alexis. She tells him he should be honest with himself why he’s doing it. (Beckett)

E and R are going through the tapes from the lobby camera of the building from the morning of the shooting. They find a man knocked down a woman and lifted her keycard. Wasn’t wearing gloves. They go to find the woman so they can get prints off of her arm, much in the way they can lift prints off of bodies.

Castle shows up with flowers at Beckett’s. Josh isn’t there. He’s in Africa, saving the world. She invites him in. He was thinking, all the best cops (Dirty Hairy, guy who makes the helicopter sounds in …) do their best work after they’ve been taken off the case. He kicked them off Raglan’s murder, but not her mother’s case. Beckett takes Castle to a three window pane she’s set up investigating her mother’s murder. She started it over the summer, while he was in the hamptons.

There were four people murdered linked to her Mom. Beckett thought they were related

E and R have found the woman. They are trying to get a fingerprint. She’s going on and on about how she’s not having any luck with men. On and on and on.

Castle and Beckett are going through photos of Beckett that her Mom took right before she died. There are some photos missing in the film. The last four photos on the negatives are of where her Mom was murdered. She took photos of the alley in which she was later killed. Is there something special about this alley?

The fingerprint comes up with a Hal Lockwood. He’s got nothing on his record. His credit card is active. He’s checked into a suite. They break into the suite, and find ammo, photos of Beckett. Wires. Explosive.

The sniper has been following Beckett since before Raglan’s murder. Captain is telling Beckett that she’s in danger, as is Castle. Castle’s in the basement going through old files. Does she want to tell him anything?

The sniper was taking meds to slow his heartbeat. Snipers time their shots between heartbeats so they don’t miss. Could Vulcan have been his dealer? Ryan ties the narcotics to a local dealer, a Chad…(something, I missed his name).

In interrogation, Chad tells him he’s got his lawyer on speed dial. Ryan tells him they aren’t narc cops. They don’t care about him. They want the person he sold the custom blend narsapan to the sniper. They aren’t going to arrest him, just detain him in lockup with some big guy. He says he didn’t sell directly to that guy. He sold them to one of his regulars. A lady that he can’t even get ahold of.

Castle comes to Beckett’s apartment. She answers the door with a gun in her hand. She tries to tell Castle to walk away for his safety.

Castle “Forget it. Fear does not exist in this dojo.”

Before her mother, there was another murder in that alley behind a club. An FBI agent was killed, Bob Armond. Her mother was a civil rights attorney. A thug named Bulgati pled guilty. Det. Raglan arrested him. He pled guilty because he was afraid of dyeing. He’s serving life in jail. The only people who could have seen how the FBI agent was killed were those who were there. The only people in the alley when Bobby was shot were the people who shot him. Bulgati did know Joanna. He wrote letters to every attorney he could find. She didn’t care that he was a thug, all she cared about was the truth. He warns Beckett to walk away. Nothing more dangerous than a killer with a badge.

Beckett, Castle update the chief and Ryan and Esposito. During this update, the Chief and Esposito share a really interesting look at the mention of the name Bulgati. This look is not explained during the course of the conversation or the rest of the episode. I wonder what this means in the future.

Turns out the McAlester was involved with Raglan and the setup. He tells them that Joe Bulgati wasn’t a good person. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t legal, but it was right. They’d take people off the street and they tuned them up. So they set bail and they set it hight.

McAlester was involved. He had nothing to do with hiring Dick Kunan to kill Joanna, and Raglan, and it’s so much bigger then she knows. He tells Beckett she woke the dragon.

Ryan and Esposito found two Jolene’s (the woman who bought the drugs from Chad) in the database. They separate to interrogate both. The sniper is following along behind. Beckett and Castle approach Jolene Granger. Her apartment is open. She’s been tied up and her neck broken. Beckett calls Ryan to tell him, and as he says “We’re our way”, someone from above them in the stairwell pulls the pin on something and drops it down the well, onto the stairs at Ryan’s feet.

Esposito and Ryan are missing. Only thing recovered are their cell phones. What Beckett heard was a flash bang. Lockwood grabbed them.

Cut to a factory building, and a large room. Lockwood congratulates Ryan and Esposito. No one has ever some this close to him. He and his people are filling a big vat of water with ice. He wants to find out what they know. He is going to make them a deal. option a They tell him what they know, one pro to another, and he will put bullet in their brain. If not, (option b) then they will be begging him to before this night is up.

Espotio chooses option B. Ryan says “oh ya, we’re definitely going to jerk you around.”

They find Jolene Granger’s cell phone bill. Try to call to get her account information. Need to get her mother’s maiden name. I miss how they managed to get this information.

Back in the factory building, Lockwood starts with Ryan, dunking him into the ice cold water. Esposito is forced to watch.

Beckett and company get the cell records. The last number she called has to be Lockwood. They find the building where Lockwood is, and where he’s got E and R.

Beckett and Castle arrive at the building and watch from the car. She’s worried that if they go in and that’s the end, Ryan and Esposito will be killed. She’s open to dumb ideas here. Castle says good, ‘cause I got one. They leave the car, and act as though they are lovers and Beckett is a bit drunk. The hired guard starts to walk toward them. Beckett reaches for her gun. Castle stops her and kisses her. Big kisses. After the first kiss, Beckett kisses him back. Big kisses. The guard stops walking, smiles and turns. By this time, Beckett is close enough, she roundhouse kicks him and knocks him out. Castle says that was awesome, then covers that he means the kick but we know he means the kiss. After Beckett turns, Castle touches his lips in a really cute and endearing “Oh my gosh we just kissed” sort of way, as only Nathan Fillion can pull off.

As the bad-guy is about to shoot Ryan’s kneecap, Esposito tries to tell him something, anything, to stop them from hurting Ryan. As the thug is about to shoot, Beckett comes in and shoots him first, and takes out a couple more of the thugs. As she continues through the room, the hit man/sniper gets his gun, and has his sights trained on Beckett. As he’s about to shoot, Castle jumps down from above him, tackling him to the ground, and punches him over and over again, knocking him out.

At the ambulance after the action, Castle is getting his hand bandaged. Beckett tells him that Ryan will be fine. Minor frostbite. His pride will be wounded too. Which will heal first. Beckett thanks him for alway having her back.

And end scene.

Another fantastic episode. Really, I say that every time, and I always mean it. Go watch it if you haven’t. Even if you’ve never watched an episode of this show, this one is a keeper.


RSM review: Castle Episode 3:12 Poof You’re Dead

Below is my recap of Monday night’s (Jan 10, 2011) episode of Castle: Poof You’re Dead. All editorial comments have –ed next to them and I tried to put them into parenthesis. I had a lot of fun trying to capture the action. This was another really good episode. Where last week’s murder mystery part of the show left me wanting, this week’s was what the movie Prestige could have been if it hadn’t been horrible (in my humble opinion). Hope you all have watched the episode. If not, feel free to read through (because Castle isn’t really about solving the crime, but rather enjoying the characters) but then head on over to hulu or iTunes or and watch the episode. I promise you will enjoy it.

(This episode is airing opposite an auburn football playoff game, but as I am not a fan of college football, I don’t entirely care. 🙂 The husband, however, is and has been keeping up with the score from my iPad as we watch Castle– ed.)

Again, the Bachelor ran over a minute into Castle’s time. Pooh. — ed.)

We open with a woman entering a magic equipment backstage. She moves the curtain and finds a dead body floating in a water tank.

Cut to cell phone ringing. A woman’s naked arm reaches for it. It’s Lanie. She gets her cell, and then another one rings, it’s Javier’s! The Lanie/Esposito romance! Lanie warns Esposito not to wink at her or smile at her or user his puppy dog eyes at her. He responds by taking a cell phone photo of her in bed.

Castle is on the phone with someone as he walks to the crime scene. Esposito walks up next to him. Castle tells him not to date someone you work with (I don’t know for sure, my son woke up — ed). Esposito says “who knows?” and then Beckett walks up.

Lanie says that he’s been in the tank for 8 hours. There’s signs of drowning and struggle.

A suicide note is found, mentioning that the magician was in financial trouble.

“Mr Drake did not kill himself!” The assistant who found the body is adamant that he would not have killed himself.

The last month, he’s been working on something. He’d been tired. A month ago, a guy came into the shop, pushed Mr. Drake into the display case, and said he’d sue him for all he’s worth.

Esposito reports that one of the neighbors saw a while van pull up outside the shop during the last day.

Only relative is a brother in Poughkeepsie. E and R haven’t reached him yet.

Castle is wearing e-ray specks. Says to Beckett that he can see her naked. Beckett, smirks, and says “How do you like my navel ring” Caste’s face drops.

Ryan, says to Javier, you’ve got a secret. E says, how did he know? Ryan says it’s right here in the paper. Castle and Gina are fighting, according to page 6. That’s what Castle was talking about to Esposito this morning.

In interrogation, it turns out that the gentleman who’s threatened to sue the magician, is angry because the magician accidently spilled the beans by reading his mind during a magic act. It was about a trip he’d taken to Atlantic City with “Rita”. Only trouble was, his wife’s name wasn’t Rita. Castle asks him if it took the magician long to read his mind. 🙂 (to which the angry man answers “no” and Castle smiles).

As Castle is wondering how Mr. Drake got the information. Picked his pocket? Beckett says “like this” and produces Castle’s iPhone 4 Castle “that’s more like it!”. Just then, it rings — it’s Gina. Castle Clicks the phone off (which means Gina goes to voicemail — ed). Beckett makes a “hmm, what’s that about” face.

E and R enter with information that finger prints found on the suicide note are from a fellow magician whose license Mr. Drake’s worked to get revoked. This magician had injured an assistant in an act.

In the park, Beckett and Castle walk up to said magician. When Beckett shows her badge, the magician does an a-la-kasam, smoke, disappear move. Castle looks around. Beckett goes to the box he’d been standing on, and slides open the top, revealing the magician. Beckett ”A-la-kazam Jackass”

His fingerprints are on the suicide note left on Zalman Drake’s shop. He was drowned in the water torture tank in his shop. He gave him the note. The other note on the paper, the one you can only see under a black light. It’s an invoice for services rendered. Got him something illegal. C4.

Zalman was a genius trick designer. Rumor was he was designing tricks for a famous magician who had Vegas acts and just happens to be in NYC on tour (I missed the name of said magician — ed).

Esposito saw this show “ya we loved it”. Everyone says “we”, and Esposito, says ya, he and his buddy, Rae. Ryan wants to know who this friend is that he’d take to see a magician. 😉

The famous magician is rehearsing. (Is that Gilles from Dancing with the Stars? Yes, it is!). Beckett and Castle walk in. Beckett flashes her badge “all access pass”.

The famous magician declines using C4 as it is too volatile. To unpredictable. It kills. Cannot be controlled. He suggests Beckett Check Zalman’s workshop. What workshop and where is his workshop?

As Castle goes on about the C4 and its implications, Beckett – “It’s magic, Castle, not the cold war.”

Beckett’s cell rings, It’s Lanie. They walk in to autopsy to find a very dressed up Lanie. Castle says “dressed to the 9s and in a big hurry” he wants to know what her big plans are. Lanie counters that she’ll tell him if he tells her what’s going on with Gina (see page 6). She called them to tell them Zalman was murdered and then put into the tank. Why cover up the murder?

Castle comes home, and Martha and Alexis are reading the paper. They call him a caveman for not telling him about Page 6. Castle says he and Gina were fighting about how much they’ve been fighting. Castle asks “can I change the subject” as he pulls a quarter out of Alexis’ ear. She says “come on Dad, what am I six? At least pull out a twenty” as she does so from his pocket.

Next morning, Castle run in to a Beckett in a hurry, she’s found the magician’s workshop. From his credit cards records, Zalman had hired a town car and it dropped him by he docks. Footprints lead to a brick wall, with a trick brick that opens the wall. Zalman’s fortress of solitude.

Beckett says her grandfather would have loved this place. Iron maiden, Guillotine. She notes that castle reminds her of her grandfather has he’s trying a magic box on his head. Wheelchair tracks lead to some papers.

Door opens, and in enters Zalman, very much alive. Castle “Best Trick Ever.”

Beckett asks him to keep his hands where she can see them. He claps and the lights come on. They wonder why he’s here. He says his name is Edmond Drake. The brother from Poughkeepsie. He’s a twin. He entered through the Iron Maiden. It’s the entrance from the other room.

He’s the identical twin, who wears glasses, a fact that Castle notes is the worst disguise since Clark Kent. He thinks that Zalman killed his brother to take over his life. Beckett is skeptical that anyone would do that to become an accountant in Poughkeepsie.

In interrogation, Edmond says he came down to the city because he had a feeling something was wrong.

Castle asks why he never got into the family business. They did have an act together as kids, but he didn’t have the skill. It was only amazing to people who didn’t know they were twins.

Castle can’t imagine that Beckett is letting him walk away. What’s she supposed to charge him with, being a twin? Castle says “being a twin in a magic murder.”

Esposito calls from the workshop. The tracks are wheelchair and specific. They are trying to match them. And traces of C4 were found on the workbench).

Castle is sure that Edmond is Zalman.

Lanie has done a fingerprint match, and the body is Zalman. Castle is disappointed. But she did find rabbit hairs (although Castle identifies them as old man hairs) as well as other organic chemicals and a nerve agent (but not enough to do much).

Esposito walks in from the hallway “Hola chica, I’ve been meaning to call you, to talk about…” and he comes around the corner, and sees Beckett and Castle. Lanie cuts him off. E covers quickly.

Wheelchair tracks trace to a Thaddeus Magnus. Drives a white van. Government protestor. Castle worries we’re talking a Timothy McVey type of terrorist.

after C and B leave, Esposito goes in for a kiss from Lanie. (Oh my! — ed)

Thaddeus is an old man. He’s surprised to hear Zalman has been killed. Thaddeus worked for him, not the other way. According to Thaddeus, If anyone killed him, it was those guys he worked for. They came by to meet him at the store later on.

Zalman asked Thaddeus to make a mechanical arm that could trigger a switch remotely. He said this was his greatest magic trick ever, and he was being paid a fortune to get away with murder.


Beckett lays out that a magician would be the ideal person to plan an attack. The people who killed him probably thought it was safer to kill him than to pay him and take a chance that he’d rat them out.

Castle is researching how many explosions happen in he city every day. His cell phone rings, and it’s GIna. Martha wants him to answer it. Instead, he makes it “disappear.” Martha asks him what’s going on. Castle says that everything is “just fine, ordinary” Problem is he doesn’t want ordinary. He wants magic. And neither he nor Gina want to admit it.

Organic phosphates, nerve agents. = Jet fuel.

Castle comes to the precinct and has come to the same conclusion as to the target that Beckett came to = a famous billionaire whose plane blew up over the Atlantic. (Frankly, I don’t know where this person came from, I missed him being introduced earlier –ed) The team are watching a video tape of the launch of the plane. A white van drives up disguised as a caterer. “Zalman” gets out, with the “catering box” and installs it in the plane. The same plane broke up over the Atlantic. Perfect murder.

(Or is it? Perfect disappearing act, perhaps? — ed)

Esposito is on the phone (with Lanie?) and he signs off as Ryan walks up. They are going over the background of the billionaire. He gave away more money than Oprah. He had only one hater. Naomi Waldon-Dahl, his wife and former fashion model. He caught her having an affair, and their prenup states that she gets nothing. They attended a gala where the magician (Zalman) performed. Did she ask him to make her husband disappear permanently?

In the interview, Naomi says she wouldn’t kill her husband because she wouldn’t get anything. All of his accounts have been frozen by the district attorney’s office. The billionaire was being investigated by the SEC. They thought he was stealing all of his money.

So, what better way to disappear than to hire a magician.

In the cockpit, they switched out real Dahl for “Dummy Dahl” with Thaddeus’ fake hand. They made it look to the world like Christian Dahl was still on the plane. Used the catering box to get him off the plane with no one seeing him. Controlled the plane remotely from the box on the van.

Therefore, Dahl is very much alive, and only one person in the world knows it. So Dahl has to kill Zalman himself. (ya, the hubby and I called that one — Ed). But now what? Dahl did everything publicly so something over the top might be in order.

(Would he attend his own funeral? — ed)

Castle and Beckett attend Dahl’s funeral. How could he resist attending his own funeral. As they discuss how they will find him? In walks Dahl with long hair, a beard and thousand dollar shoes.

In interrogation, Mr. Dahl wonders what he has been charged with, ditching a plane in the ocean? The charge is premeditated murder. Staging a shooting was too cumbersome. The rabbit hair from his gloves were found on Zalman. Then Dahl starts to see something. (Does he see Edmond? – ed) Behind the two way glass, is the “ghost” of Zalman . Mr. Dahl jumps up and says “I killed you.” And..they’ve got him.

Beckett ”A-la-kazam Jackass”

The famous magician worked with Edmund to make him up to look like the dead Zalman. The two are discussing the fate of Zalman’s magician life’s work.

Ryan walks over with something for Beckett to sign. Where is Esposito, she asks. “Take a guess” says Ryan. Castle and Beckett say “with Lanie”. Ryan comments that he can’t believe they still think we don’t know. Beckett decides they should continue to keep it from them.

Castle’s phone rings. He goes to answer it and talks to GIna. Beckett overhears him breaking it off with Gina, and walks away trying not to disturb him.

When he’s off the phone, CAstle asks Becket her plans, if she’s heading home to see Motorcycle boy. Which he corrects to “Dr. Motorcycle Boy.” No, he’s on shift, so Beckett was going to try to catch the comfort food truck. After a pause, she stops and invites Castle to join her. He gladly agrees; Macaroni, etc. Then as they enter the elevator he thanks her for not brining up Page 6 and asking him what was going on. Beckett pulls a bouquet (magician’s) from her sleeve and tells him “not a problem”.

Elevator doors close.


(Then a preview for an amazing episode next week filled with Beckett’s Mom’s murder, and kissing between Castle and Beckett! — ed.)

RSM: Castle tonight – 3:12 Poof You’re Dead.

Just in case you didn’t know, today is Monday, and that means a new Castle episode airs tonight. Woo hoo. As I did last week, I will be taking notes during the episode to be used on a podcast. Hopefully I don’t ramble on too much. Once I’ve edited those notes, I will put them up here.

If you are interested in hearing my notes from last week’s episode Nikki Heat, the podcast is: CastleCast with the fantastic John and Heidi. You can also go back and watch last weeks’ Castle here: at abc’s Castle site.


RSM Recap: Castle 3:11 – Nikki Heat

I am taking on a bit of a “job” with my Castle reviews. I have offered/been asked to write up the recap of each episode for a podcast about Castle. The podcast hosts will, in theory, be reading my recaps when they go through the episode as part of their regular recordings. I just sent the following to one of the hosts. It turned out to be “HUGE” and I suspect they will edit it down.

But, in order to post something up here, and to continue my Castle episode reviews, here is my recap of Monday night’s new episode of Castle: Nikki Heat. If you haven’t watched it yet, head on over to or hulu and do watch it. If you’re a Castle fan already, you will love it. If you’re new to the show, this one is a great way to introduce yourself to the cast of characters.

Without further adieu:
(Not that I watch the show, but) tonight’s Castle started about a minute late and opened with a cut from the Bachelor’s rose distribution to a bunch of red roses in a “Nikki Heat” audition tape scene that Castle’s watching. In this tape is the actress cast as Nikki, Natalie Rhodes, star of a string of horror films and less than Oscar worthy performances. Her Nikki is a blond and Castle is beside himself at how far away this actress’s performance is from his vision of Nikki. Martha and Alexis try to console him.

Beckett calls, saving Castle from continued viewing.

At the murder scene, Ryan is nervous, and he shows Castle a ring. He’s planning on popping the question. Castle is suggesting a big “helicopter ride” type of proposal. Beckett walks up and suggests something more intimate. Castle takes the ring, faces Beckett and says, do you mean something like “will you marry me?” beat/awkward moment, and he returns the ring to Ryan.

The victim, laying on the ground in an ally, is a woman in a gold coat, impaled on something. Her purse and ID were on her and it doesn’t appear that anything was stolen. Her name is Stacy Collins and she’s a professional matchmaker.

A limo pulls up. Castle asks if the mayor has joined them. Out of the limo comes Miss Natalie Rhodes. She called Bekett and asked if she could come and shadow her for the role and Beckett said yes. Castle is unhappy about the turn of events. Castle introduces himself as the author of Nikki Heat, and Natalie says his name sounded familiar, but she didn’t recognize him. Ryan comes up and is speechless when he sees Natalie.

As Beckett, Castle, and company return to the precinct, everyone in the police station is starting at Natalie. Beckett called ahead to give them a heads up, but they are all staring when they arrive. Natalie offers to sign autographs. When she’s out of frame, Castle takes Beckett aside and expresses that he can’t believe she invited Natalie along. He’s unhappy of this casting choice. She’s all wrong for Nikki.

Beckett goes off to interview some of the victim’s clients. She invites Natalie to join in on her first interview (which takes place offscreen).

Ryan and Esposito are at the victims apartment. Ryan is going on about his inability to say a simple hello to Miss Rose. She’s on his “list”, even Jenny knows. Miss Collins assistant walks into stacey’s apartment, and cannot believe that the place is trashed. She wonders what happened.

After the interview, Natalie and Beckett are talking about how unhelpful the interviews can be. Natalie likes what Beckett says so much, she takes out her phone (Blackberry) to capture the line. Castle tries to contribute something witty, but Natalie say ”Nah, her line was better”.

In the next interview, Beckett and Castle are asking questions of another client couple used Stacy’s service, and Natalie is taking notes of everything Beckett asks on her blackberry.

Cut back to Ryan and Esposito interviewing Miss Taylor about Stacey’s ex-boyfriend, Brad. They were an item up until yesterday. It all ended very badly.

(First commercial – That was a long break to the first commercial)

Brad is being interviewed by Beckett. He insists he was in love with Stacy. The screaming match in her office was just him being passionate. Stacy stepped out on him, which is why they broke up. Natalie and Castle are watching on the other side of the glass. Castle asks Natalie what she thought of “Heat Wave.” She hasn’t read it, only the screen play. The screenplay author, made a lot of changes in the screenplay.

Back to Brad and his interview with Beckett, he mentions that two months ago, Stacy started to pull away. Phone calls at all hours. He followed her last week. Saw her meet up with some guy. He confronted her, and she didn’t deny it. So they broke up.

Brad Williams “allibied” out, was at a diner enjoying baklava during the time of the murder.

Beckett and Natalie head off for a cup of coffee. Ryan stops Castle to tell him he’s hired a helicopter, and has a cover story when he visits Jenny’s parents to ask for her hand, he’s told her that he’s going out with Esposito.

Natalie is talking to Beckett and doing a run down of her character traits (way she holds her head, how she acts when she’s got a suspect and when she doesn’t). She asks about the high heels. Does she wear heels to get a leg up in a male dominated world. Esposito walks in with a lead and stands next to Natalie who is obviously also wearing super high heels.

Stacy has been making payments to a Duke Jones for two months. Two months seems to be a recurring theme.

Beckett, Natalie and Castle go to see Duke. As they enter his office, he asks his assistant to step out for a bit. He’s surprised that Stacy is dead. He’s a PI and was hired to do some detecting. $5k/week. He’s not afraid to go deep to find out who someone really is. She used him to better vet her clients. He called 20 min before she was killed. He’d finished a background check. Last night, between 10-11 was “banging his neighbor”.

As Beckett takes a phone call, Natalie is telling Castle how complex and juicy the character of Nikki is, and how she wants to get it right. She also tells him how very smart, sexy and demanding Beckett is. The conversation gets Castle’s attention.

Esposito called with a tip. There was a hidden key in Stacy’s office. It opened a jukebox. Inside of that is a satchel full of money. Lots and lots of money. Now we know what the killer was looking for.

According to Stacy’s assistant, the business wasn’t making that kind of money. Natalie observes that the satchel is a $6k handcrafted German bag. Natalie says that anyone who buys it registers with the company in case it needs to be replaced, etc. When Beckett asks “what kind of an idiot pays $6k for a bag?” Natalie says she’s got a complete set. A search of the registry pulls up a name. Tonia Wellington, a former client of Stacy’s.

Beckett says that Natalie might have just cracked the case open. NAtalie is excited. Castle mentions that it’s quite a rush and suggests that she read the book. She says that she will. As Beckett gets more evidence, NAtalie stands in the same pose with the same mannerisms. She’s trying to get into Beckett’s head. She promises to do Beckett better than Beckett.

Beckett interviews Tonia who is surrounded by four lawyers. They don’t let her answer any of the questions Beckett asks and they eventually leave.

Next morning, Castle brings in the coffee and Natalie takes it and without letting Beckett even talk, updates him on the PI allibying out. Some of the neighbors even complained abotu the noise. Beckett takes Castle aside and is upset about Natalie getting inside her head. She feels like she’s some brain sucking parasite.

Ryan walks in with details on the impending divorce of Tonia and Bill Wellington. T is wife #3, and with a non-infidelity clause, Bill owes Tonia $100 million. Stacy hired Duke, the detective, to set Bill up in an affair with Duke’s assistant. WIth the photo evidence, Tonia was going to gain $100 million.

In the interview, Mr. Wellington seems genuinely surprised that Stacy and Tonia set him up for the $100 million. He was in hong kong through the last week. Unless he hired someone, he’s innocent.

Ryan and Esposito return from Duke’s office, to report that it’s cleared out, everything is gone. Sure makes them look guilty. Either they are in on it, or they have left for fear of retribution.

Delivery man enters, with a large package for Natalie.

On a tip from the hotel bellhop where the incriminating photos were taken, the PIs assistant (and the woman in the pictures with Mr. Wellington) is named Greta Morgan. Stayed two weeks, and checked out Monday. The bellman says there was a cop here the other day asking all the same questions. Greta = former exotic dancer, picked up for probation and solicitation. The team determines that Stacy was working with Duke and Greta to set up the philandering husbands and help the wives out of marriages with louts.

As Castle and Beckett are talking, NAtalie walks in with a new hair color (Beckett’s), and clothes like Beckett. Beckett thinks this is too much but Castle thinks Natalie is just a devoted actress practicing her craft. As Castle leaves the room, she says to herself “until she steals my boyfriend and kills me in my sleep.”

Castle walks Natalie out of the interview room to the elevator. She read Heat Wave last night. ANd is going to go and get Nikki Heat. Natalie asks about the sex scenes between Nikki and Jameson Rook (based on Castle) then goes in for a kiss to complete the method acting. He resists a bit, but gives in just as Beckett returns to her desk and sees the whole thing as the elevator doors close.

The next morning, Castle comes up to Beckett with a cup of coffee. Is that for me, or the fictional version of me? Jenny runs by, telling Ryan that she hates him. He left his cell phone at home, and she brought it to him at work and asked Javier about the cover story last night. Ryan hadn’t yet told Esposito about the story so Jenny thought that Ryan was with Natalie (who’s on Ryan’s freebie five list).

Natalie asked Beckett if Castle is gay. After spitting out her coffee all over the desk. Last night, NAtalie asked Castle back to her place, but he said no. (something no other man has ever said to her). Natalie believe she needs to sleep with Castle in the name of character research and wants Beckett to tell him he can, give him

Watching Natalie being Beckett and looking at the white board.

Castle =Fictional character that I wrote based on your, played by NAtalie Rhodes, it’s way too metta.

Ryan = we should have a code word so we all know which Beckett to kill when the clone army attacks.

Esposito joins the trio who are both watching and hiding from Natalie. Greta’s credit card, from Stacy’s corporation, had been used to check into multiple hotels. It seems that Greta and Stacy had pulled the same setup on a number of husbands from the couples Stacy matched up. In a hushed voice, he tells them that Greta Morgan is being brought in. She says she didn’t kill Stacy. Already told them where she was that night and her alibi checked out. Were there other marks besides Bill Wellington. Stacy felt horrible for setting up these women with bad men. She felt that she owed them a way out with dignity. Beckett needs names. When greta hesitates, Natalie says “need names, now!”

In observing Beckett’s style, Natalie observes: “Less is more. The hardest thing to perform as an actor, is doing nothing. ”

The interview turns up two names from Greta. Both wives confirm that their husband’s went straight home from the party at Stacy’s, but only one of them went out after returning home. A “Scott” says he went out with his cousin for a drink, but the cousin doesn’t remember that drink. He had time to murder Stacy.

Beckett, and Castle head out with Natalie so she can be at her first arrest.

Scott jumps up from his desk, holds a gun to his head, and says he didn’t mean to kill Stacy. He just tried to get the photos from her, and she fell. He didn’t see the gate or the spikes.

Natalie, in her new and improved version of Beckett, says the same lines from the audition tape at the opening of the show, the ones Castle thought were horrid, and they work. Scott puts down the gun.

At the precinct, Natalie goes over the line again, and how she should say it. Off she goes to California, inviting Castle to join her on set.

Jenny walks in to apologize to Ryan. Beckett and Castle try to act busy with a blackberry and some paper respectively but Esposito is still looking on. Ryan runs over to get the ring out of his desk and tells Jenny he wasn’t playing darts with Javier last night, he was with her parents asking them an important question. Then he gets down on one knee, and pops the question. Esposito and Beckett both have tears in their eyes. Castle says “that was big” to which Beckett answers “and intimate”. The whole precinct claps and embrace the newly engaged couple.

RSM Summary: Castle Episode 3:10 Last Call

I apologize for not getting this review out earlier. Trying to get all of Christmas shopping done in between everything else, and blog reviews took a back seat. I have to say, and I am sure it’s going to sound like I am repeating myself, that I really enjoyed this week’s Castle. I didn’t know that there was going to be a new episode this week. I thought they weren’t coming back until January with new ones, but I was pleasantly surprised to have a little light hearted Monday night fun.

This week’s Castle was filled with smiles, and stories from each and every one of the characters. Let’s go over some of my personal favorite highlights.

We open with two people arguing and fishing in the river. I don’t know why they are fishing, and I forget what they are arguing about. Whatever it was, they stop talking when they pull out a dead body.

Cut to Castle. He is at his computer writing. Alexis rushes in. A shirt from her old school (middle school?) still fits. She excited because an old school friend who moved off to Kansis is back for a visit, and Alexis wants to take a walk down memory lane. When the friend shows up, she’s goth and could not be more different than Alexis. Alexis and Castle are taken aback.

Beckett calls.

Castle meets her at the East River. He immediatly goes to Mob Hit as the solution to the crime. Castle: “This is the most celebrated mob body …something” He went to fast.

“Not mob by enough for you?” -Beckett to Castle when one of the solutions is slightly less than mob specific.

Throughout the episode, Esposito shoots down Castle’s wild “mob hit” theories with evidence that disputes it. He does it rather smugly. When Esposito comes back with news of whom Donny (The victim) paid a considerable amount of cash to – cash that wasn’t in any of his bank accounts. Castle keeps asking to repeat all the part of the evidence that were related to this being a mob hit. The exchange was hilarious – mainly from the expressions on both men’s faces.

“An ex con dumped his life savings on an ex con ex bookmaker and ended up getting x’d out.” –Castle believes he was right. Mob ties

We learn that the victim bought a bar, one of the most celebrated bars in NYC. But only Castle’s heard of it.

“The old haunt. It’s legendary. All the writers go there.” -Castle
“We’re cops. We go to cop bars.” -Esposito

This bar has a Hidden basement, didn’t know it was there until the flood of 98. It was built during the time of prohibition, when bars had to go to great lengths to smuggle alcohol.

Another fun exchange:
Beckett- “If the killer had gun, why would he use a bottle? ”
Castle – “Dont ruin my story with your logic.”

Love the bar. How cool is the basement? Unknown up until now. Oh and I loved how Beckett glammed herself up so she wouldn’t look like a cop as they entered the bar. When Castle mentions she needed to undo one more button, she slyly does so and his jaw almost hits the ground.

Pick up Pete. He drives a pickup. Owns a shotgun. Donny 86’d him for life for what he did to the waitress. After he pounded the truck, he paid for the damages with cash. Again with the cash. The victim seemed to have a lot of cash.

Beckett to Castle–Instead of buying a drink, you’re going to buy a whole bar?

Castle spends the middle of the episode trying to come up with a name for a bar he might purchase. “the Castle”

An old owner of the bar, NYC’s Mayor Walker was openly Defiant of prohibition. Lenend said he made his own special brew of scotch, but none have been seen for a while. Turns out the money the victim had came from auctioning off the sole surviving bottle of St mirium scotch 1875. Holy Grail of scotches. It’s a red bottle. Sold at auction for $26k to online millionaire. Castle is in awe of the existence and longs to taste it.

Mgoo. The nickname the millionaire (a kid) goes by is Mgoo? Nice.

Alexis, she keeps looking for the Gracie she used to know but she’s not there in this goth girl. Martha tries to offer advice.

Beckett, as they walk through the sewars, observes:–“We are probably walking in rat poop, awesome. ”
Castle: “Don’t forget the CHUDs.” — Castle is awesome!

In the end, They find the killer from the library card. The British gent from the aution house, also checked out the book on the old sewar lines under the city, to find the stash of old scotch.

We find out that rather than let the bank foreclose on it, Castle has bought “The Old Haunt.” He asks everyone to join him for a drink. The guys are all in, but Beckett hesitates. Starting with Ryan, they sing out the episode with piano man. Really nice touch. Everyone takes a verse.

Fade to black.

I really loved this episode. I might almost put it as my top one of season 3 for pure heart and old fashion mystery. If not, the top three are “Punked”, “3XK” and this one “Last Call”. I will have to see what a second viewing of all three brings about.

Enjoy and go watch it again online.