I wish Barnes and Noble had its act together

I am a big fan of the Nook. I have a first edition Barnes and Noble nook and enjoy reading on it almost as much as paper. My husband has been taking it on travel with him for the better part of this year, so I haven’t been able to use it. I started to look on ebay to see what other first edition nooks might be going for. They are all less than $50. Might be worth buying one for him to use on travel.

In reality, I’ve been reading my B&N Books on my iPad mini more than on my nook as of late, so one nook in eink for us to share is probably plenty. I like the convience of being able to read in low light conditions, like in bed or when getting my kids to sleep. Plus, I like the response of the mini just a bit more than the nook.

I’ve looked into getting one of the nook HDs in white, and while I really like them, I just can’t justify another tablet when I have an iPad mini, an iPad 2 and an original iPad. What I want is an eink reader to use when I don’t want to carry around a tablet.

Perhaps I am in the minority. I still see the value in having a reader only device as well as a tablet.

I don’t like the kindle. I’ve played with both the fire, the kindle eink and the nook equivalents when Target sold them both; before Target figured out Amazon was their competition. I just don’t like the kindle hardware as much as the nook. Hands down, I prefer the Apple iPad to the Kindle fire experience, but for ereaders, I like the nook better than the kindle. COrrect that, I like the first generation nook better than the kindle. The nook simple touch with is short and squat form factor just doesn’t seem to be as nice as the taller white first generation nook. So, I haven’t made the leap to buy a new nook simple touch to replace my nook while my hubby travels.

I am not entirely sure why I haven’t splurged on the $79 nook simple touch. I think part of it is because I read on the iPad, and don’t need it. Part of it is that I don’t like the simple touch as much as the first gen nook. And part of it is because Barnes and Noble isn’t doing a really good job on the content side of things to go with their hardware. Their site is always so slow. When I try to load it up just to search for a book on my iMac, I usually have to load it, then load it again, and then load it one more time for good measure. I don’t know what sort of server or software drives the back end, but the end user experience is terrible.

I had high hopes that B&N could give Amazon a run. I hope they still do. If they don’t, I worry that that will mean the end of bookstores. Brick and mortar book stores. I miss having a bookstore closer than 45 minutes drive. Sure, most of the physical books I buy these days come, ironically, from Amazon, if there were a bookstore anywhere near me, I could see stopping by there weekly. But the closest one is easily several towns and several 10s of miles away from me. Once the Borders that was 30 minutes away from us closed, there was little else left.

I love bookstores. I used to stop by Waldenbooks in the local mall at least once a week when I was in high school and then college. I always left buying at least one book. I love books. I hope to always have a physical bookstore somewhere in the area. I worry that the chains have forgotten how to sell books. I worry that we the customers have trained them that we just want cheap stuff, and and no longer care about a place where we can sit down, relax, buy a coffee and check out some books.

Above all, I wish that eBooks were all the same format, so you could buy a book electronically once and read it on whatever hardware you liked best. That’s what I as a customer wants. DO enough customers want that to make it worthwhile to the book sellers?

I certainly hope so.

Do you have an ereader? If you do, tell me about it in the comments and how you like the experience. Do you miss book stores?


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