RSM Review Castle Episode 3:07: Almost Famous

This week’s episode didn’t grab me as the other ones have done this season. In fact, I found that I didn’t take many notes for the first few minutes of the episode as it was. Usually I grab my computer and my fingers are flying on the keys trying to keep up with the action on screen. Again, watch the show before reading below, as I am not doing a recap but rather my version of favorite moments and highlights. It’s sort of my own running commentary.

So, this one isn’t my favorite of the season, but it did have moments where i was laughing out loud. In fact, the Ryan and Esposito moments are by far my favorites of the season if not the series.

We open with a young police officer, approaching an apartment. Next scene, he’s dead in the street.

When Castle arrives, he and Beckett approach what appears to be an officer down. They quickly figure out this was no officer, he was a stripper.

Esposito and Ryan are hilarious in this one. They go to the booking agent for the strippers. His first response to Esposito, is that he’s got dozens of A-rods but the Twilight look is in (meaning Ryan). Then he tosses a pair of bright red thongs to Ryan and offers for him to go down the hall to change into them if he needs privacy. Oh, and he also says that he’s got padding in case that is necessary. Ryan hands the thongs back, noting tha they’d fit just as they are.

Esposito is not happy after that interview. Back at the station, Esposito is doing push ups while Ryan goes on about Twilight being the in thing. 🙂

Alexis is going after a part at school and has asked Martha to help her audition. She made it to the final call. Martha is wearing the pants Sandy wore in the end of Grease! Awesome. She’s still got it. I loved Castle’s little moment with Martha, where he tells her that she’s been a good influence on Alexis. And he gets her talking about her acting job. The worst thing she ever did to make the rent was secretary.

Back to the victim. It appears that Derek also worked at a strip club called The Package Store (or something like that with Package in the name). His coworker was a blond man named Hans. I loved as Hans learns that Derek’s been killed, as Castle puts it “Your New Jersey is showing, Hans” and his accent disappears. It was all part of his act as Hans.

Jessie Mandalay is the name on a card in Derek’s day planner that Ryan and Esposito found in his apartment. The grey in Derek’s hair was for a “roll” he was playing, as a real estate agent who sold shares for apartments in Hoboken. I think they were going with a “bridge in Brooklyn” saying. The money was going to a company…owned by the “cougar” who was dating Derek after her husband passed away…so, she looks guilty.

But it was her lawyer! He’d set up the scam company, hired Derek to play Mandalay, and was funnelling money out of the rich cougar’s (I really don’t like this term these days, can’t we just call her a mature woman!) accounts into some off shore account. That’s why her finances are in such dire straights.

The side story, about Alexis going for the part of Sandra Dee in Grease to discover that being tech in a play is more her style (go Alexis!), was cute. I loved seeing the bonding between Alexis and Martha. A little glimpse into the life in the Castle household brought us the story of three very loving people.

Another fun episode. Not the best, as far as the central murder mystery, but the side characters really stole the show this time. Alexis and Martha and Ryan and Esposito. I love that the cast is so strong, you can focus on the side stories and still really have a strong and fulfilling episode. Great work all in the Castle cast and crew. Keep it up!

As an extra bonus, here’s the online “Ryan’s Report” ghost-written by Detective Ryan, with his thoughts on the 3XK from last episode.

Hope you enjoyed it yourself.

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