RSM Recap: Castle 3:11 – Nikki Heat

I am taking on a bit of a “job” with my Castle reviews. I have offered/been asked to write up the recap of each episode for a podcast about Castle. The podcast hosts will, in theory, be reading my recaps when they go through the episode as part of their regular recordings. I just sent the following to one of the hosts. It turned out to be “HUGE” and I suspect they will edit it down.

But, in order to post something up here, and to continue my Castle episode reviews, here is my recap of Monday night’s new episode of Castle: Nikki Heat. If you haven’t watched it yet, head on over to or hulu and do watch it. If you’re a Castle fan already, you will love it. If you’re new to the show, this one is a great way to introduce yourself to the cast of characters.

Without further adieu:
(Not that I watch the show, but) tonight’s Castle started about a minute late and opened with a cut from the Bachelor’s rose distribution to a bunch of red roses in a “Nikki Heat” audition tape scene that Castle’s watching. In this tape is the actress cast as Nikki, Natalie Rhodes, star of a string of horror films and less than Oscar worthy performances. Her Nikki is a blond and Castle is beside himself at how far away this actress’s performance is from his vision of Nikki. Martha and Alexis try to console him.

Beckett calls, saving Castle from continued viewing.

At the murder scene, Ryan is nervous, and he shows Castle a ring. He’s planning on popping the question. Castle is suggesting a big “helicopter ride” type of proposal. Beckett walks up and suggests something more intimate. Castle takes the ring, faces Beckett and says, do you mean something like “will you marry me?” beat/awkward moment, and he returns the ring to Ryan.

The victim, laying on the ground in an ally, is a woman in a gold coat, impaled on something. Her purse and ID were on her and it doesn’t appear that anything was stolen. Her name is Stacy Collins and she’s a professional matchmaker.

A limo pulls up. Castle asks if the mayor has joined them. Out of the limo comes Miss Natalie Rhodes. She called Bekett and asked if she could come and shadow her for the role and Beckett said yes. Castle is unhappy about the turn of events. Castle introduces himself as the author of Nikki Heat, and Natalie says his name sounded familiar, but she didn’t recognize him. Ryan comes up and is speechless when he sees Natalie.

As Beckett, Castle, and company return to the precinct, everyone in the police station is starting at Natalie. Beckett called ahead to give them a heads up, but they are all staring when they arrive. Natalie offers to sign autographs. When she’s out of frame, Castle takes Beckett aside and expresses that he can’t believe she invited Natalie along. He’s unhappy of this casting choice. She’s all wrong for Nikki.

Beckett goes off to interview some of the victim’s clients. She invites Natalie to join in on her first interview (which takes place offscreen).

Ryan and Esposito are at the victims apartment. Ryan is going on about his inability to say a simple hello to Miss Rose. She’s on his “list”, even Jenny knows. Miss Collins assistant walks into stacey’s apartment, and cannot believe that the place is trashed. She wonders what happened.

After the interview, Natalie and Beckett are talking about how unhelpful the interviews can be. Natalie likes what Beckett says so much, she takes out her phone (Blackberry) to capture the line. Castle tries to contribute something witty, but Natalie say ”Nah, her line was better”.

In the next interview, Beckett and Castle are asking questions of another client couple used Stacy’s service, and Natalie is taking notes of everything Beckett asks on her blackberry.

Cut back to Ryan and Esposito interviewing Miss Taylor about Stacey’s ex-boyfriend, Brad. They were an item up until yesterday. It all ended very badly.

(First commercial – That was a long break to the first commercial)

Brad is being interviewed by Beckett. He insists he was in love with Stacy. The screaming match in her office was just him being passionate. Stacy stepped out on him, which is why they broke up. Natalie and Castle are watching on the other side of the glass. Castle asks Natalie what she thought of “Heat Wave.” She hasn’t read it, only the screen play. The screenplay author, made a lot of changes in the screenplay.

Back to Brad and his interview with Beckett, he mentions that two months ago, Stacy started to pull away. Phone calls at all hours. He followed her last week. Saw her meet up with some guy. He confronted her, and she didn’t deny it. So they broke up.

Brad Williams “allibied” out, was at a diner enjoying baklava during the time of the murder.

Beckett and Natalie head off for a cup of coffee. Ryan stops Castle to tell him he’s hired a helicopter, and has a cover story when he visits Jenny’s parents to ask for her hand, he’s told her that he’s going out with Esposito.

Natalie is talking to Beckett and doing a run down of her character traits (way she holds her head, how she acts when she’s got a suspect and when she doesn’t). She asks about the high heels. Does she wear heels to get a leg up in a male dominated world. Esposito walks in with a lead and stands next to Natalie who is obviously also wearing super high heels.

Stacy has been making payments to a Duke Jones for two months. Two months seems to be a recurring theme.

Beckett, Natalie and Castle go to see Duke. As they enter his office, he asks his assistant to step out for a bit. He’s surprised that Stacy is dead. He’s a PI and was hired to do some detecting. $5k/week. He’s not afraid to go deep to find out who someone really is. She used him to better vet her clients. He called 20 min before she was killed. He’d finished a background check. Last night, between 10-11 was “banging his neighbor”.

As Beckett takes a phone call, Natalie is telling Castle how complex and juicy the character of Nikki is, and how she wants to get it right. She also tells him how very smart, sexy and demanding Beckett is. The conversation gets Castle’s attention.

Esposito called with a tip. There was a hidden key in Stacy’s office. It opened a jukebox. Inside of that is a satchel full of money. Lots and lots of money. Now we know what the killer was looking for.

According to Stacy’s assistant, the business wasn’t making that kind of money. Natalie observes that the satchel is a $6k handcrafted German bag. Natalie says that anyone who buys it registers with the company in case it needs to be replaced, etc. When Beckett asks “what kind of an idiot pays $6k for a bag?” Natalie says she’s got a complete set. A search of the registry pulls up a name. Tonia Wellington, a former client of Stacy’s.

Beckett says that Natalie might have just cracked the case open. NAtalie is excited. Castle mentions that it’s quite a rush and suggests that she read the book. She says that she will. As Beckett gets more evidence, NAtalie stands in the same pose with the same mannerisms. She’s trying to get into Beckett’s head. She promises to do Beckett better than Beckett.

Beckett interviews Tonia who is surrounded by four lawyers. They don’t let her answer any of the questions Beckett asks and they eventually leave.

Next morning, Castle brings in the coffee and Natalie takes it and without letting Beckett even talk, updates him on the PI allibying out. Some of the neighbors even complained abotu the noise. Beckett takes Castle aside and is upset about Natalie getting inside her head. She feels like she’s some brain sucking parasite.

Ryan walks in with details on the impending divorce of Tonia and Bill Wellington. T is wife #3, and with a non-infidelity clause, Bill owes Tonia $100 million. Stacy hired Duke, the detective, to set Bill up in an affair with Duke’s assistant. WIth the photo evidence, Tonia was going to gain $100 million.

In the interview, Mr. Wellington seems genuinely surprised that Stacy and Tonia set him up for the $100 million. He was in hong kong through the last week. Unless he hired someone, he’s innocent.

Ryan and Esposito return from Duke’s office, to report that it’s cleared out, everything is gone. Sure makes them look guilty. Either they are in on it, or they have left for fear of retribution.

Delivery man enters, with a large package for Natalie.

On a tip from the hotel bellhop where the incriminating photos were taken, the PIs assistant (and the woman in the pictures with Mr. Wellington) is named Greta Morgan. Stayed two weeks, and checked out Monday. The bellman says there was a cop here the other day asking all the same questions. Greta = former exotic dancer, picked up for probation and solicitation. The team determines that Stacy was working with Duke and Greta to set up the philandering husbands and help the wives out of marriages with louts.

As Castle and Beckett are talking, NAtalie walks in with a new hair color (Beckett’s), and clothes like Beckett. Beckett thinks this is too much but Castle thinks Natalie is just a devoted actress practicing her craft. As Castle leaves the room, she says to herself “until she steals my boyfriend and kills me in my sleep.”

Castle walks Natalie out of the interview room to the elevator. She read Heat Wave last night. ANd is going to go and get Nikki Heat. Natalie asks about the sex scenes between Nikki and Jameson Rook (based on Castle) then goes in for a kiss to complete the method acting. He resists a bit, but gives in just as Beckett returns to her desk and sees the whole thing as the elevator doors close.

The next morning, Castle comes up to Beckett with a cup of coffee. Is that for me, or the fictional version of me? Jenny runs by, telling Ryan that she hates him. He left his cell phone at home, and she brought it to him at work and asked Javier about the cover story last night. Ryan hadn’t yet told Esposito about the story so Jenny thought that Ryan was with Natalie (who’s on Ryan’s freebie five list).

Natalie asked Beckett if Castle is gay. After spitting out her coffee all over the desk. Last night, NAtalie asked Castle back to her place, but he said no. (something no other man has ever said to her). Natalie believe she needs to sleep with Castle in the name of character research and wants Beckett to tell him he can, give him

Watching Natalie being Beckett and looking at the white board.

Castle =Fictional character that I wrote based on your, played by NAtalie Rhodes, it’s way too metta.

Ryan = we should have a code word so we all know which Beckett to kill when the clone army attacks.

Esposito joins the trio who are both watching and hiding from Natalie. Greta’s credit card, from Stacy’s corporation, had been used to check into multiple hotels. It seems that Greta and Stacy had pulled the same setup on a number of husbands from the couples Stacy matched up. In a hushed voice, he tells them that Greta Morgan is being brought in. She says she didn’t kill Stacy. Already told them where she was that night and her alibi checked out. Were there other marks besides Bill Wellington. Stacy felt horrible for setting up these women with bad men. She felt that she owed them a way out with dignity. Beckett needs names. When greta hesitates, Natalie says “need names, now!”

In observing Beckett’s style, Natalie observes: “Less is more. The hardest thing to perform as an actor, is doing nothing. ”

The interview turns up two names from Greta. Both wives confirm that their husband’s went straight home from the party at Stacy’s, but only one of them went out after returning home. A “Scott” says he went out with his cousin for a drink, but the cousin doesn’t remember that drink. He had time to murder Stacy.

Beckett, and Castle head out with Natalie so she can be at her first arrest.

Scott jumps up from his desk, holds a gun to his head, and says he didn’t mean to kill Stacy. He just tried to get the photos from her, and she fell. He didn’t see the gate or the spikes.

Natalie, in her new and improved version of Beckett, says the same lines from the audition tape at the opening of the show, the ones Castle thought were horrid, and they work. Scott puts down the gun.

At the precinct, Natalie goes over the line again, and how she should say it. Off she goes to California, inviting Castle to join her on set.

Jenny walks in to apologize to Ryan. Beckett and Castle try to act busy with a blackberry and some paper respectively but Esposito is still looking on. Ryan runs over to get the ring out of his desk and tells Jenny he wasn’t playing darts with Javier last night, he was with her parents asking them an important question. Then he gets down on one knee, and pops the question. Esposito and Beckett both have tears in their eyes. Castle says “that was big” to which Beckett answers “and intimate”. The whole precinct claps and embrace the newly engaged couple.

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