RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:09: Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

The following is my running commentary of last night’s Castle episode: Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind. This one was billed as an X-files parody of sorts. Or to be more to the point, it riffed on X-files mythos and all things UFO, Alien and government conspiracy. I think it worked well, and I could totally see Castle and Beckett going toe to toe with Mulder and Scully. šŸ™‚ Let me say that the casting of the guest stars for this episode was awesome! I loved each and every one of them. Couldn’t have seen anyone else in the two main roles. I love the casting on this show. Either they have made the right friends with the right agents to get the best folks, or Castle has become enough of a draw that good actors are more than happy to come on for a guest role. Makes me very happy either way.

As always, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go on over to, iTunes or and check it out. Multiple viewings always make for better ratings for Castle, which is something I am 100% in favor of!

We open on a security guard with a flashlight coming upon a car. Very dark, single light from his flashlight, X-files look and feel. When he looks inside, he finds a woman with a nasty looking face. She’s all kinds of dead. I actually didn’t get a close enough look at her to even know what had happened to her.

Cut to Castle, at breakfast doing the crossword in pen. With a stopwatch. Nice touch.

Cause of death: Explosive decompression. Castle of course goes right to “alien abduction gone wrong” theory. And there’s a cigarette left on the ground by the car — total reference to the Cigarette smoking man, aka Cancer man”! from the X-files. Love it.

The victim was an astrophysicist who was working under contract for SETI. As in searching for extraterrestrial life. Most of her work was NASA related. Miss Holder, the secretary, who enters and offers information as to the mindset of the victim sure looks guilty or nervous. I will put her on my list of possible suspects.

The facility has a vacuum chamber. Ah, but a testing by forensics yields nothing. It’s clean,and not the “murder weapon.”

As there’s an ex boyfriend. A Mr. Carter ( as in chris the creator of X-files? šŸ˜‰ Nice!. No his name is Ted) the ex actor looks familiar, maybe Liam, charlie from Lost’s brother? Have to go to google, or imdb, or something. Yes! That was Liam. šŸ™‚

We have an earthbound solution (ex-boyfriend is the killer? and he used a decompression chamber) and Castle is disappointed. Loved how Castle sat up a bit as he said the word “probed”. Nice change.

Beckett got a Lego stuck up her nose when she was six! That’s an awesome story.

There’s a small metal object in her nose. Castle says it looks just like an Alien implant from all those alien books and stories.

Some lines I liked:

Beckett “Alibies in 30 minutes or less.” Re the pizza order Carter made.
Beckett “An astrophysicist and a ufologist, isn’t that like oil and water?”
The Abductees Anonymous chant “We didn’t choose this, we were chosen?”

Castle and Beckett go to an Alien anonymous type of meeting. That’s ah, oh, who is that? He was in Chris Carter’s Millineum. Bishop in Aliens. He was in X-Files at one point. What is his name!? Lance Henricksen! That’s it! He’s just an awesome character actor with a fantastic voice. This was absolutely awesome casting.

Apparently Marie started to display the classic indicators of alien abduction. White light. Loss of time. Blurry images. So she contacted her once friend and college, Striker for advice.

Striker was holding signing his opus during the timeframe, so he’s got an alibi.

Beckett says: “You don’t actually believe that kilingons were involved.” Castle can get behind the idea of a government agency covering something up. Just then he and Beckett walk in to find the victim’s office has been cleared out…by government agents.

People claiming to be federal agents seized her office. Castle says under his breath “Men in Black”. Castle – “Was her data in her furniture because they took that too.”

What else

Esposito and Ryan are totally loving, and completely behind, the alien theory. Esposito as an aside, but almost pleadingly, asks Castle to prove aliens exit.

Marie needed use of an optical telescope. She took an image capture, then erased the hard drive of all data.

Editorial comment: Oh poo, Castle got some crappy new Windows phone/product placement. Come on. No way would Castle have a windows phone, we’ve seen him with an iPhone and an iPad. šŸ˜‰ Yes, I am an Apple fangirl. You got a problem with that?

“Marie Suberau had information. Information we need.” Both castle and Beckett are captured. Then interrogated by Lyle lovett (as a secret government agent). They are looking for something. Beckett keeps asking who killed her, while Castle goes on about aliens, MIB, JFK. Etc.

Marie stashed a cd in the stuff she gave back to her ex boyfriend. The cd had a movie of something fuzzy moving against the night sky. could it be a UFO? šŸ™‚

Castle “We do have a box of bugs. Next best thing to a bat phone.” when the chief wonders how to get in touch with the secret government agents. Beckett speaks into the box “we have what you want. You know where we are” –beat– ring. That was awesomely funny. Totally expected, but really funny.

Maybe she intercepted a signal that was secret. Maybe she’s not who she says she is.intercepted transmissions lined up with the times she lined her telescope up with the spy satellite. The government agent guys think she was selling spy info to the Chinese.

As he has dinner with Ashley’s really dull and rather pompous father, Castle starts running theories through his head. He’s having trouble concentrating on the visit, as he ponders. Marie was acting out of character. If she were the spy, she wouldn’t have done things out of the ordinary because it would have called attention to her. If Marie wasn’t the spy, then the real spy had access to the telescope, ah it must be her boss, Dr. Vaugn. He’s who we first met at the lab. I didn’t even guess this one.

Upon some digging, The “agent” learned that Dr Vaughn has a fondness for gambling. Lyle Lovett uses a suitcase computer to control satellites and search his cell phone. (really, you’d have thought that the government agent guys would have checked Vaughn out before now)

I loved the fact that Castle has his “writer” bullet proof jacket on as they approach the showdown to get Dr. Vaugn.

Castle speaks Chinese! Something he picked up from watching a tv show! That’s hilarious. I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea how well Nathan carried off the accent, but it was a really wonderful scene.

Ryan doing the flying tackle when Beckett draws the attention was totally awesome. “None of this ever happened”, so Castle can’t put it on the Twitter. šŸ˜‰

Lyle takes Beckett aside to tell her something in confidence. Castle tries to get her to tell. Is it the loch ness monster? As they walk off into the night, cut to lightening flash and white screen.

Overall, this was another fun episode. Not my favorite of the season, but even a less than 100% Castle is still really an awesome Castle. I think my number one for the season is a tie of Punked and the 3XK for now. However, I still feel like this season has hit the stride of Castle the series. Now, if ABC will only put a whole mess of commentaries and extras on this season’s DVD (Do you hear me ABC?), I will be set.

Hope you enjoyed the episode.

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