My favorite Map of all time: 1976 Walt Disneyworld Park Map

1976 Walt Disney World Park map

From time to time, I go back through the things in my closet that I keep meaning to frame and hang somewhere. I always stop at this map and stop. I want to hang this one. It’s so very special to me. But I do not want to take it to a frame shop and risk them losing it, or tearing it or somehow destroying it. It is irreplaceable.

This map was my family’s park guide map on the very first vacation to Walt Disney World. It is probably hard to see, but my Mom actually drew on the map. Over breakfast, she softly traced out the route we would take on our day. This was long before crowd calendars and touring plans. Long before the internet and advice from Disney Moms Panel (Which I should so totally be on by the way!). This was back when going to the park was a huge adventure and probably a family’s once in a lifetime trip.

As it turns out, my family would travel down to Walt Disneyworld two more times before I graduated high school. Since then, I’ve gone probably another 20 times either on my own, with my fiance then husband, and as a family with our kids. To say that I am a huge Disneyworld fan is to put it mildly. I love the place, and I always will.

Looking at this map immediately brings back the feelings of that first trip. I was 7 1/2, and it was 1976. There was a fourth of July 200th birthday parade and celebration going on all summer long. It was hot as only Florida can be in the summer. My brother and sister (only one, since the second of my sisters wouldn’t be born for another two years) were at times happy and crabby. I just remember enjoying every single minute of the fun and once we got home, I could not wait to go again.

I wish that they still made large fold out Maps like this one still in the parks. You get the small hand outs at the front gates, but the Disney merchandise folks have cut way down on the individualized park materials on either coast. Perhaps someone at WDW merchandise might see this post and think, hey that’s a great idea, let’s make them again.

Back in 1976, this map cost $2.25 (the price tag is still on the back of it). The picture doesn’t do it justice to the detail or the size, except to cut off the top and bottom, but it really is huge. It is easily 3 feet wide. I can only imagine what they’d charge for one today.

I was going to do some research to see if anyone else has put up photos of their own copies of this map on the internet somewhere. I have two more maps to post in the coming days. Both are fold outs, and both are almost as large as this one. First one ist the Walt Disney World resort area, Pre MGM studios. The other is of EPCOT.

With that, I am off to plan my upcoming Walt Disneyworld vacation. Our MEI Mousefan travel agent just put down our deposit today. We’re going to Disneyworld!


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4 Responses to My favorite Map of all time: 1976 Walt Disneyworld Park Map

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  2. mdhardcastle says:

    I have exactly the same map framed on the wall of my office along with a map from EPCOT. It still brings back very happy childhood memories.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Daniel Hartley says:

    My first visit was actually to the pre opening center, my father was one of thousands who helped to build Walt Disney World. I was about 5 or years old then but in 1977, my family and I went to the Park for the first time since its opening. M dad bought a map, the one you have here and I believe he paid a dollar for it. Somehow through all the ears of moving, I managed to keep this map and I had it framed and it hangs in my house. It is one of my thousands of collections through the years I love the most. Thank you for a clean copy of this map, mine is stained and torn in areas, so seeing it in its better than mine condition, brought back so many wonderful memories.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laurie Landry says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING. This was my first trip as well. I have only been a total of three times, I scrapbook now and I am going back to do some of my childhood. I was 12 . This was one of only 2 family vacations we EVER TOOK. I have very few pices to add to my pages and I plan on using this . Thank you again.

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