RSM Thoughts on the iPad and kids

Even my kitty likes the iPad

A friend of mine was posting on his facebook profile how he was intrigued with the iPad only after having seen a bluetooth keyboard/case combo on a site he’d visited. It seems that the touch display without mouse or keyboard for data entry was too high a hurdle for him and was keeping him from getting an iPad.

I felt no such compunction when I purchased my original iPad…er, um..when my family purchased mine for me last year for mother’s day. I am a huge apple fanatic and if Steve Jobs says the iPad is magical, that was good enough for me.

It turns out, it was magical, and the people in my house who think it is most magical are my kids. Since I have had an iPhone since the original was released (well, that December), my kids have had ample opportunity to learn to use an iOS driven touch screen smart phone. The transition to what they’d been doing on the iPhone to the iPad was trivial. Not only that, they are surprisingly good at navigating through the iOS interface and intuitively finding things, launching things, doing things.

As a more protective Mom, I have turned off things like in App purchases, and access to the app store from the iPad itself. Only I download apps from iTunes onto the iPad. I don’t install anything that they could accidently launch and be exposed to something I’d rather not they be exposed to.

My advice to my friend, as I posted on his facebook wall, was to give in and get the iPad. He might not think he will take to the touch interface (He really wants a mouse and a curser) but I know his kids will. I firmly believe that anyone who is considering an iPad purchase who has young children at home will not regret the purchase. My kids really love the iPad, and play both educational apps as well as games.

In upcoming posts, I plan on going through their current favorites by age group an category, as advice on what works for us. I haven’t tested every app out there, so I am sure there are ones that I’ve missed. If anyone actually reads these columns, feel free to post your favorite kids apps for the iPad in the comments.

Thanks and until next time,

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