RSM Experiment: Using my iPad 2 as my only computer –part II podcast management Stitcher app

I mentioned here that I am conducting a bit of an experiment to see whether I can, at least temporarily, live with my iPad 2 as my only computer. In going through this experiment, I decided to walk through all of the things I typically use my computer for and not my iPad to try to identify iOS alternatives.

First up is podcast management.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Up until now, I have listened to them all on my 6 year old iPod video. I liked the organization of my iPod and iTunes syncing for podcast management even if that meant I couldn’t sync and update podcasts on the go.

Initially I looked into a syncing only option as opposed to an app that would allow you to download to listen to later. This option wontakings up any space up on my iPhone. I have a 60 GB video iPod and it’s pretty crammed full of podcasts (and music). I only have the 32 GB white iPhone 4 (the largest hard drive they made at the time) half filled with photos, apps and a couple Lost episodes, and I’d rather not fill it the rest of the way up with podcasts. So, streaming is an alright option. Since I am grandfathered into the unlimited plan, I am not worried about streaming bandwidth taking up my data as I roam away from my home wi-fi hotspot. I have yet to use very much of my data plan (when I remember to check) because I am usually within a wi-fi hotspot when doing anything substantial on my iPhone.

Stitcher radio app – (free)

The the first app I have tried is the Stitcher radio app. I had heard anout it from one of my Disney themed podcasts, WEDWay Radio, They mentioned that they were both on itunes and on Stitcher. Simple web searches on podcast iOS app reviews also mentioned Stitcher being a noteworthy free option to stream podcasts on your iOS device.

After downloading the app, I successfully subscribed to all the Disney podcasts I listen to and streamed them as was driving in the car. My first impression is that i don’t like the interface. I don’t like that it starts to play the selected podcast right away. I can’t figure out how to change the icon on the favorites grouping. It just seems messy. Granted I haven’t played with it extensively, but the user interface is the first thing you notice and this one seems non intuitive.

Interface aside, the only other potential issue is that not all podcasts are available via Stitcher. I believe that the podcasters have to submit or somehow get their podcast into the Stitcher radio system. That being said, so far all of the podcasts I wanted to listen to were available.

I think this is a solid app to stream podcasts, especially because it’s free. I am going to try out one or two more apps, though, because I don’t care for the interface and I think i would like to have the ability to download the podcasts to listen to later instead of streaming them.

Since it’s free, it’s worth a look.



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I am a rocket scientist in my day job, and a mother of two all the time. I'm a pop culture addict and amateur artist in my spare time. My typical preferences tend toward sci-fi and fantasy genres but I love a good drama or comedy. Reading the blogs of fellow Lost fans over the years has motivated me to finally write my own. All drawings and images on this blog are property of RocketScienceMom

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