I’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens…(no specific spoilers)

Knowing that I am hugely devoted Star Wars fan, a few of my friends have asked me whether or not I liked Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I feel like saying yes or no is in itself a spoiler, so I haven’t answered them. In fact, I have a spoiler-filled opinion blog piece all written, but since the movie just came out, I will hold off on making it live on my blog. It just felt good to get it all down “on virtual paper.”

For now, I will give you only part of the blog post as my answer to the question and then post the whole thing at a later time.

Let me set the stage, so that you’re not thinking I am some fair-weather fan. I saw Star Wars, then only called Star Wars, in the theaters at the age of 8 in 1977. You can do the math. It stirred me like no entertainment had up to then and ever would after. Only The Empire Strikes Back would come close to recreating those feelings for me. I have since watched the original trilogy easily over 100 times each. I know all of the dialog. I can see a frame grab and begin reciting lines from that scene on. I hear the music and I know exactly what’s happening. I’ve been a fangirl since before fangirls became the rage all over twitter.

Did I like the movie? In a word, no. I didn’t like it. In fact, I was ready for it to end long before it did.

I leave it to the masses to follow Star Wars from now on. I know why you like it. It’s a good enough film. It’s got good characters and beautiful special effects. It just did too many things to break my heart. I can’t feel anything but sad thinking about it, and I don’t really ever want to watch it again. Instead, I will sit back with my original trilogy and ignore what has happened in TFA while I imagine my own future.


Boys and Girls are equal

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Allow me to indulge in some parental bragging for a moment. I ended up wanting to write more than 140 characters in twitter will allow, so I decided to dust off this old blog.

I am so proud of my son. I guess that also makes me proud of how my husband and I are raising him. Let me give you an example of why from this morning.

As we do, our children are spending their Sunday morning watching cartoons on the Cartoon Network. When my husband and I came downstairs, they were watching an episode of Teen Titans Go. This episode: Teen Titans Go: Boys vs Girls

I didn’t see much of it, only caught the tail end. What I did catch involved cooties, and the boys not liking the girls (although Robin was conflicted because of his crush on Starfire) because boys are better than girls. The girls were saying similar things about girls being better than boys. In the end, they all had to work together to defeat the cooties and put them back in whatever box they’d escaped from. Robin makes a big speech about how girls are superior to boys in every way, and then Beast Boy points out that only a boy could make such an awesome speech. Ha ha ha. The End. It’s actually one of the funnier cartoons we let them watch.

The show ends, and my son says “I didn’t really like that episode. Boys and girls are equal.”

And with that simple statement, I know I am raising him right. I know my husband and I are setting a great example. Because for all of the girl empowerment and sexism bashing (and outright mean spirited attacking of old white men scientist guys who say stupid things) going on in social media, he knows that it’s not a competition. We are equal. Boys and girls. Men and women. We are all equal. That’s where I hope we are heading, and that’s what I hope my children are bringing into the world.

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014

I wanted to end the year with one last post. I will continue my retelling of bits and pieces of my multiple family Disney World trip in the coming weeks. Hopefully I’ll get it all done. But for now, I wanted to send out a small wish of happy new year to any and everyone who reads this. 

I’m not much of a blogger, but took much happiness every time someone read my blog. I appreciate the time spent.  There are much more interesting things on the internet, so you honor me by reading.

For 2014, I hope to get back to my drawing a day, or perhaps more Disney themed posts. I won’t write much about the Rocket Science part of my life, because I’m not sure what I can and cannot write about on a private blog.  I’ll try to navigate that as I come to it.

Be safe. Don’t drink and drive. Come home in one piece. 2014 is waiting for you.

The 642 Things to Write a Week Challenge: Week 1

Today’s post is inspired by a blogger, podcaster, internet personality in the Lost Community named Colleen whom I follow in all of the afore mentioned places. I started to read everything she’d write in all mediums when her then-boyfriend, now husband Jay, was one half of the Lost Podcasting father and son duo, Jay and Jack.

While I loved listening to Jay and Jack go on and on about episodes of Lost, I might almost enjoy Colleen’s instagram photos, tweets and blog posts more. She’s comes across as a nice, down to earth, thoughtful and caring young woman.

She issued a challenge on her blog this week. She is calling it the 642 Things to Write a Week Challenge. You can find her Week one here. Since I am trying to restart my blog, I thought I’d play along for as long as I can.

Week one’s challenge is:

Tell a complete stranger about a beloved family tradition.”

I responded to her on her blog, but thought I’d borrow my comment and place it here.

A small tradition that my husband and I do involves Disney World. Every trip my husband and I took before we had kids, we’d end with a breakfast at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort (check out the Tikiman pages for loads of Poly details) on our departing morning. Once we had kids, we kept the tradition. Now, we mark the end of our vacation with good food and a walk around the Polynesian’s beautiful grounds. It’s both a happy and a sad time because it means we have to go back home and return to the non-pixie dusted world.

If you’d like to play along, feel free to leave a comment here, or head on over to Colleen’s blog and respond to her.

Thanks for reading.


Drawing a Day: RSM Day 24

So, I didn’t even come close to drawing one drawing a day so far this year, but I’ve managed to find time to do 24 so far. To me, that’s a huge success to this personal challenge. That’s 24 more drawings then I would have otherwise found time to do. I have improved in using the Brushes app, and in drawing on my iPhone and iPad in general, and feel like drawing is again part of my life. In summary, this is filled with win. 🙂

Under the sea drawingWithout further prose, here is my drawing for today. It is a stylized depiction of an undersea scene. My son wanted me to draw with him, and when I asked what the subject of my drawing should be, he said something under the sea. He drew a pirate ship attacking a fort, I believe, a pencil drawing which now hangs in my husband’s office at work.


Happy Anniversary Losties

Six years ago, tonight, Lost aired for the first time on ABC. I watched the pilot episode and was hooked from the very beginning. Something about these characters drew me in from their first moments on the small screen. I followed this show more closely and more emotionally than I have ever followed any show on television.

The husband and I set up the DVR series recordings for this season on Sunday, and as he went through the series recordings for those shows no longer playing, he deleted the series recording setting for Lost. Yes, Lost if over, but I felt another little tug on my heart as we removed that recording from our listing.

Sure, there will be no new lost, and the Losties have gone into the light, but I will miss having a new episode to look forward to week after week.

Thank you JJAbrams, Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse, for putting together such a thoughtful, honest, theatrical, epic, fantastic show.

For those of you who’ve never seen a single episode of Lost, now is as good a time as any. If you can’t afford the DVDs (all six seasons plus an ultimate fan set of all six are out), ABC.com has all of the episodes online (with commercials).

I am going to try to rewatch from the very beginning, along with some podcasters (Jay and Jack) that I’ve followed since season two (2005).



Disney Vinylmation

Disney Vacation Club Vinylmation figure

This made my morning.

Those of you who aren’t Disney World fans here, might not have heard of a little collectible called Vinylmations. They are strange little plastic figures roughly shaped liked Mickey Mouse, with artwork painted over top of the figure in various themes. I resisted the urge to start collecting at first, not really being excited by the first few lines of figures. Plus, you buy them in a series box without knowing which figure of the series you’ve gotten. It’s fun to take a change, but at $9 it’s a little steep to take a chance on buying something that you don’t like.

On our last trip to the world, I finally found a series that I liked just about every one of the figures in the series. I started to collect one of the Parks series (park series #4) and have a Disney Cruise line figure, a Monorail green figure and a Tower of Terror figure.

Disney Vinylmation Park Series #4

Now I’ve learned through DVCnews.com that a series of Disney Vacation Club figures is coming out later this month. I could not be more excited! I am a DVC member and love the various DVC logos and logod merchandise. I can’t wait to pick up one when we go on our annual DVC trip with my parents later on this year. The only trouble is that the kids and the hubby have put a limit on the number of Vinylmations I am allowed to buy each trip. It’s going to get tough this trip with the release of these DVC figures along with Toy Story 3 figures and some rumored Star Wars themed figures.

I guess I am supposed to set an example of how to not go overboard. That’s the trouble and the honor, of being a parent.


New RSM GNMParents post: Setting up an Allowance

We are experimenting with an allowance for our oldest (he’s seven, almost eight). I wrote about it here in my bi-weekly column over at GNMParents.com

Setting up an allowance.

While you’re there, take a lot at the other columns. We have some fantastic people writing about their experiences as fantastic parents.