Breaking down the MobileMe features

The following is a list of features that Apple’s MobileMe service provides it’s users. These services come with a $99 annual price (or sometimes lower). I have kept my MobileMe account through the years because I am very attached to my current personal email address and because I have enjoyed the streamlined features all together under this one service. It’s one I have had this account since 2000 and it is based on the nickname my husband gave me way back when we were courting. So it has a very special place in my heart.

According to apple’s MobileMe site (, here are the features that MobileMe offers its users:
1. Mail, Contacts, Calendar all in sync across devices
2. Find my iPhone
3. Gallery
4. iDisk (online storage)

Here are a short list of alternates that might be able to fill in the blanks for the above items
1. Syncing = possibly replace with Google mail, contacts and calendars
2. Find my iPhone = is now free on iPhone4, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 4
3. Gallery = Replace with google’s picassa
4. iDisk = Replace with
5. = replace by using the various free emails: google, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

I will take each one of the above per day as I go through my evaluation of how well I can replace my MobileMe services with these alternates.

I am still very hesitant to get rid of this wonderful MobileMe account, but having to reset the password to a new one which hasn’t been used in the last year each time I go to log into iTunes or into apple with my appleid is really getting to me. No news from Apple corporate on this issue yet since the corporate offices are closed until the new year.

Wish me luck,


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