RSM Experiment: Using my iPad 2 as my only computer –part III: Editing Photos

Continuing my series of articles on using my iPad 2 as my only computer (see Part I the background here, and part II on podcast streaming here).

I take a lot of digital photos. A. Lot. My MacBook’s hard drive is probably equally filled with movies and photos. After every family vacation, I have been using iPhoto to manage my photos and create photo books of the trip. I used to upload photos to Shutterfly and order prints to put into photo albums, but I’m running out of room in my house for physical photo albums and the time to actually do the ordering and putting photos in the albums. The iPhoto books seemed a good alternative.

One year I made my mom an iPhoto book of the grandchildren. It was such a big hit that she’s requested an updated photo book every year for Christmas s the only gift she wants. I try to capture photos of all of our get togethers during the course of the year into one album in iPhoto, and then spend November painstakingly putting together the book.

I have found I like to do this in iPhoto even though there are online options like shutterfly because our home internet connection is so very ridiculously slow. Working off line saves my sanity.

Now that apple has finally introduced iPhoto for the iPad, I might be able to move the whole iPhoto book creation over to my iPad as well. For now, all of my photos sit on the hard drive that lacks a computer to access them, so I will have to wait a bit to test this out.

Since I don’t yet have the iPhoto app to test, I am not sure how the workflow will go. Would I need to move the photos to my iPad to edit them, or can I push them to the iCloud (When I get there) and bring them down onto the iPad to edit them. Given the previous statement about our slow internet connection speeds, whatever I do, I will want to have the photos offline on the iPad to do the editing.

I am also concerned with the screen size. I have found that using even my 13″ MacBook has become difficult because I can’t really see if a photo is blurry or not. I can only enlarge them so much. The fact that I use my laptop mostly for photo editing is the primary reason that is driving me toward an iMac as my next computer.

This one is going to have to wait on hold until I can get the photos from my hard drive to my iPad to actually test it out. Let’s consider this a placeholder for when I actually have time to get the iPhoto app and give it a proper review.


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2 Responses to RSM Experiment: Using my iPad 2 as my only computer –part III: Editing Photos

  1. Jenna says:

    I am in your shoes now. My Dell is dying a slow and painful death. I am researching whether using an iPad as my sole computer is realistic.
    I see it’s been a few months since you wrote this and wondered if you could email me to let me know how your experiment is going and any advice you may have.


    • Thanks for the comment, and I will try to get an email out to you. I owe the blog an update on my experiment. The bottom line, for me, was that I needed a computer. The iPad was a good fit, but I do more than it can do right now. So, last week, I bought an iMac. I know that new ones have to be around the corner, but with MobileMe closing and the movement to iCloud, I felt I had run out of time to be iPad only. So, my answer is going to depend on what you use your computer/iPad for. If it’s email, surfing, iOS games. Then you are probably fine. If you want to do a lot of photo or movie manipulation (iPhoto or iMovie or the PC equivalent), write/develop code, do a significant amount of writing, editing, blogging, then I can see a PC/Mac desktop still being a need. For the three months that I was iPad only, I functioned fine. It did all that I needed, and the things it couldn’t do, I kept pushing off for “when I bought a Mac.”

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