Can I live without Apple’s MobileMe? Some Background

MobileMe logo from appleIt will come as no surprise to those who know me, that I am a huge fan of Apple computer and the macintosh. I have been a Mac-fanatic since I was given my first Apple Quadra when I started my first job out of graduate school. Up until then, I had been struggling with a PC cobbled together with various parts running flavors of Windows 3. Needless to say, the move from Windows to the Mac OS (even back then on System 7) was liberating. I was immediately and intensly in love.

I have gone on to use and own many Macs both at work and at home. I currently use a MacBook (which I replaced the hard drive myself with to get more space), an original non-3G iPhone, and a fantastic wi-fi iPad. I just bought my husband a new iMac for Christmas.

However, right now, all is not well in my Apple universe, and there is little I can do to fix it. I have a email address. Since 2008 they have been referred to as emails under MobileMe, but I have had this address since Steve Jobs announced the Apple iTools (and then dot mac) address back in his keynote in January 2000.

Once Steve made the announcement about iTools, I immediately signed up using a nickname my husband had given me, as my email address. It’s a short name; simple and sweet; four simple letters. I was over the moon to have an email that ended in I loved it so much that when it became .Mac and then MobileMe and went from being free to for pay ($99 per year now) I kept it and paid for the service. I don’t use most of what comes with MobileMe, but could not let this email address go.

Over the years, I have gotten a number of emails meant for someone else but being sent to my simple email: wedding invites, baby pictures, information about tax and estate planning, and invitations to parties. As Apple got more and more popular, more and more people started to purchase MobileMe and more and more folks tried to sign up using my simple email address. In spite of warnings that I am sure popped up on their screens telling them that that username was already taken, then ignored those and set their mail applications with the return email of mine, and told their friends that my email was theirs. They’d try to log into apple using my apple id only to end up disabling it because they were entering their password to their email in my log in.

This started to become more of a nuisance when iTunes came out. MobileMe users were given the great opportunity to use their MobileMe account as their iTunes account. one login, what could be more simple? Only trouble is, these other people who think my userid is theirs have disabled my iTunes account more times then I can count. Just about every time I try to login to iTunes, I get a message indicating that my account has been disabled for security reasons. Of course it has. Someone is trying to log into my account, thinking it’s theirs, using their password.

Up until now, I have ignored it, gone to apple’s site and answered my security questions to reset my password back to what it originally was. A nuisance, but I can deal with it.

This has all changed right before Christmas. Apple changed their password rules. You can no longer set the password back to what it was. They are requiring you to use a new, unique password which hasn’t been used in the last year. This means I am being forced to reset my password to a new and unique one every single day.

It’s not like the emials i get to my personal account are state secrets or anything. I don’t need to have a new password every day.

This is ultimately even more complicated by the fact that my MobileMe account syncs all my devices together: MacBook, iPhone, iPad. So, when I have to reset my password every single day, I am doing it cascaded on all my iDevices.

This is not acceptable.

The trouble is that after going round and round with the iTunes support and MobileMe support the only thing they suggest that I can do is to cancel my current MobileMe account and start a new one, a userid that isn’t going to be sought after by everyone.

So, can I live without MobileMe? If I cancel this account, I don’t think I will sign up for another MobileMe account. I am that upset by this whole nonsense right now. I have made a list of all of the functions i currently use MobileMe for, and I think I can live without or find an equivalent for just about every service. My next post will go through options to each and every one. The one stopping point for me is the nostalgia of keeping this personal email address that I have had since 2000. It’s like a death. I will miss it.

A number of us long time folks have started a thread on the apple discussion boards, and a facebook group and are trying to get Apple’s attention. Maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t.

Wish us luck!

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