RSM Summary: Castle Episode 3:10 Last Call

I apologize for not getting this review out earlier. Trying to get all of Christmas shopping done in between everything else, and blog reviews took a back seat. I have to say, and I am sure it’s going to sound like I am repeating myself, that I really enjoyed this week’s Castle. I didn’t know that there was going to be a new episode this week. I thought they weren’t coming back until January with new ones, but I was pleasantly surprised to have a little light hearted Monday night fun.

This week’s Castle was filled with smiles, and stories from each and every one of the characters. Let’s go over some of my personal favorite highlights.

We open with two people arguing and fishing in the river. I don’t know why they are fishing, and I forget what they are arguing about. Whatever it was, they stop talking when they pull out a dead body.

Cut to Castle. He is at his computer writing. Alexis rushes in. A shirt from her old school (middle school?) still fits. She excited because an old school friend who moved off to Kansis is back for a visit, and Alexis wants to take a walk down memory lane. When the friend shows up, she’s goth and could not be more different than Alexis. Alexis and Castle are taken aback.

Beckett calls.

Castle meets her at the East River. He immediatly goes to Mob Hit as the solution to the crime. Castle: “This is the most celebrated mob body …something” He went to fast.

“Not mob by enough for you?” -Beckett to Castle when one of the solutions is slightly less than mob specific.

Throughout the episode, Esposito shoots down Castle’s wild “mob hit” theories with evidence that disputes it. He does it rather smugly. When Esposito comes back with news of whom Donny (The victim) paid a considerable amount of cash to – cash that wasn’t in any of his bank accounts. Castle keeps asking to repeat all the part of the evidence that were related to this being a mob hit. The exchange was hilarious – mainly from the expressions on both men’s faces.

“An ex con dumped his life savings on an ex con ex bookmaker and ended up getting x’d out.” –Castle believes he was right. Mob ties

We learn that the victim bought a bar, one of the most celebrated bars in NYC. But only Castle’s heard of it.

“The old haunt. It’s legendary. All the writers go there.” -Castle
“We’re cops. We go to cop bars.” -Esposito

This bar has a Hidden basement, didn’t know it was there until the flood of 98. It was built during the time of prohibition, when bars had to go to great lengths to smuggle alcohol.

Another fun exchange:
Beckett- “If the killer had gun, why would he use a bottle? ”
Castle – “Dont ruin my story with your logic.”

Love the bar. How cool is the basement? Unknown up until now. Oh and I loved how Beckett glammed herself up so she wouldn’t look like a cop as they entered the bar. When Castle mentions she needed to undo one more button, she slyly does so and his jaw almost hits the ground.

Pick up Pete. He drives a pickup. Owns a shotgun. Donny 86’d him for life for what he did to the waitress. After he pounded the truck, he paid for the damages with cash. Again with the cash. The victim seemed to have a lot of cash.

Beckett to Castle–Instead of buying a drink, you’re going to buy a whole bar?

Castle spends the middle of the episode trying to come up with a name for a bar he might purchase. “the Castle”

An old owner of the bar, NYC’s Mayor Walker was openly Defiant of prohibition. Lenend said he made his own special brew of scotch, but none have been seen for a while. Turns out the money the victim had came from auctioning off the sole surviving bottle of St mirium scotch 1875. Holy Grail of scotches. It’s a red bottle. Sold at auction for $26k to online millionaire. Castle is in awe of the existence and longs to taste it.

Mgoo. The nickname the millionaire (a kid) goes by is Mgoo? Nice.

Alexis, she keeps looking for the Gracie she used to know but she’s not there in this goth girl. Martha tries to offer advice.

Beckett, as they walk through the sewars, observes:–“We are probably walking in rat poop, awesome. ”
Castle: “Don’t forget the CHUDs.” — Castle is awesome!

In the end, They find the killer from the library card. The British gent from the aution house, also checked out the book on the old sewar lines under the city, to find the stash of old scotch.

We find out that rather than let the bank foreclose on it, Castle has bought “The Old Haunt.” He asks everyone to join him for a drink. The guys are all in, but Beckett hesitates. Starting with Ryan, they sing out the episode with piano man. Really nice touch. Everyone takes a verse.

Fade to black.

I really loved this episode. I might almost put it as my top one of season 3 for pure heart and old fashion mystery. If not, the top three are “Punked”, “3XK” and this one “Last Call”. I will have to see what a second viewing of all three brings about.

Enjoy and go watch it again online.

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