More thoughts on Han in The Force Awakens

Now that I’ve watched The Force Awakens on digital download on my iPad, I wanted to touch back on my thoughts about the characterization of Han. This post is inspired by a conversation I was having with my Mom on my Facebook page. It will be short and sweet because this was only a few sentences. For the record, she completely agreed with me. We were not arguing. She was very nicely listening to me vent for what seems like the 100th time.

To the character of Han, let us start with our beginning with him. We start with A New Hope. Han’s got a cargo hold full of money from rescuing Leia, and he turns back straight toward the death star to rescue Luke.

Continue on with Empire Strikes Back:  When Luke doesn’t check back through any of the entrances to the rebel base on Hoth, Han goes out into the night, against the recommendations of all of the other rebels around him, to rescue Luke. Later on, as the Empire finds them on Hoth and all heck is breaking loose, instead of leaving to settle his debt with Jabba, he rescues Leia and plans to get her to the rebellion, keeping himself in danger.

Then in Return of the Jedi, he volunteers to lead the Endor moon raid to take down the shield generator to keep his friends from harm.

He’s a hero plain and simple and those who think he’s just a smuggler/rogue who would return to “what he knew” when times get tough were simply not paying attention.  This, above every other misstep in the storytelling of The Force Awakens did more to disappoint me and throw me out of the movie. They got it wrong. I will never stop saying that, because it is true.

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