RSM Review Castle Episode 3:16: “Setup”

It’s been a while since I had time to write up a summary of an episode of Castle. So, without further adieu, here is the writeup for part one of a two parter.

Air date February 21, 2011
First of a two parter

Castle Episode 3:16: “Setup”
Guest star Adrian Pashdar (of Heroes fame)

We open with a scene similar to something out of Close Encounters or ET: Castle is being led down the hallway of some chamber (looks like a government quarantine facility), by two people wearing HaZMat suits. An alarm is sounding. Lights are flashing. Castle is struggling. The men in suits unzip the door and shove him in. Inside the chamber stands Kate Beckett. They look at each other with fear and worry in their eyes

“36 hours earlier”

A taxi sits on cinder blocks. A security guard approaches. Beckett, Ryan and Esposito arrive. The body of the taxi driver is located inside a nearby warehouse. Cause of death, gunshot to the forehead.

Lanie is there going over the body. Esposito is theorizing the cause of death, and Lanie corrected him calling him “baby” as he approaches. Beckett notices, and mouths to her “did you call him baby?” Her response: Guess I did. Time of death fits a robbery, 11:15 p.m. His watch stopped when he died. 9-mm to the head. Fingers broken one at a time, as though he were tortured before being killed.

The dead body is Amir, a cab driver. He was found in Washington heights. We all know that’s a shady area that time of night. Turns out he had turned off the fair computer in his taxi when he went there. He apparently didn’t want any trace of having gone there.

At 10:01 p.m. he made his last phone call to his wife.

Ryan points out that Amir wrote C4121652 in a notebook application on his phone. Castle thinks it’s a phone number. Ryan already tried that.

Beckett and Castle head off to interview the victim’s wife.

Beckett is asking the wife why Amir would have turned his meter off and go to Washington Heights. That part of town is known for drug dealing and prostitution. Amir’s cousin is there, helping.

Things have been tough for Amir. Monica, their baby daughter needed surgery. His wife is sad that now she will never know her father. Jamal, Amir’s cousin and business partner tells Beckett that he invested in the taxi business with Amir, but he didn’t drive. They rented driving spots to two other drivers. Nazeeth will inherit the share of the taxi business.

Car parts from the taxi have been found and brought into interrogation. The gent who stole them claims he found the car parts. Beckett says he striped the car and killed the driver. The car thief freaks out. He was cruising, saw a perfectly good cab just sitting there, so he stripped it. He says he’s just a car guy. He doesn’t hurt people. He says there was a guy there who ran off when he pulled up. He was there looking for something in the car. Tore up the upholstery.

Beckett’s phone rings. She leaves saying that she has to get that. Ryan approaches her to engage her with some recent discovery, but she says “Not now Ryan”. We, the viewer, are left to think the phone call is from her boyfriend, Josh.

Castle asks Esposito what’s up. “You know Beckett. she plays it close to the vest”

Ryan has found the other taxi drivers. One had an abli. The other, joined another taxi company. Ryan pauses, glances at Beckett, and Castle says he will tell Beckett.

Beckett and Castle go see the other taxi driver. The driver was upset because the taxi company owner (Amir) was fat with cash and definitely not sharing it.

Esposito calls them back to the crime scene. CSU figured out why the person was trying to get inside the car. It had several cameras installed. All the hard drives and video have been stolen so the team cannot watch whatever was taped.

Castle is talking the case over with Alexis. He obsers that Amir’s wife, cousin, other drivers didn’t know he installed the cameras. So was someone spying on him? His passengers? Both? Martha arrives and asks if she’s talked to him about their little trip to the “Oasis of Serenity” You’ve heard of Serenity haven’t you? (nice inside joke for Nathan’s previous show, Firefly – Serenity was the name of the spaceship in Firefly.)

Alexis gives Castle a look saying “please Dad get me out of this? “ And she mouths to him her impending Physics exam. When he asks her whether she’s got an upcoming physics exam, she says that It accounts for 20% of her grade. Castle insists she can’t go. Martha leaves to go pack. Castle looks at Alexis and mouths “best Dad Ever” as he’s pointing to himself.

Beckett is talking to “motorcycle boy”, or as Castle corrects himself “Dr. Motorcycle boy”. It’s pretty serious. Castle walks up with two cups of coffee. When he asks her what’s up, she brushes it off.

Esposito sits down with everyone going over Amir’s latest cab routes that day. He did loop on a street with a fare. Did the fair need to talk to Amir?

They got a name and match on the person who installed the camera equipment. Amir hired him to put the cameras. Only said it was for security.

The guy who was driving with Amir is caught on a traffic camera. The chief and Esposito can tell he’s packing, and from the look of his suit, he’s not a cop.

Back at Amir’s house, the wife is shown the photo of the man who rode on Amir’s car. She said he stopped by the week before to talk to him. Amir said that the guy got him mistaken with someone else.

After taking the photo and showing it along the route, someone identifies having seen him in a coffee shop near by. Becket goes to him, and stops him on the street. She takes his gun. A 9-mm. And asks if he has a concealed weapons license. He slowly says he did, in his pocket, along with his credentials. He’s a Syrian diplomat. And he will not answer her questions.

Turns out he’s a member of the Syrian secret police. Probably has a lot of history of breaking fingers.

He was at a soccer game the night and time Amir was killed. There are photos to prove it.

As they are going over the case, Castle hits on the idea that the 1600 is an address. A storage warehouse sits at that address. C412 is a storage unit.

Castle and Beckett go to the storage area. When Castle asks how they will open the door, and she shows him chain bolt cutters. Castle says that for reasons he won’t explain, he finds that (Her with the bolt cutter) very hot. Beckett took Amir’s keys from the police lockup, so she goes with the easy entrance. They get inside the storage unit, and find a box. Nothing else. They go to the box, and open it. The top is lined with C4 plastic explosives. As they stand, something starts beeping on Beckett’s hip. A monitor of some sort.

She runs out of the unit, pushing Castle with her, and calls on his walkie talkie her badge # and asks for help, that she’s been exposed to high levels of radiation.

Back to where we started the episode. Castle asks the team how serious it is.

Back at the precinct, the chief, Esposito and Ryan ask how serious it is. Amir had a key to the this storage unit, what was he into? Maybe the Syrians?

Enter Mark Fallen. Dept. of Homeland Security. DHS sent him down to act as a liaison. Syrians won’t want to get in trouble, so they won’t help him.

Cut to the quarantine area, Castle is looking out the plastic window. He asks Beckett about her radiation detector levels. She says it was maxed out.

Ryan says that Homeland security debriefed Amir when he first landed here. Amir had worked on nuclear weapons when he was in Syria, for the Russians. At that Mark announces that now he’s taking over.

Castle and Beckett are sitting on a box in the room. She wants to talk about something other than the bad possibilities. So he asks how’s Josh. Beckett responds that he’s on the way to Haiti on another doctor’s without borders mission. She’s sad that he’s not around a lot. How do you compete with him out there saving people. She was attracted to his passion and drive. She rhetorically asks why is it that the thing that attracts you to a person always ends up being the thing that drives you crazy. She just wishes that she had someone who’d be there for her and she could be there for him and we could just do it together. Castle looks like he’s going to offer himself just as a hazmat guy comes in, and tells them they are free to go. Castle looks like he just needed another minute.

There were only minute bits of cobalt 60. Nothing life threatening.

The chief enters and expresses how happy he is that they are ok. in order to leave traces behind, there had to have been another crate with large amounts of cobalt 60. Makings of a dirty bomb.

Castle comes home. Martha is leaving, that she’s going alone thanks to him. Castle says he changed his mind. That it would be good for the two of them to spend time together. He looks at Alexis and urges her to go with his eyes. (he’s trying to get her out of town).

Agent Fallon is briefing the crew; Amir built a dirty bomb in the storage unit. It’s gone missing. We hear Ryan and Esposito tried to get Jenny and Lanie to leave town. Neither were successful. Fallon continues that we need to find the person who took the bomb. He also tells Castle thank you for his help but we can’t have a civilian on the front lines. It’s for his own protection. Castle mentions that his friend the governor will be very disappointed. Fallon allows it, then he asks Beckett for a word.

He is asking about Amir’s wife. How did she seem in the interview? Truthful? Fallon asks Beckett to come into interrogation with him. If he goes over the line, real him back in. Then he mentions that it’s a nice touch. When Beckett asks what is, he says “the baby”.

Castle is helping to search the databases to track the $10k Amir had put into his accounts. It was wired, so Ryan tells him how to trace it. It came from a James Smith in Dearborn, MI. Before that from same name in TX. Ryan mentions that there’s a large middle eastern contingent in Michigan. Castle thinks that Mid East Terrorits has been done. It doesn’t seem right.

Fallon is trying to scare the mom by saying social services will take her baby. She is swearing through panic stricken tears that she doesn’t know anything. He threatens to take away her baby. Beckett stares on in awe. He mentions that the baby is a money pit. After allowing the wife to leave, and reassuring her that no one will take her baby, Fallon asks Beckett if she thinks that she’s truthful or not. Beckett says that she thinks she is. Fallon has bugged her house.

Castle has traced the money. it was wired through 6 banks but originated in Afghanistan. Ryan is looking through the tapes of the storage area and finds Amir’s cousin Jamal is on it, moving the crate.

Mark Fallon regroups the team and briefs them on Jamal Alhabi. Had his cousin fashion a dirty bomb, then killed him. Less than 12 hours ago, he disappeared. He owns a moving company so check his trucks. Pull his financials. “Folks we live here. I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. Let’s find him”

Castle asks to talk to Beckett. What’s your take on Fallon. She weighs in that he’s a Good cop, as a person, kind of a douche. Castle asks if he’s an open minded douche. This seems too simple The details aren’t there like if you’d write a story. The money from Afghanistan came from a city near a military base. Why choose that one? Castle thinks something else is going on. The breadcrumbs are leading us to Amir as though they were put there on purpose.

Need to talk to the one person who knew Amir, that might be able to talk to him.

Fallon is going through details on the case with the team at the precinct. Esposito and Ryan are going through the moving company employees. Call in an alert to find the missing truck.

Castle goes out to meet the Syrian embassy security chief off the record stressing to him “The last thing you wants is my country thinking your country was involved in this activity.” Amir was being watched. The Syrian never saw any evidence of terrorism, but then what other answer could he give? He met with Amir from time to time to remind his of his history. To try to convince him to return. Money usually overcomes obstacles. Not so with Amir.

Amir thought that the Syrian put the 10k into his account. He didn’t know where it came from. With that, he leaves but offers his card in case such a time came that Castle needed his services.

At the precinct, Fallon asks Castle and Beckett to come talk him in the Chief’s office. Fallon had Castle followed. He’s shocked that Castle went and talked to the embassy guy. IN the interest of national security, he wants to have Castle and Beckett removed from the task force. Captain tries to go to bat for them. Fallon ignores him, and offers to have his agents escort them out. Mentioning, that the governor has never heard of Castle.

At Castle’s place, Castle is hooking his iPhone up to a projector. He’d taken pics of the murder board as they were being kicked out. VIrtual murder board. Beckett asks where Martha and Alexis are. He got them out of town but didn’t tell him why. Castle has everything on the PC of Amir’s taxi route. It’s just like the precinct. Beckett observes “Only it smells better.”

So, they have to solve the murder to find the bomb.

Maybe the cameras weren’t to spy on a passenger. Maybe another driver. Amir suspected another driver and he put in the cameras to figure out what he was doing. The last two places Amir was, Kevin McCan was near both of them. (the other driver).

The missing van from the moving company has been found. When the cops get to the van, it’s empty.

Castle and Beckett decide to go to this warehouse area that both Kevin and Amir drove by, to find out is so interesting. They go to where Kevin parked his cab. Inside is another van (but not a moving van). Beckett gets out her gun. They approach the van. Walk around to the back. Find the bomb. It has a timer clock set for 13 hours. Beckett’s radiation detector goes off. Someone comes from behind and starts shooting them. She covers for Castle so he can make a move for the door. They go into a cold room. The person doesn’t follow, but rather locks them in. Inside the room is jamal, with a bullet in his head. He’s pretty frozen. As Beckett guards the door, the person outside shuts and bolts the door, locking them in the cold storage unit.

The van is covered in white paper, and the person who locked them in takes off the white paper, and drives away in a black van.

End of part one!


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