iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Positive Story

A few weeks ago, I read in an article that some models of the iPhone 6s were having issues with shutting down, were covered under a new Apple battery replacement program. After checking Apple’s site for the details and inputting my iPhone’s serial number where indicated, I found out that my iPhone 6s was one of the iPhones covered by this warranty.

I had noticed over the last few months that my iPhone was starting to work strangely. It completely shut down a couple of times when it had over 50% charge remaining, requiring me to do a hard reboot for several panicked sections in order to wake it up again. Another time, it went from 100% down to 20% in the space of an hour when I wasn’t even using it. And lately it’s been going from 100% to 80% after 10 minutes of use playing the Disney Magic Kingdoms game.

Once I knew my iPhone was part of this repair program, I set up a Genius bar appointment and made my way over to the Apple store. The start of the process couldn’t have been easier. They looked up my iPhone’s serial number in their system, verified it was part of the battery replacement program and opened a ticket for work to be done. They don’t keep the batteries in stock, but they do perform the repair in the store, so all they had to do was order the battery and give me a call later. They expected it to take a week to 10 days for the battery to arrive. I was worried I’d have to be without the iPhone for an extended period of time as they shipped it back to Apple. Happily, I would only be without it for the hour it would take to perform the replacement.

As it happens, it took much less than a week before they called me to set up my appointment to have them replace the battery. Since I was on vacation last week when they called, I set up the next genius bar appointment for this week.  After having to reschedule the appointment 3 times in favor of meeting conflicts at work I have just returned from getting my new battery.

I arrived about 10 minutes ahead of my appointment, and checked in with the Apple store employee with the iPad who greeted me at the front door. They looked up my appointment, asked for my iPhone to look up the serial number and turned off “Find my iPhone” once they’d verified that my iPhone was covered by this warranty. The cost to replace the battery was $79 but since this was a covered replacement, I owed nothing.

They told me it would take just over an hour to do the replacement, so my husband and I did some Christmas shopping and grabbed lunch at Cheesecake factory. We returned about and hour and 10 minutes later and checked in again. The iPhone was finished, so they had me wait by the side for one of the Apple genius folks to bring it out to me.

Less than 5 minutes later I had my old iPhone back in my hands. No issues so far except that this new battery had only a 20% charge and was entering low power mode, but all of my photos, and games, and apps were all still there. I had made backups to both iTunes and iCloud last night just to be safe. I read an article on cult of Mac today that an Apple employee was lamenting that the replacement program was a mess. This was definitely not my experience. Everything seemed to move smoothly. The Apple geniuses did appear to be doing several battery replacements but they didn’t seem to be overloaded with requests. Perhaps it helped that I’d scheduled my appointment so they could allocate their staff accordingly.

Now I have a new battery, a year in to owning and using this iPhone, so when I hand this down to my daughter next year, I know she’s going to be able to use this one for even longer than I anticipated before we have to upgrade her. It is things like this that make me continue to be a happy Apple iPhone owner. This is my 4th iPhone model since, and including, the original and I am already planning to buy whatever wonderfulness Apple releases next year.



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