The Post Before I See “The Last Jedi”

the-last-jedi-theatrical-blogI’ve been meaning to write countless articles about my feelings during these weeks leading up to “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” but I just never wrote them. I’d think about writing something, and it would spin into anxiety, so I stayed away from this blog.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was even going to see it.

After my disappointment with “The Force Awakens” and its treatment of my three favorite characters of all time, I was not looking forward to visiting that world again. I walked out of TFA feeling no joy and being terribly mad at Harrison Ford for what I thought was his price to return to the film. JJ Abrams has tried to take credit for the story point, but I don’t really think it’s all him.  I wanted to love the movie, but I just don’t. It traded the happiness of my characters for a repeat of the bad guys, and I just didn’t enjoy it.

I went into TFA without reading any spoilers at all, and was devastated. I told myself I’d read every spoiler I could get my hands on in order to prepare myself for TLJ and for the most part I have. I watched all the trailers. Listened to lots of podcasts. Read theories on Reddit. Then came this week, when the reviews started to come out, and I froze. I know that reviews tend to spoil major plot points (I wish they wouldn’t do that), so I have actually decided to stay away from them. All I do know is that reactions are mixed. Critics seem to mostly love it, and fans seem to be split 50/50.

I will know in about three hours how I feel about the movie.

I am torn. The first thing I said to anyone who would listen when TFA ended was that they had better not kill off Luke in the next movie. Now that we’re almost there, I am fairly certain that that is exactly what will happen. It’s almost enough to make me wait for the DVD release. Except, I love Luke. Luke was/is me. I need to be there to see his last appearance on screen.

This is not a spoiler. I’ve read nothing. If I am wrong,  then that’s another thing for me to worry about. But if they do kill him off, it will be sort of a release for me. Carrie won’t be in the final film as Leia. If Luke’s gone, and Han, then I have no reason to continue to watch these films. (I almost wrote punish myself…). I can call it a day with this one and let the new Star Wars move on without me.

If you’ve watched “The Last Jedi” already, and you enjoyed it, I am happy for you. All I have right now is dread. I hope it’s not as heartbreaking as I am anticipating.

May the Force be with You.


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