642 Things to Write about Challenge: Your most treasured photograph

My fellow blogger, Colleen, who has been so good at keeping up her writing challenge, put out this one a couple of weeks ago.

642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 7 Your most treasured photograph.”

When I summarized from memory, I thought my Grandma wore blue. It was my Grandpa that was wearing blue, but the photo is pretty much as I described it.

When Colleen posed the topic, two photos came to mind, and they were both of my Grandparents. My maternal grandparents. I responded to her blog post with a summary, from memory of my most treasured photograph. I got a few of the colors wrong, but the description I put up on her site was fairly accurate. Funny enough, we both (Colleen and I) picked photos of our Grandparents. I consider the both of us very lucky to have had Grandparents in our lives that showed us how to live, and love for real

GrandmaGrandpaHawaiiThis photo is from when my Grandparents took their dream vacation in Hawaii, long before I was born. It’s of the two of them, Grandma in a red/pink Hawaiian dress (I had remembered it as blue), Grandpa in a blue Hawaiian shirt (I had remembered it as white, but his pants are white, the shirt is blue) with lei of flowers around his neck. Arms around one another. Smiling.

My grandparents traveled everywhere together: Canada, Mexico, England, France, Ireland, Poland, Germany. They had relatives all over Europe and friends that my Grandpa made when he served in World War II. I think I get my wanderlust from them. I love to stay in one place, but I love to travel and to see new places, meet new people, explore.

Of all the places they ever traveled, it was this trip to Hawaii that they talked about over and over, raved about.  They even redecorated their rec room in the basement (Rec rooms were a very 1950s thing) in a Hawaiian theme. I only know this from photos I’ve seen of the parties they threw, and from the few bits of art that my Grandpa painted to decorate the place.

They were awesome. If there was ever an example of real, true love (the kind that lives through separation during WWII, disagreements and the eventual compromise, raising two kids, sickness and health) it was my grandparents. I still find myself not accepting that they aren’t around any more. They were the kind of people that really should live forever.

I looked at this photo often. The picture I posted here is actually their copy in the old metal frame my Grandma displayed it in. I asked for it when she passed away. When I looked at it, I’d tell myself that someday I would take my family to Hawaii too, and we would walk along the same beaches they did, drinking in the same Island magic (and maybe a cocktail or two). Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Do you have a favorite photo you’d like to share? Head on over to Colleen’s blog and post it there. You can post it here too, but I thought I’d pass along the traffic to her site. 🙂

Enjoy your walk down memory lane.



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One Response to 642 Things to Write about Challenge: Your most treasured photograph

  1. Colleen says:

    I love this picture and response! And I love their outfits. That is the only way to do Hawaii. 🙂 Thanks for doing the challenge again. I love reading your responses.

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