Continuing my Multi-Family Disney World trip planning – Part 3 – What to bring into the parks

As I am going through the planning for a multi-family Disney World trip for my family, I thought I’d continue my series of posts about what things to do, have, think about for Disney World traveling. This one will be on what to carry with you in the parks based on what I bring when I go.

Walt Disney World has a Security bag check at all gates of all four parks in this post 9/11 world. Naturally, there are things you cannot bring into the parks. Luckily, the list of things you can’t bring is pretty reasonable for families with young children.

I bring a backpack when we travel, and my husband usually carries anything from no bag at all, to a backpack, to his camera bag depending on whether he’s carrying around his good camera to take awesome photos.

Bringing a bag means you have to go through the bag check when entering the parks. It’s not a big deal, just another line to stand in where very nice guards will look through your bag down to the bottom to make sure all is well.

Here’s what I typically have in my backpack organized in categories. No particular order

Small first aid kit
(in case my kids either get paper cuts, fall down and scrape a knee, need first aid cream or bandaids).
Small Medicine bag
(allergy medicine or an inhaler, children’s Motrin, or Motrin for Mom/Dad)
Antibacterial lotion

Snacks – You can bring your own food in to the Disney parks!
Mints or other hard candies (not chocolates or things that will melt)
Bottles of water

I usually bring small tupperware containers filled with cheerios, cheetos, goldfish crackers, etc. for the kids. The containers keep things from getting crushed like they would in zip lock bags while in my backpack. I also carry sippy cups in a small crushable cooler bag with a cooler brick. Helps to keep the water or juice cold for my kids.

Zip lock bags – large, quart, and sandwich sized.
Since it rains in Disney often (afternoon showers are a regular occurrence) it helps to have these bags to keep electronics and other things that you don’t want to get wet, dry and safe.
Wallet (I typically only bring credit card, room key, Annual Pass, money) – the New Magic Band might replace some of these.

Camera, with extra camera SD card, and camera batteries all charged up the night before.
iPhone (I’m an Apple girl)
Extra charger bricks for the iPhone
(we have a Mophie Powerstation, which can be used by any phone, not just iPhones).
Of course, some android phones can swap out batteries, so you might do that.

Pencils and Pens
Paper for drawing, coloring book, activity worksheets (word search, maizes, etc)
Plastic folder to hold completed artwork.
Autograph Book + pen

I found that when the kids have to wait for anything: at dinner, or for a ride, or whatever, having paper and pens/pencils/crayons was the best thing I could have for them to play with.

We check the weather every morning, and if there’s a side of rain. then my husband brings a backpack to carry our fold-up rain coats (Lands’ End or LLBean make nice rain coats that fold up into a pouch), or sweatshirts if it looks like it’s going to get chilly at night and we might not make it back to the room to get them.

There are probably other ideas or things that you might need for your little ones, but this is what’s been working for me the last few years. I no longer have to carry diapers, and changes of clothes. 🙂

Enjoy your trip if you plan one to WDW. Let me know if you’ve got any other things you typically carry with you in the parks.



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