There is no perfect iPhone 4 case

IMG_0111I am having a terrible time finding a case for my iPhone 4. Yes, the 4. I’ve been looking since I bought it a year and a half ago. I have five cases, and although I sort of like each one of them, none of them is the perfect case. My husband just laughs at me because I am decidedly not the type of woman to buy a different purse for each different pair of shoes. I am just not an accessories person. Once I find something I like (purse, shoes, iPhone case), I use it until it practically falls apart. Only then do I replace it with a new one.

This has not been the case with my quest to find an iPhone 4 case.

I had an original iPhone. After pining for it since it’s June announcement, my husband bought one for me that Christmas. I loved it. It didn’t need a case. I put it in a green leather Ultraslim case from Sena and that was it. Well, almost it. I also put a skin on it from Skinit that one of the Lost bloggers had put together using the poster for the final season of Lost to give it some character.

I’d probably still be using that phone today if it and I hadn’t been destroyed in a rain storm two years ago. When it died, I tried to revive it. Put it in a bag of rice. I even sent it away to a shop that specialized in repairing damaged iPhones, but they sent it back saying that the damage from the water wasn’t worth the cost of repairing it. Broke my heart. I think it broke my daughter’s heart more. She was planning on getting my original iPhone when I eventually upgraded.

Dieing as it did between iPhone release cycles, I ended up getting the white iPhone 4. The new 4s came out only 4 months later. I read enough of the tech blogs that I knew it was coming, but I needed a phone then and couldn’t wait, so I went with the white iPhone 4. I love it in white. Since then, all future idevices of mine are white.

While I loved my original iPhone, really loved it, I only sort of like my white iPhone 4. I don’t know if it’s because I was upset I had to buy it right before a new one was announced, locking me into a contract for 18 months before I could upgrade, or if it’s because of the technical issues with that original white iPhone’s proximity sensor, or the fact that I am terrified that I am going to break it all the time, but I just don’t love this phone the way I loved my original iPhone or any of my iPads.

Buying a case for the white iPhone 4 proved challenging immediately. Because of this proximity sensor issue, the screen protectors weren’t compatible, and neither was any case that covered the screen and came close to the proximity sensor. I wanted to get a case that felt good in my hand, covered the glass, and would protect the phone for the inevitable time when I’d drop it.

I’ve bought four (well, Five) cases so far, but since I don’t really like any of them, I often switch out between them. I’ll list them here and then go through them one by one in future posts (that will give me something to write about!).

First case bought was a Sena Walletslim case in green leather. You will find that most of the cases I buy are green. I liked it, but didn’t like the leather that surrounded the screen and the way my fingers were constantly bumping against it.

Next up, I wanted to buy an Otterbox Defender case, the really protective ones that keep the iPhone protected from falls and some light rain, but at the time I got my iPhone 4 the Otterbox Defender wasn’t compatible with the white iPhone 4. The case blocked too much light from the proximity sensor, making it unable to detect when you  bring the iPhone close to your face.

So, instead, my second case was the Otterbox Reflex. It’s a slider case in two pieces. Nice and sturdy. My only compliant is that the cutout for the headphone jack is too small to fit the Griffen cable I use feed my iPhone or iPod output to the Aux input of my car’s speaker system, and the cutout for the charging/syncing cable on the bottom is too small for the third party charging station I have on my desk at work.

Eventually, the iPhone 4S came out, in white and black, and Otterbox made the hole in the Defender case around the proximity sensor larger, therefore removing the blockage that made the face proximity fail.  I ended up buying a Defender in the same color as my Reflex, and used it for travel, rainy days, etc. I wish I liked it. I want to like it, but I don’t like the feel of the rubber.

Case number 4 is from Casetagram. I got hooked on instagram shortly after it came out, and well before it was purchased by Facebook (boo, hiss). Having a case with my instagram photos on it sounded awesome. As soon as I had enough photos saved up, I made my own casetagram Case. I love it, and right now, of the four cases I mentioned, this is my favorite. Only trouble is it doesn’t offer very much protection. It’s a thin plastic, without any rubber between the case and the phone itself to cushion any falls. But it feels nice in my hand.

I do have a case number 5, but I have yet to take it out of the box. I bought it more because I am a collector and couldn’t turn this one down when it went ridiculously on sale. I bought a Star Trek case from Think Geek when they reduced it to $4. Bought it in Science officer blue, naturally.

There you have it. I have five cases for my white iPhone 4, and while they each have things they do well, there isn’t one of them that is THE case. I suppose it’s sort of like having lots of shoes. I have thinner ones for nicer weather, and then the heavier ones for winter, rain, and trips where dropping is a higher probability.

Thanks for reading, and if you’ve got an iPhone 4 case that you love, feel free to share it in the comments. I could always add a few more to my collection.



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