RSM Follow-up: “How I killed Pluto…”

So I finished the book referened in this blog post and wanted to come back here with some final thoughts. I really enjoyed all of the details the author shared of his daughter’s first year of life. His data collection of breastfeeding times, amounts, diaper changing, etc mirrors my own experience. When I had my first child, I dutifully took copious data on his feedings (I exclusively breastfed for his first year), diaper changes, sleep patterns, etc. I must have felt, as this author did, that if I could quantify the data I could somehow control the uncontrollable reality of a newborn. I still have my lists of data.

The thing is, I still disagree with the findings of the IAU on the status of Pluto as a planet. Although I still think the definition of a planet is confusing at best, and the author himself agrees with me, I cannot discern why he thinks Pluto should no longer be considered a planet. To the best that I can interpret, he concludes that Pluto is not a planet because it isn’t one. I would love to be able to paraphrase the conclusion, but even having reread the ending chapters, I find that I cannot.

For me, Pluto is a planet. Eris might be as well, because for me they both meet my personal criteria of what I mean when I say the word Planet. In the end, that is all the explanation I can glean from Professor Brown’s book. He asserts that Pluto is not a planet because it does not meet the meaning that scientists have when they say the word planet. Rather than offer his own definition, he simply agrees that the IAU’s definition was confusing at best, and then reiterates that Pluto isn’t a planet because it is not like the other 8 planets and more like the Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO).

So, to each his or her own.

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