Reflections on the end of the 2011

Today is the first day of winter, Yule in the Pagan calendar, and the start of the lengthening of our days. Seems like a perfect time to post a little bit here to the blog that I have neglected for a couple of months now. I apologize to those few readers who have stopped by this last week to see what I might have posted.

This has been an interesting year. I spent a major part of it in a detail position as a branch chief. That’s Rocket Scientist speak for serving temporarily in a promotion as a manager. Because it was only a detail and not a full blown promotion, I had all the responsibility for my people but no real power to make decisions or cause things to happen. It was a good run, though, and I was able to learn whether I liked being a manager (I did). In spite of the limited “power,” I was able to help my branch stay afloat in the chaos that is where I work. My own branch chief has been called higher up to help fill other needs. I don’t know when she will return, and I am grateful that she asked that I serve in her place.

The bad part of spending time being a manager was that I internalized a lot of stress, so much so that my hair started to fall out. If you know me, you know this is huge. I’ve had hair almost down to the small of my back for most of my adult life. A month ago, I had my husband cut 8 inches off because it looked so thin. Eight inches because that is the minimum needed to donate. I think I’ve come to terms with it (losing the hair) but have yet to fully relax and unwind.

At the end of the year, as I look toward a new year with a fresh start, my promise to myself is to work harder on that. Work harder on relaxing. In the coming year, I may or may not be able to get into management. There is so much up in the air at work. I do know I liked it but I also know that I let things get to me. Lesson learned. Relaxation is key to well being. To be the best I can be, I must be kind to myself. Those are things I already knew but was caught by surprise how little I actually put them into practice.

My wish to all of you reading this is to also be kind to yourselves. In everything you do, go ahead and do your very best. That’s all that you can ask. After that, accept the outcome however it falls. If you’ve done your best, you have nothing to worry about and nothing to be ashamed of. Worry will make your hair fall out. I am proof of that.

Thankfully, I have a loving family and super awesome kids to focus on. That’s what I’ve been doing, and it is helping. They are the light of my life, and my main reason for being.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, whether it’s for Baby Jesus or Santa. Happy Hanukkah to those who are celebrating the festival of lights. Happy Yule to my pagan friends. And best wishes for the new year to everyone.

All my best.

About rocketsciencemom
I am a rocket scientist in my day job, and a mother of two all the time. I'm a pop culture addict and amateur artist in my spare time. My typical preferences tend toward sci-fi and fantasy genres but I love a good drama or comedy. Reading the blogs of fellow Lost fans over the years has motivated me to finally write my own. All drawings and images on this blog are property of RocketScienceMom

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