RSM thoughts on the Shuttle retirement

I have been holding off making any comments about the fates of the four retiring shuttles because I had a very vested interest in the outcome of that particular contest. I happen to live in Ohio, and very dearly wanted to see a shuttle housed at the beautiful National Museum of the Air Force. Sadly, Ohio lost, something we’re pretty used to in this state. Now that I am watching the petulance of one of the winners, NYC, and how very ungrateful they are to having been given one of the very first Shuttle’s ever built (Enterprise), I had to say something.

Have you read how NYC is reacting in the press to being given a “fake” shuttle, as one op ed reporter put it? Head on over here to check it out. I will wait.

Welcome back. So, really, the columnist in New York felt that the Enterprise was a fake shuttle and therefore somehow unworthy of being displayed in NYC. I must admit I was so dumbfounded I was without words in response to this article.

Ever since I found out that the folks at the museum there near the Wright Patterson Air Force base had put their proposal into the running and that they had a pretty good shot at proving Ohio had what it took to present a shuttle to the American public in a respectful setting, I started to get my hopes up. This is something I rarely do, because when it comes to things space and NASA, Ohio is always on the low end of things. NASA has several centers spread across the country. The Ohio NASA center (yes there is one in Ohio, and it’s older than NASA itself, having been established during NACA) has been known to get shortchanged in deference to the other, more powerful, more famous NASA centers.

Still, we’d take a rejected shuttle, a somehow inferior shuttle, any day of the week.

Just give us the word, NYC and we will gladly take Enterprise.


BTW, the comments and opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone. I speak for no one other than myself.


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