Fringe – I am late to the party

I love Fringe!

I know I am late to the party on this one, and especially late with all of my Lost watching friends having watched it, loved it, and finished it, but that’s where it is. As I write this, I am watching the fifth episode of season three. For those who haven’t watched Fringe yet, I won’t tell you what’s happening. I’ll leave that to another post.

When I watched the first two episodes of season one on its original airing I didn’t like it. It didn’t hold my attention because I couldn’t get past the gratuitous use of effects just to be gross. It felt too much like the Monster of the Week episodes of X-Files that I didn’t like and I was invested in Mulder and Scully.

Now that I’ve watched the entire first season, I don’t think I’d have stuck with it any longer than that if I’d been watching it during its first airing. I wouldn’t even have made it to season two if good friends and twitter friends hadn’t insisted that it gets really good in the second season.

It does get good.

Then it gets frustrating.

I am currently sitting at frustrated. I know that things need to keep our protagonists apart and that obstacles need to come up to keep the resolution from being achieved until the end of the series, but I am frustrated. Thankfully, I am invested in the characters. I love Walter. Love Olivia. Love Peter.

I have so far avoided spoilers for most things. I do not know how the series ends. I do know at least one huge plot point that happens in season five, though, and I am not happy about it. I’m not happy for knowing it, and not happy that it happens. But the same friends who have encouraged me to watch, have told me that they were happy with the ending.

I trust them, the same as they’ve trusted me when I said that I was happy with how Lost ended (very happy). I am going to stick with it and hope that in the end, just like Lost, love and faith and friendship are all that matters.



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I am a rocket scientist in my day job, and a mother of two all the time. I'm a pop culture addict and amateur artist in my spare time. My typical preferences tend toward sci-fi and fantasy genres but I love a good drama or comedy. Reading the blogs of fellow Lost fans over the years has motivated me to finally write my own. All drawings and images on this blog are property of RocketScienceMom

2 Responses to Fringe – I am late to the party

  1. Colleen says:

    You’re frustrated just after Season 2? haha, man, Season 3 is the best season of the show! Not sure what plot point you don’t like about Season 5, though. The show is entirely different than it is in the first 3 seasons, so you never know – whatever you’re not happy about now may be more accepting when you watch more and get up to it.

    That said, yay for Fringe! Glad you’re getting into it!

    • Let me qualify that I felt season 1 was uneven. When they found the thread of the other reality storyline, it got good. I didn’t care for the monster of the week episodes. Half way through season 2, starting with The Bishop Revival, the show became amazing and I was hooked. Then, in season 3 where Olivia is stranded on the other side, I just got frustrated that they’d let Peter see changes in Olivia, verbalize them, and then sleep with Faux-Livia anyway. Admittedly, The Marionette was amazing. The scene on the swingsets with Olivia and Peter, where she shares just how broken her heart is rang so very true to me. It just frustrated me. That’s not necessarily bad. I only get frustrated if I care about the characters. I am currently 9 episodes into season 3. I have a lot more to go. I’ll have to ask you your thoughts overall when I finally finish it. I only get to watch it when my husband goes out of town. For better or worse, that’s often as of late.

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