Drawing a Day: RSM Day 41 – Fall trees

The last trees full of fall leaves.

It’s been a long time since I added another drawing to this space. We went on a family trip in the middle of October, then my son had his birthday, then there was Halloween, and then, and then, and then. Eventually I just didn’t get to drawing anything. That stopped, at least for today, with this drawing.

I was in an afternoon meeting today, and as I listened to the person leading the discussion, I noticed the beautiful trees outside the window. Watching them and the interplay of colors from the sunshine, even through the dingy blinds, I was inspired to take out my iPhone. In doing this drawing, I became quiet in the meeting. This prompted a fellow meeting attendee to take out his own phone and send me a text message urging me to pay attention. 🙂 His urging, sufficiently shamed me into putting away the Brushes app and paying attention. I will not say which fulfilled me more: drawing these trees or listening to team-building discussions.

It’s gorgeous here today, and given that it’s November already, I know there are only a handful of beautiful days left before winter. The interplay of the remaining yellow leaves against the blue blue sky was just beautiful.

I hope that wherever you are today, you are able to enjoy the day.


About rocketsciencemom
I am a rocket scientist in my day job, and a mother of two all the time. I'm a pop culture addict and amateur artist in my spare time. My typical preferences tend toward sci-fi and fantasy genres but I love a good drama or comedy. Reading the blogs of fellow Lost fans over the years has motivated me to finally write my own. In addition to starting this blog, I have been writing for the parenting blog GNMParents under the name RocketScienceMom (or RSM for short). All drawings and images on this blog are property of RocketScienceMom

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