Apple May Have Solved the MobileMe Problems

Well, I hestiate even putting this in print, but it seems that Apple might have done something behind the scenes to fix the MobileMe login troubles I had been having. You may recall here, that I was having to reset my password on my MobileMe account almost daily around Christmas. That kept up through the new year. A number of us have started a Facebook group to commiserate and share our own tales of whoa, but we mostly kept in touch with updates to the Apple Discussion Groups site.

I have to admit, I didn’t post to the discussion groups as much as I probably should have. Mostly, I didn’t want to have to log into any of Apple’s servers if I could help it. It was on login only (not passively checking emials) that I would discover my password had to be reset. So, I found I avoided purchasing anything on iTunes or logging into MobileMe via the web browser.

I decided to redeem the two iTunes gift cards I had gotten for Christmas shortly after the new year. To my happy surprise, I did not have to reset my account information. It’s been almost a whole week, now, without having to do a password reset. I am prompted for credit card information each time I log into iTunes to make a purchase, but I have that memorized from years of online purchasing (too much, if you ask my husband), so reentering that is much much easier than choosing a new and unique password and then resetting all of my iDevices.

Hats off to the engineers at Apple who came back from their holiday break and made MobileMe life much easier for us long time MobileMe users. You have my gratitude. 🙂

Long live Apple’s fine engineers. You guys rock.

Now, I just hope I am not locked out again when I log into iTunes tonight. 🙂

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2 Responses to Apple May Have Solved the MobileMe Problems

  1. Mark Garvin says:

    Feb. 2011

    I have not been able to access, publish, log in or even change my password on my MobileMe account. The problem has taken hours dealing with the company and is still not resolved. It was assigned to a “Senior Advisor” who is not in the office on Tuesday or Wednesday. So from Monday evening till Thursday nothing will happen. Tried to get a Tues. or Wed. person to attend to it, to no avail. I won’t be keeping this service, especially for $99 per year.

    • I hear your pain and frustration. I wouldn’t pay $99 per year for a service that their technical folks are unable to fix. The tech support for Mobile Me has been really unhelpful at best. Can you log into apple’s only support?

      I am assuming that you cannot log in via the apple id you have associated with your mobileMe account. In that case, I’d create a backup apple id, so you can log into support, and raise holy heck. If you look at one of the thread in this bunch of MobieMe posts I’ve put up here, there’s a thread in the apple support discussion threads about this particular problem. Everyone who posted there ended up getting things resolved. Maybe you can post there, and get suggestions as to what else to try.

      Bottom line is you need to talk to a real person. And I would not blame you for leaving the service.

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