RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:09: Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

The following is my running commentary of last night’s Castle episode: Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind. This one was billed as an X-files parody of sorts. Or to be more to the point, it riffed on X-files mythos and all things UFO, Alien and government conspiracy. I think it worked well, and I could totally see Castle and Beckett going toe to toe with Mulder and Scully. 🙂 Let me say that the casting of the guest stars for this episode was awesome! I loved each and every one of them. Couldn’t have seen anyone else in the two main roles. I love the casting on this show. Either they have made the right friends with the right agents to get the best folks, or Castle has become enough of a draw that good actors are more than happy to come on for a guest role. Makes me very happy either way.

As always, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go on over to, iTunes or and check it out. Multiple viewings always make for better ratings for Castle, which is something I am 100% in favor of!

We open on a security guard with a flashlight coming upon a car. Very dark, single light from his flashlight, X-files look and feel. When he looks inside, he finds a woman with a nasty looking face. She’s all kinds of dead. I actually didn’t get a close enough look at her to even know what had happened to her.

Cut to Castle, at breakfast doing the crossword in pen. With a stopwatch. Nice touch.

Cause of death: Explosive decompression. Castle of course goes right to “alien abduction gone wrong” theory. And there’s a cigarette left on the ground by the car — total reference to the Cigarette smoking man, aka Cancer man”! from the X-files. Love it.

The victim was an astrophysicist who was working under contract for SETI. As in searching for extraterrestrial life. Most of her work was NASA related. Miss Holder, the secretary, who enters and offers information as to the mindset of the victim sure looks guilty or nervous. I will put her on my list of possible suspects.

The facility has a vacuum chamber. Ah, but a testing by forensics yields nothing. It’s clean,and not the “murder weapon.”

As there’s an ex boyfriend. A Mr. Carter ( as in chris the creator of X-files? 😉 Nice!. No his name is Ted) the ex actor looks familiar, maybe Liam, charlie from Lost’s brother? Have to go to google, or imdb, or something. Yes! That was Liam. 🙂

We have an earthbound solution (ex-boyfriend is the killer? and he used a decompression chamber) and Castle is disappointed. Loved how Castle sat up a bit as he said the word “probed”. Nice change.

Beckett got a Lego stuck up her nose when she was six! That’s an awesome story.

There’s a small metal object in her nose. Castle says it looks just like an Alien implant from all those alien books and stories.

Some lines I liked:

Beckett “Alibies in 30 minutes or less.” Re the pizza order Carter made.
Beckett “An astrophysicist and a ufologist, isn’t that like oil and water?”
The Abductees Anonymous chant “We didn’t choose this, we were chosen?”

Castle and Beckett go to an Alien anonymous type of meeting. That’s ah, oh, who is that? He was in Chris Carter’s Millineum. Bishop in Aliens. He was in X-Files at one point. What is his name!? Lance Henricksen! That’s it! He’s just an awesome character actor with a fantastic voice. This was absolutely awesome casting.

Apparently Marie started to display the classic indicators of alien abduction. White light. Loss of time. Blurry images. So she contacted her once friend and college, Striker for advice.

Striker was holding signing his opus during the timeframe, so he’s got an alibi.

Beckett says: “You don’t actually believe that kilingons were involved.” Castle can get behind the idea of a government agency covering something up. Just then he and Beckett walk in to find the victim’s office has been cleared out…by government agents.

People claiming to be federal agents seized her office. Castle says under his breath “Men in Black”. Castle – “Was her data in her furniture because they took that too.”

What else

Esposito and Ryan are totally loving, and completely behind, the alien theory. Esposito as an aside, but almost pleadingly, asks Castle to prove aliens exit.

Marie needed use of an optical telescope. She took an image capture, then erased the hard drive of all data.

Editorial comment: Oh poo, Castle got some crappy new Windows phone/product placement. Come on. No way would Castle have a windows phone, we’ve seen him with an iPhone and an iPad. 😉 Yes, I am an Apple fangirl. You got a problem with that?

“Marie Suberau had information. Information we need.” Both castle and Beckett are captured. Then interrogated by Lyle lovett (as a secret government agent). They are looking for something. Beckett keeps asking who killed her, while Castle goes on about aliens, MIB, JFK. Etc.

Marie stashed a cd in the stuff she gave back to her ex boyfriend. The cd had a movie of something fuzzy moving against the night sky. could it be a UFO? 🙂

Castle “We do have a box of bugs. Next best thing to a bat phone.” when the chief wonders how to get in touch with the secret government agents. Beckett speaks into the box “we have what you want. You know where we are” –beat– ring. That was awesomely funny. Totally expected, but really funny.

Maybe she intercepted a signal that was secret. Maybe she’s not who she says she is.intercepted transmissions lined up with the times she lined her telescope up with the spy satellite. The government agent guys think she was selling spy info to the Chinese.

As he has dinner with Ashley’s really dull and rather pompous father, Castle starts running theories through his head. He’s having trouble concentrating on the visit, as he ponders. Marie was acting out of character. If she were the spy, she wouldn’t have done things out of the ordinary because it would have called attention to her. If Marie wasn’t the spy, then the real spy had access to the telescope, ah it must be her boss, Dr. Vaugn. He’s who we first met at the lab. I didn’t even guess this one.

Upon some digging, The “agent” learned that Dr Vaughn has a fondness for gambling. Lyle Lovett uses a suitcase computer to control satellites and search his cell phone. (really, you’d have thought that the government agent guys would have checked Vaughn out before now)

I loved the fact that Castle has his “writer” bullet proof jacket on as they approach the showdown to get Dr. Vaugn.

Castle speaks Chinese! Something he picked up from watching a tv show! That’s hilarious. I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea how well Nathan carried off the accent, but it was a really wonderful scene.

Ryan doing the flying tackle when Beckett draws the attention was totally awesome. “None of this ever happened”, so Castle can’t put it on the Twitter. 😉

Lyle takes Beckett aside to tell her something in confidence. Castle tries to get her to tell. Is it the loch ness monster? As they walk off into the night, cut to lightening flash and white screen.

Overall, this was another fun episode. Not my favorite of the season, but even a less than 100% Castle is still really an awesome Castle. I think my number one for the season is a tie of Punked and the 3XK for now. However, I still feel like this season has hit the stride of Castle the series. Now, if ABC will only put a whole mess of commentaries and extras on this season’s DVD (Do you hear me ABC?), I will be set.

Hope you enjoyed the episode.

RSM Review Castle Episode 3:07: Almost Famous

This week’s episode didn’t grab me as the other ones have done this season. In fact, I found that I didn’t take many notes for the first few minutes of the episode as it was. Usually I grab my computer and my fingers are flying on the keys trying to keep up with the action on screen. Again, watch the show before reading below, as I am not doing a recap but rather my version of favorite moments and highlights. It’s sort of my own running commentary.

So, this one isn’t my favorite of the season, but it did have moments where i was laughing out loud. In fact, the Ryan and Esposito moments are by far my favorites of the season if not the series.

We open with a young police officer, approaching an apartment. Next scene, he’s dead in the street.

When Castle arrives, he and Beckett approach what appears to be an officer down. They quickly figure out this was no officer, he was a stripper.

Esposito and Ryan are hilarious in this one. They go to the booking agent for the strippers. His first response to Esposito, is that he’s got dozens of A-rods but the Twilight look is in (meaning Ryan). Then he tosses a pair of bright red thongs to Ryan and offers for him to go down the hall to change into them if he needs privacy. Oh, and he also says that he’s got padding in case that is necessary. Ryan hands the thongs back, noting tha they’d fit just as they are.

Esposito is not happy after that interview. Back at the station, Esposito is doing push ups while Ryan goes on about Twilight being the in thing. 🙂

Alexis is going after a part at school and has asked Martha to help her audition. She made it to the final call. Martha is wearing the pants Sandy wore in the end of Grease! Awesome. She’s still got it. I loved Castle’s little moment with Martha, where he tells her that she’s been a good influence on Alexis. And he gets her talking about her acting job. The worst thing she ever did to make the rent was secretary.

Back to the victim. It appears that Derek also worked at a strip club called The Package Store (or something like that with Package in the name). His coworker was a blond man named Hans. I loved as Hans learns that Derek’s been killed, as Castle puts it “Your New Jersey is showing, Hans” and his accent disappears. It was all part of his act as Hans.

Jessie Mandalay is the name on a card in Derek’s day planner that Ryan and Esposito found in his apartment. The grey in Derek’s hair was for a “roll” he was playing, as a real estate agent who sold shares for apartments in Hoboken. I think they were going with a “bridge in Brooklyn” saying. The money was going to a company…owned by the “cougar” who was dating Derek after her husband passed away…so, she looks guilty.

But it was her lawyer! He’d set up the scam company, hired Derek to play Mandalay, and was funnelling money out of the rich cougar’s (I really don’t like this term these days, can’t we just call her a mature woman!) accounts into some off shore account. That’s why her finances are in such dire straights.

The side story, about Alexis going for the part of Sandra Dee in Grease to discover that being tech in a play is more her style (go Alexis!), was cute. I loved seeing the bonding between Alexis and Martha. A little glimpse into the life in the Castle household brought us the story of three very loving people.

Another fun episode. Not the best, as far as the central murder mystery, but the side characters really stole the show this time. Alexis and Martha and Ryan and Esposito. I love that the cast is so strong, you can focus on the side stories and still really have a strong and fulfilling episode. Great work all in the Castle cast and crew. Keep it up!

As an extra bonus, here’s the online “Ryan’s Report” ghost-written by Detective Ryan, with his thoughts on the 3XK from last episode.

Hope you enjoyed it yourself.

RSM Review: Castle Ep 3:06 3XK

This week the triple killer returns to NYC and Castle, Beckett and the precinct do their best to put the man behind bars. This episode was billed as suspenseful and one to watch. It was both. This was an episode of Castle at its serious best. While the team has fun, and we enjoy them as they do, they are officers of the law and their job is to protect the public. Tonights episode reminds us that Beckett, Ryan and Esposito have difficult jobs.

As before, my update below is written as I watched the show. It’s just taken me a while to find time to post it. If you haven’t seen the episode, I wouldn’t read my review first. This is more a running commentary than a review anyway. Go to Hulo, or buy it off of iTunes and then return.

We open on a blond woman walking home alone. Doesn’t bode well. We, the audience and woman, spy a mystery man standing and watching her. He looks around, then follows her.

Cut to Alexis. The transition between the fade out of the blond woman, to Alexis was a bit eerie. It set the tone for how Castle feels through this entire episode. This one made him worry for his family and the loved ones in his life. The cuts let the audience feel the same. Alexis has a secret admirer who left her a poem about her flaxin hair catching the sunlight. Immediately Alexis goes about solving the mystery of who it is. Castle tries to stop her – to not spoil the surprise.

Cut back to the blond woman. She’s been found dead. Castle notices her pose, and strangulation are similar to the murders from four years ago, the Triple killer. Originally, the advertisements for this show made it seem we were returning to a killer from season 1. (With the four years ago reference, the action of the 3XK happened the year before we, the audience, meet Becket and Castle.) Beckett seems to dismiss the theory since the entire m.o. is different. He killed the other women in their apartments not in an alley way.

Back at the precinct, Lanie is digging out the autopsies of the triple killer’s victims. Seems Beckett thought Castle’s idea had merrit after all. Castle can suggest it, but Beckett is the one who gets the response from Lanie. A bit of me wishes that Beckett would acknowledge a theory or two of Castle’s rather than just putting him on. However, I remind myself that she has done so when it counts.

The Chief briefs the team (and us, the audience) about the history of the Triple killer: he killed three girls in a week, and then disappeared. If he’s back, then they are already three days into that week.

After we return from commercial, the next victim has been found. In her apartment. After Castle does some observation of the state of the room, he and Beckett find a name tag in the sofa cushions.

Castle comes home and he’s nervous about Alexis and this mystery admirer. I can feel his fear as he asks her to lock her windows and he goes to arm the alarm. I am nervous for him and for this secret admirer.

They get a print off the name tag. He just got out of prison. Track down his old cell mate still in prison, and on a tip from him they find the suspect at a bar. His name escapes me, but he walks right out into the police, and pretty much gives himself up. (What is the other shoe? This seems too easy) In a bit of brilliance from Nathan Fillion, Castle yells above the crowd of police officers, ordering him to get down on his knees. I had to watch it twice. Awesome mixture of fear, anger, adrenaline.

The suspect guy is super creepy. He works at a prop house. Has access to any number of costumes. He’s requested a look at the warrant, which gives him an idea what the police know and what they don’t. He alibies out, and a back of his head shot is captured entering his apartment building. Sideburns, tatoo on the hand – come on, he works at a costume shop, those are mimicable identifying marks!

Beckett isn’t fooled. She assigned a tail to follow the suspect (whose name I cannot recall). Gates.

Beckett calls Castle. After some small talk, it dawns on him: “you called to seek my council!” Castle catches on that Beckett has called to see if he’s got some idea. Sadly, he’s got nothing.

Jerry, the friend inside the cell, got beat up for talking to the police. Jerry is afraid that Gates will get to him and his girlfriend. Therefore, Jerry must know something. In return for helping the police, Jerry gets an early release. Ryan is assigned as his protection. Is Jerry actually the bad guy? Is Ryan in danger? Ahhhh! Tension.

Castle says that he knows how Gates killed the victims. He used a partner to throw off the camera. (access to costumes, you know). The partner is too short. The partner was the sweaty von sweatsalot from earlier in the episode (I left him out in my commentary). They could see the glistening of sweat on his neck. (this is the man who followed the first victim at her cable company).

Esposito is searching for the girlfriend of Jerry. She hasn’t been home yet. She’s housesitting at her cousins. Gates is there as Esposito enters.

Beckett in interrogation supposes, that Gates wanted to be caught. In prison people fear him. All that’s left is to clear the air and be done with it all. Beckett is trying to get him to roll.

The gent in the hospital is the foster brother of Gates. He needed money for heart surgery. Beckett gets Gates to confess in turn for his brother’s immunity.

Ryan and Castle go to get Jerry. They tell him Gates confessed. He did go after the girlfriend but he’s been arrested. When Jerry doesn’t ask how the girlfriend was, Castle puts together that Jerry is the triple killer! Ryan reaches for his gun, Jerry knocks him to the ground, grabs the gun, and aims it at Castle…and commercial!


Castle has Jerry monologing!. Castle does an excellent estimation of Jerry’s background story. Then Jerry wonders the same about him. Why get so close to muder? What drives Castle? Hopefully we, the audience, will get answers to those questions as Castle enjoys many many seasons on ABC. 🙂

Martha calls to tell Richard that Alexis’ secret admirer was Ashley, so all was well. Castle, knowing Jerry is listening, ends the conversation with “I Love you”.

The killer leaves us, the audience, thinking that he’s killed Castle, as he strolls away from the hotel. As he turns the corner, the cops come sirens and light blazing. Beckett put two and two together, then Martha called the princinct knowing something was wrong. I knew that he was going to leave some sort of clue.

Castle and Beckett sit, knowing that the Triple killer has escaped, and Castle ponders his guilt in being unable to stop him. Beckett undertands that feeling all too well. Castle says “I know you do” and the two hold hands, sharing that feeling of helplessness. I could almost hear all of the “Caskett” fans squeeing with delight at the hand holding. I loved the continued depth of this relationship. Real adults. Real situations (well, as real as TV). Not just bed mates. I love it. By season five, I want these two in an honest to goodness relationship. 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed. I believe there is a new episode tonight. I hope to get my review/thoughts up sooner than I did this time.


RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:05 Anatomy of a Murder

Castle logo from
I took some notes on my iPad last night, while watching Castle, but didn’t think I could post them without putting prefaces, closing thoughts and doing some spell checking. So, I have sent my notes to work and am massaging them a bit. I everyone enjoyed last night’s fun.

I tried to log into the chat room at last night, but it requires Java and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not supported on my iPad. Too bad, it would have been fun to chat along with other fans. Maybe I will have the laptop out for next week’s show. Maybe I should let the good folks at know.

Below are some running comments on some of my favorite parts or just things that made me laugh, pause or groan. If you are looking for an episode recap, head on over here: synopsis.

The episode opens on a Funeral. While trying to carry the casket, the pallbearers lose their grip, and the casket falls over, opens and a woman is also in the casket. A doctor from a local county hospital is unexpectedly inside the casket (dead of course). As she tumbles to the ground on top of the old gentleman who was in the casket, “Who’s the shiksa?” is uttered by a member of the grieving party.

Later at Castle’s place, after Alexis goes on and on about the song that she and Ash share (it was playing during their first kiss), Castle gets the idea to surprise her. Castle scores tickets to Taylor Swift to surprise Alexis.

After Ryan makes some smart alec comment to a theory Esposito suggests, E shoots him THE evilist stink eye ever. Ooh, that was a nasty look Esposito gave Ryan! Wonder what’s up there? I am sure that’s going to play out in a future episode.

Castle -“looks like someone gave her 20 cc’s of death”. Cut to commercial. I am still a big fan of the one liners in this show. Delivered by a less skilled set of actors, they would be truly groan inducing, but this cast has the acting chops. They both deliver them with sincerity but also with this layer of acknowledging that the lines are corny and they love them just as much as we do.

Oh motorcycle man (I believe this is how Castle referred to him, but I concur) is a doctor. A Cardiac surgeon to be exact. This is Beckett’s new boyfriend. If we have to have a boyfriend for Beckett in order to prolong the union of her and Castle, I liked the guy from BSG better.

“Catfight to the death”. – Castle thinks that would make a good title for something. I concur. R. Castle should write that. 🙂

Nurse McClintock is a man. Castle wasn’t expecting that. The doc thought he was too flirty with her residents.

Gina also got tickets for Taylor Swift as a surprise for Alexis complete with backstage passes. Castle is upset that she didn’t call or run it by him. You can see the disappointment in his face. She gets upset and leaves. They have an awkward fight where we get a glimpse of why Gina and Castle didn’t last. I get the sense that they will always have their attraction but aren’t friends. There’s no foundation. Castle keeps her very much on the surface, and doesn’t let her into the inner sanctum of his relationship with Alexis. As we the viewers know, Beckett is already inside. Alexis has called on Beckett for advice, and while Castle was hurt, he was accepting and seemed to be alright with someone other than him being involved with Alexis. Very subtle but more groundwork for the relationship between Castle and Becket having a real foundation. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

The ex-drug lord (Caesar Calderone) is a huge fan of Castles fiction. He only reads them in Spanish. Valerie was his private physician. He has a bad heart. She was his miracle worker. A. Martinez, of General Hospital was amazing here. Don’t know if he’s actually gone grey or if the folks in hair augmented his look, but he was dashing, passionate, interesting. Loved him. This show gets some awesome guest actors.

Leonard Maloney, of the attorney generals office is the gentleman who Valerie (the doctor) was meeting at the coffee shop near Caesar’s apartment. Valerie was working undercover for him. Investigating medical fraud at the hospital.

Yes! I hate creepy dolls whose eyes follow you! Castle was right about his doll being the better choice for Alexis over Ginas long ago. Truth be told, I hate dolls in general, but those with the moving eyes freak me the heck out!

In the end, Caesar’s brother was protecting him as he had done back in the old days (during their drug lord days). Turns out that Valerie wasn’t a threat to him and his brother killed her for nothing. Poor Caesar. He was in love. Now he’s alone. This was another one of those episodes where I was sad about the murder because of the pain of the family and loved ones left behind.

I loved Castle convincing Beckett (my take, and it was off screen, it could have been Beckett but I have a hunch Castle stuck his nose into things) to look into the young lovers cases and she did. The attorney general gent agreed that the prosecutor ignored key pieces of evidence, and will reopen the case. Then Beckett and Castle bring out the burgers the brought from burger-rama.

Loved the throw back at the end to the conversation Castle had with Martha about two scenes before the end. Martha observes, that like Nurse Maloney, “You know it’s love when you’d break them out of prison”. Castle thinks on this with respect to his relationship with Gina. Later at the precinct, he and Esposito are hypothetically speaking about how they’d be SOL if they were wrongly in prison. Esposito tells Castle he’d be on his own. E would escape. When Beckett walks by, she chimes in to his hypothetical conversation with Esposito “don’t worry Castle, I’d get you out”. Castle’s look was priceless. You can see Martha’s words go through his mind, as he stars at Beckett.

Fade to music as Castle walks down the hall in step with her.

Really cute. 😉

I love this show. Every week is just pure fun and every week the credits roll and I think to myself, I really like this show. Thank you, ABC, for the fun.


RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:04 Punked

As with my last two “reviews” I am typing this while watching tonight’s episode of Castle. So, while the article below is all spoiler and light on the plot summary, it is entirely my real time reactions to the fun that was on the small screen. I am really loving season three of this show. The writers, cast and crew seem to have hit their stride. This show has a voice and it is all about having fun. You know, fun. The eye-rolling, no harm no foul, sort of fun that friends have when they hang around together.

We open on actor skyline. Horses..closeup shot of a body in blue light. Very eery. Very 19th century English countryside.But this is New York City and the horses are mounted police officers. We have a body. A man has been shot and left in the park.

Cut to Castle making a “smore-let” not an omelet. Chocolate and marshmallows inside this omelet. like a smore but also an omlet. He offers a bite to Alexis, she’s distracted, so she agrees, then spits it out.

After she leaves (to set up a date with her friend Ashley), Martha clues Castle into the fact that Alexis is in love. She’s confided in Grandma. On her “Diva’s honor,” Martha swears she doesn’t know the boy’s name.

Castle is recounting all the firsts that he’s shared with Alexis to Becket as they approach the crime scene. Alexis’ first word was “denouement”, love it!

Castle has the same boxers as the body. Silk. So he was very comfortable before he was murdered. : ) Nathan Fillion brings the non-sequetors and they are always humorous.

Castle asks Beckett if she wears thongs, cheekies, grannie pannies? He told her his, she can tell him hers. Lanie (the ME) just gives him a look and Beckett just continues to walk away.

Bianca!. Or rather, the only Bianca Montgomery from All My Children as far as I am concerned. She’s the sister of the dead guy. Their parents died in a car crash when they were young. The bummer here (for me) is that this is the ONLY scene Eden Regal is in. I love her. She’s an enchanting actress. She was fantastic on AMC (in the day so was AMC). I felt she was wasted here in her one or two lines of dialog in the very beginning of the show. Perhaps she can come on later? Or maybe Eden was just looking for something small to fit into her busy schedule in the theater. 🙂

A fingerprint was found on the wallet of some huge thug. Said thug beat the crap out of Esposito. Esposito is now in a neck brace. He wants the giant dude who pushed him into a wall. I love how they played off E’s injury throughout the whole show. Everyone was trying not to make fun of him in this huge brace, and be supportive, yet not laugh.

Castle: Two hundred year old bullet can mean only one thing: time traveling killer. (of course, Richard, that’s what it has to be!)
We join the gang with Castle saying “ergo” and continuing about time ripples and their use in traveling through time.

Castle: Maybe the killer came through the time ripple naked, needing the clothes. Like terminator.

Beckett: sadly I don’t have a better theory right now.

Ivan Yosemete Sam Bidovski (spelling?) is Mike Franks from NCIS. Love him as mike, to Mark Harmon’s Gibbs. Probably not a show you young kids watch. 😉 I love the handlebar mustache!

Goldstein drives a Delorean! From Back to the Future – a Time machine. The clothes they find on a homeless man were period. 1800s. I love that Ryan and Esposito inspect the DeLorean and point out the Flux Capacitor and the power source. This show is so fun. Their delivery was so deadpanned and serious. Captured the humor.

Ah, ha! 40 paces. A duel! (truth be told, my dear husband got this one seconds before Castle did).

Castle borrows one of the guns and takes it home, where he surprises Alexis and Ashley-A boy! Castle and the gun scares the crap out of Ashley, 😉 This scene was priceless. I was in stitched the whole time. I think my step dad and husband plan to one day surprise my daughter with the same kind of welcome for a gentleman caller she might bring home. 🙂 (abc has a behind the scenes video podcast interview with the actor who played Ashley here.)

A Victorian club, 1892. Private steam punk society. That makes the tweets that Nathan Fillian posted with pics of steam punked art make sense.

The dual was to impress Julia. The blond at the office. The actor playing the best friend, who thinks he has accidentally murdered his friend, very poignant. He did an awesome job of selling the horror, remorse, guilt, sadness all in a few lines. Well done.

Alexis asks Castle how does she know when you’re in love? Then she goes on and on about how there are butterflies in her stomach, and all those love songs make sense. Then she bubbles here way out.

Beckett and Castle test out the accuracy of the antique pistols. They can’t hit any target. This scene montage was hilarious. I especially loved the police officer trying to help Castle to hit anything.

The reveal of the killer was quirky and I loved the whole plot complication of a third gunman.

The new boyfriend for Beckett walking in and calling Ryan and Esposito “boys” was slightly over the top. It’s a good thing he’s handsome, or that would have just come off as annoying.

This dance of Beckett and Castle figuring out the or feelings appears that it is going to be a slow one. I am ok with that for now. I won’t necessarily be interested in watching either of them go through relationships with other characters over multiple episodes but I am willing to watch as they slowly, come to the realization that they are meant for one another. Friends first. It lasts longer that way.

Overall, I loved the feeling of this episode. It had a great 1800s period feel from some of the shots. For example, the interplay of the horses galloping with the moonlit body was very old Sherlock Holmes- Ian. I am sure that was on purpose. Hope you all enjoyed it. If not, you can head on over to and watch it online for free. Or you an buy (or rent) it off of iTunes.


RSM Review: Castle Season 3 Episode 3: Under the Gun

The only way I think I will be able to do these reviews is to do them in real time when my husband and I watch the episodes of Castle. Therefore, they are all going to be somewhat of a mishmash of a combination of thoughts and summary. Hopefully you can follow along. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, head on over to or hulu (or even iTunes) and check it out.

Welcome back. Here is my running commentary.

This one starts off in the office of a bail bondsman, who ends up dead. Poor guy. It never goes well for the guest star who appears before the beginning credits. 🙂

Alexis makes Castle breakfast in bed, and he sees right through her ruse. She must want something. Previous breakfasts resulted in buttering up for things like a Hello kitty backpack and authentic dual ESB lightsabers. This time she wants a scooter, a Vespa, A bike to get around the city.

A phone call from Beckett interrupts the bribery and Castle is off to the crime scene. I loved that Castle’s Spidey senses were tingling about the item folded up in his sock.

Castle “Someone actually named their kid “Random”? No wonder he turned to a life of crime.” – by the way, the actor who played Random was hilarious! I loved his obvious lies to divert what he’d done. No one bought them, yet he delivered them with earnest.

As they are on the way to find Random, Beckett tells Castle that she got a bike, spent all of college paying it off. Her dad hated it, but her Mom just shook her head. She declines Castles request to show him picks of her bike because he couldn’t handle seeing her in black leather stratteling it. …which makes him fear for how Alexis will handle her “wild child” days. 🙂 Beckett says that it’s the good girls who have the most extreme wild child days. Now, that’s a set up I hope they pay off with the opposite. I don’t need to see a pierced and tattooed Alexis.

Bounty Hunter old friend of Beckett’s shows up to cut Random off. There was a bounty on him and Royce was trying to collect. Royce trained Beckett back in the day. The two have obvious chemistry that Castle just as obviously picks up on with every facial expression.

Random in interrogation says he wasn’t running, he was jogging.

When Royce has Castle take a picture of him and Beckett, he does so in front of the murder board. My husband has wondered whether he’s trying to find the code on the paper in the bondsman’s sock. Hope that’s not the case. That makes him either a bad guy or dead. Let’s see what the rest of the episode brings…

Castle joked that the paper was code to start the Zombie apocalypse. (like the reavers?).

ah, ha, 10 millions dollars (in 1990 dollars) in stolen rubies and diamonds, etc. Yup, we have ourselves a treasure map. 🙂

Beckett ” all they ever taught me how to do in the academy was paperwork. You taught me how to be a cop” to Royce.

Castle tries to dissuade Alexis about the scooter by suggesting she earn her own money for it. A challenge she takes by going out and selling the lightsabers on eBay for $2k. (after Castle issued his challenge, thinking it would keep Alexis from getting the scooter, Martha told him he was doomed. Alexis has never met a challenge she didn’t go for 100%).

It is Alexis and Castle who figure out the folds in the paper made words appear, solving the code: “Under the Gun”.

Beckett keeps Royce on the phone, telling him that she was in love with him, and that he was the only one who understood her obsession with finding her mother’s killer. After the emotional phone call, she hangs up and deadpanned, asks if she was on long enough to locate him. Ryan is speechless, but Esposito recovers and says “yes, we got an address”. She walks away, and we, the audience see her face. She had meant what she said about her feelings.

The standoff in the cemetery was hilarious. Everyone but Castle had a gun. and everyone was pointed at another person. As Ryan and Esposito walk through the graves, E makes some kind of quip, Ryan notes “hispanic and cocky, ya, you’d be the first to die.”

In the end, Castle and Beckett find the treasure (off camera) but the disappointing part of finding treasure with a cop is that she will make you give it back. Oh well, it’s a good thing Castle’s already rich.

Overall, this was another fun episode. I kept thinking the whole time that Royce reminded me of the bit character, Don, Beckett’s trainer in the Nicki Heat novels. I am half way through Naked Heat right now, so it was on my mind as I watched tonight’s episode. Perhaps that was the inspiration for Royce?

I want to watch this one again, because I am sure I’ve missed some awesome one liners here or there. I do love how this cast works together with their non-verbals.

Hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to next week. The preview makes it look very steam punk.

Keep on enjoying Castle. For me, it is probably the most fun hour on network television right now.


RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:02 – He’s Dead She’s Dead

Below will be my running commentary about tonight’s episode of Castle. First, though, time for a rant, why did CBS have to put Hawaii 5-0 opposite Castle? I need to watch Daniel Dae Kim (I’m a Lost fan), but can not miss my Monday night Castle fix. So, the old VCR is finding itself in use once again.

Back to my running commentary on tonight’s episode of Castle. If you haven’t watched it, I’d go watch it first before reading the column below. I am not doing a recap first, just launching real time into my thoughts as the episode airs. I have my laptop (and my cat Suzie) on my lap as my husband and I watch tonight’s episode.

The opening was pretty gruesome and a bit shocking. Sure, the teaser trailer sort of let us know that the body is found in the couch, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so suspensful. A daughter finds her mother (the psychic) folded up in the sleeper sofa after calling her cell phone looking for her. That was just, disturbing. I don’t think you’d ever get that image out of your head. Speaking of the mother, I know that actress from somewhere…

Back at Castle’s place: Chet proposed! Holy cow! What a huge ring!

Alexis looked positively sad when Martha announced that Chet wasn’t the one, that the spark had gone out. Perhaps there’s something there in her own experiences?

I loved Castle and Beckett going back and forth about clairvoyants being the real deal vs. charlatans.

Wow, that was a long opening series of scenes before the Castle credits.

A Mr. Morano was one of the last clients. The psychic told him to invest in a company, and he ended up losing all of his money. He was an ex-mobster planning on going straight. The “universe” sorted itself out, and he did find the total happiness by reuniting with his high school sweetheart who happened to work with his broker. Castle is eating up the whole fate and sou-lmates thing!

Double Rainbows! Thank you Nathan Fillion! 🙂 (asking Beckett whether she believes in fate, unicorns, fairies, double rainbows).

Back at the station, Ryan and Esposito found that the psychic did research into her clients and that’s how she was able to forecast their futures. Poor Castle, He’s surrounded by skeptics.

None of the police stations they interviewed said that they’d worked with Vivian (the psychic). Castle surmises that the police who might have used her services wouldn’t be very willing to admit they needed the help.

A letter shows up at the station purportedly from Vivian, predicting her own murder. Castle buys it 100%. Beckett refutes it having been written by her, but rather by the murderer to run the police in circles. There’s a lot of fun banter back and forth about whether or not this ability to see the future and talk to the dead is for real. 🙂

Oh, Chet passed away! Martha was going to break it off with him and here he goes and has a stroke. I was not expecting that.

Naked Heat comes out “tomorrow” in Castle universe time, which is of course right because it actually does come out tomorrow in actual real time (did you pre-order yours? Amazon emailed me to let me know mine shipped over the weekend).

Castle: in answer to why it’s important that Beckett believes in fairies and Santa Claus. “if you don’t believe in even the possibility of magic, then you’ll never find it.”

There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this episode!

His given name is Richard Alexander Rogers! Not Castle. He changed his middle name to Edgar (for Poe) when he changed his last name to Castle. I was wondering how that was going to work into the storyline (his real name). How very exciting. 🙂 The psychic’s daughter (who also had the ability) said that an Alexander would look out for Beckett. 🙂

And my favorite line of the episode was Martha to Castle: “whatever mistakes in my life, I raised a good man”

Over all, that was a heck of a fun episode. I was at times confused and lost with all the characters, and with trying to keep this running commentary (how do you guys do it??!), but mostly managed to follow along. It’s the characters’ interaction that makes this show so much fun. The eye rolls by Ryan and Esposito to Beckett as Castle goes on and on about psychics and mediums, etc were fantastic. I just love this show.

If you haven’t checked out Castle, it’s never too late. has free episodes availble online. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available on DVD. Just saying. 🙂


Castle Season 3 Premier: My thoughts

The fall TV season kicked off for me tonight with the premier of Castle. I’ve mentioned here before that I began watching this show to follow the wonderful Nathan Fillion. I’ve stayed because of the writing, characters, and pure fun that this show serves up every Monday night. So glad that ABC has stuck with it and so glad that I am not the only one appreciating and enjoying all the fun.

First off, what was up with Castle Not trending in twitter tonight? Looks like it should have from independent twitter data. For what it’s worth, I tagged everything #Castle today for good measure. And can i say that i love how social networked this cast and crew is? From Nathan and Stana to the creator, Andrew Marlow, they all tweet! If there’s ever a time for castle fans to join Twitter, it’s now.

Just saying.

That said, I enjoyed tonight’s season 3 premier. In my opinion, Ryan and Esposito totally stole the show. (as is often the case with a strong supporting cast) Their show of solidarity for Beckett as they gave Castle the cold shoulder was awesome. They played it for laughs and I was chuckling right along with them. I love that this show isn’t about being serious and it isn’t about being groundbreaking. It’s just about being plain old fun.

I will try to write up an actual recap later (as in not tonight) but for now, I will just point out some of my favorite bits:

– Cracked up at Ryan ‘s obvious disappointment that Castle “really *is* ruggedly handsome” as the book store owner moved the Castle life-size cutout nearer to the front window.

– loved the “veiled” parallels between Alexis’ boyfriend not calling as soon as he returned from Europe and Castle realizing he’d done the same thing to the gang at the station.

– right off the bat, in the interrogation room, Castle learns that Beckett is no longer in a relationship. Sad that, apparently, Castle is in one with the ex wife ;(

– the mystery (spoiler): a chemist, a sculptor and a vending machine repair man walk into a burlesque club, punchline was well played. They “made” money. Emphasis on the made.

– the standoff opening scene, which when completed at the end of the show, actually played out far different than i guessed. The expressions of both Castle and Beckett as they realized each saved the other were excellent. All was forgiven. Next week we will go back to one big happy family again.

All in all, a great start. Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. My only issue was the arrest of Castle in the beginning. That felt too forced. The rest was pure fun.

Hope you all enjoyed it. I am so glad fall is here and Castle is back. My only beef with network television is that they all decided to cram everything into Monday nights. I had to use the old VCR to record Hawaii 5-0 because Castle gets the DVR spot, and who knows whether I’ll be able to keep up with that throughout the whole season. Not to mention The Event being opposite my daughter’s favorite program: Dancing with the Stars. What are they thinking? So they *not* want me to watch their programs? Or am I just old school in my viewing choices and not who they are going after with these absurd scheduling choices?

I’m planning on heading out tomorrow to buy the season two DVDs with the coupon ($10 off) that came inside the season six DVDs of Lost. ;). Looking forward to checking out the extras. And with that, I am off to bed. It’s way past time I should be asleep. I forgot how late Mondays could get. 🙂

Night all,

As an addendum, those who didn’t see the season three premier of Castle can download the episode for FREE from iTunes as of right now (Tuesday, Sept. 21st). I am not sure for how long this will be available, but run, don’t walk, to your iTunes account for some fun Castle goodness. You can also watch episodes for free off of ABCs site, either on the site itself or via the cool ABC iPad app (which I have done often). I believe you can also find Castle on Hulu.

RSM Review: Castle Season One: Little Girl Lost

Castle logo

I am a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, and by the associative property, also a fan of the ABC drama, Castle. I have been watching Castle since the first episode of season one largely because I jumped at the chance to see the delightfully fun Mr. Fillion back on TV. Season three starts this fall with the premier on September 20th. If you are looking for something fun to put into your Monday night viewing schedule, I’d highly suggest you tune in. There are some threads that you might have to catch up on (Becket’s Mom, Castle and his past marriages), but this show isn’t Lost (another favorite show) so you can jump in at any time.

Castle is about characters. Fun, zippy, silly characters. I love them all. Throughout the source of the second season, the side characters got more screen-time, but the first season was more about introducing the audience to Det. Kate Becket and Richard Castle.

I try to send my comments in to a weekly podcast on Castle called CastleCast. I sent some of the following thoughts and favorite moments from the season one, episode nine: Little Girl Lost.

My vague memory of this one was that I found it to be interesting, hard to guess and overall, sad. I remember being really sad that this family that was together, will no longer be so at the end. I was hoping that the Mom wouldn’t go to jail so that the daughter didn’t have to live with only one parent.

Anyway, watching the show I am reminded why I love any episode of Castle: the banter, the dialog, the characters. All top notch. Some of my favorite moments (running commentary while watching)..warning, this got long.

– Starting from the very beginning, Becket and Castle are at it. After seeing the cover art for the first Nicki Heat novel, Castle learns that Becket is a fan and subscribed to his fan site! (Are you Castlefan ###?)

– The FBI agent called in is both an old boyfriend of Becket’s and an agent that the precinct has worked with before. When Beckett learns, the chief says “We’re all professional here.” as a comment and question, to which Castle replies “I’m not.” Love it when they don’t miss a beat with the one liners.

– While in the elevator at the precinct, Becket blurts out “six months” in answer to Castle’s unspoken question of how long they dated. When he points out that he didn’t ask it, Becket says that he was “not asking it very loudly”. Castle: “I know, I’m like a Jedi that way”.

– Castle goes home to find his mother, Martha, holding a session in “her” office life coaching an aspiring novelist on how to be creative! What happened to her life coaching business? That’d be fun to revisit in season 3.

– The kitchen scene with Becket and FBI agent (Sorrenson) and the kiss that Castle interrupts, was sweet. We don’t get to see that side of Becket (her smiling) often enough. 🙂

– The side story of the past kidnapping case, one that Beckett and Sorrenson worked on together, where they got the guy but lost the child anyway, was a nice way of allowing the audience to worry about the worst happening, without having to actually pay off with the worst happening. I was most happy that the little girl was found, nice and safe at the end.

– We learn Becket stood in line for an hour to get a copy of one of Castle’s books signed, and those same books got her through her mother’s death.

– Knowing the outcome, I found the mother’s reaction to Castle’s slipping the phone into the backpack really interesting. Having watched it before, I know she’s the guilty party and the actress played the scene so it read both as a worried mother and as a guilty party.

– I felt the mother’s anger, disgust, resentment of her husband. The actress did a great job of selling how cornered she felt. I wished that she could have found another avenue to leave her husband and be with her daughter. In the end, she’ll probably lose everything. Another bummer but really well done by this guest actress.

I do like that Beckett implies all might not be lost should the jury have enough moms on it. That’s how the story ends in my mind. While the mother owes the FBI and the precinct money for wasting their time, her daughter wasn’t ever in any danger. I see the couple divorcing and learning to work through their anger and resentment in order to give their daughter a happy ending. See, that’s my happy ending. 🙂

Alright, I am ready for season three! Bring it on ABC!


My Fall TV schedule (draft one)

For the past six seasons, all I have cared about watching was Lost. Sure, I followed a number of other shows, but none as passionatly as I did Lost. I would listen to weekly fan podcasts, go to the various bloggers sites immediately after an episode aired, and most importantly, I insisted that the hubby and I watch it on the DVR after getting the kids to bed, that night, no matter how much sleep we were giving up to do so. This was one show that I didn’t DVR to watch whenever. I needed to watch it when the rest of the Lost community was watching it.

Now that Lost has ended, I am finding that I need to take a look at the fall schedule and decide what it is I am going to watch. I think I have it now. So, breaking it down by day, here we go. Referring to the TVGuide fall TV preview found here. Be warned, there isn’t a lot of Lost like dramas in my must watch list. You’ll find reality TV (some of it fluff and guilty pleasure) as well as lighter fair.

Amazing Race (if this is where CBS plays it)

Dancing with the Stars (8pm) ABC
Hawaii Five-0 (10pm) CBS
and Castle (10 pm) ABC

NCIS (8pm ) CBS
Dancing with the Stars Result show (9 pm) ABC





Wow, that’s a lot of empty nights. At the last minute, apparently CBS and ABC are playing Hawaii Five-0 and Castle opposite each other! I thought that Castle was being moved to Wednesday, but I guess that’s just for the summer. I only have one tuner on my DVR, so I am going to have to choose which one gets the digital recording and and which one get recorded on the trusty VCR upstairs (or purchased on iTunes). I am in love with Richard Castle and the cast of the that show (Nathan Fillion is AWESOME), so that’s going to have to win out, but I wish that one of them were moved to a little later in the week.

I will most likely try to catch a few shows on cable as well. I’ve been watching Covert Affairs on the USA network and have enjoyed the first three episodes so far. I am looking forward to where they take those characters. I am also intrigued by “The Event” and “Rubicon” and will have to try to check those out. Plus, I want to go back to the Lost six season DVD set and follow along with the bloggers on their Lost rewatch. I haven’t gotten into Fringe, but might have to put that on the viewing list. I watched the first couple of episodes but was too grossed out to continue. Maybe this is the fall that I finally sign up for Netflix.

Looks like I will have a little more time to write, draw and make jewelry this fall. Maybe that’s a good thing.