RSM Review: Castle Ep 3:06 3XK

This week the triple killer returns to NYC and Castle, Beckett and the precinct do their best to put the man behind bars. This episode was billed as suspenseful and one to watch. It was both. This was an episode of Castle at its serious best. While the team has fun, and we enjoy them as they do, they are officers of the law and their job is to protect the public. Tonights episode reminds us that Beckett, Ryan and Esposito have difficult jobs.

As before, my update below is written as I watched the show. It’s just taken me a while to find time to post it. If you haven’t seen the episode, I wouldn’t read my review first. This is more a running commentary than a review anyway. Go to Hulo, or buy it off of iTunes and then return.

We open on a blond woman walking home alone. Doesn’t bode well. We, the audience and woman, spy a mystery man standing and watching her. He looks around, then follows her.

Cut to Alexis. The transition between the fade out of the blond woman, to Alexis was a bit eerie. It set the tone for how Castle feels through this entire episode. This one made him worry for his family and the loved ones in his life. The cuts let the audience feel the same. Alexis has a secret admirer who left her a poem about her flaxin hair catching the sunlight. Immediately Alexis goes about solving the mystery of who it is. Castle tries to stop her – to not spoil the surprise.

Cut back to the blond woman. She’s been found dead. Castle notices her pose, and strangulation are similar to the murders from four years ago, the Triple killer. Originally, the advertisements for this show made it seem we were returning to a killer from season 1. (With the four years ago reference, the action of the 3XK happened the year before we, the audience, meet Becket and Castle.) Beckett seems to dismiss the theory since the entire m.o. is different. He killed the other women in their apartments not in an alley way.

Back at the precinct, Lanie is digging out the autopsies of the triple killer’s victims. Seems Beckett thought Castle’s idea had merrit after all. Castle can suggest it, but Beckett is the one who gets the response from Lanie. A bit of me wishes that Beckett would acknowledge a theory or two of Castle’s rather than just putting him on. However, I remind myself that she has done so when it counts.

The Chief briefs the team (and us, the audience) about the history of the Triple killer: he killed three girls in a week, and then disappeared. If he’s back, then they are already three days into that week.

After we return from commercial, the next victim has been found. In her apartment. After Castle does some observation of the state of the room, he and Beckett find a name tag in the sofa cushions.

Castle comes home and he’s nervous about Alexis and this mystery admirer. I can feel his fear as he asks her to lock her windows and he goes to arm the alarm. I am nervous for him and for this secret admirer.

They get a print off the name tag. He just got out of prison. Track down his old cell mate still in prison, and on a tip from him they find the suspect at a bar. His name escapes me, but he walks right out into the police, and pretty much gives himself up. (What is the other shoe? This seems too easy) In a bit of brilliance from Nathan Fillion, Castle yells above the crowd of police officers, ordering him to get down on his knees. I had to watch it twice. Awesome mixture of fear, anger, adrenaline.

The suspect guy is super creepy. He works at a prop house. Has access to any number of costumes. He’s requested a look at the warrant, which gives him an idea what the police know and what they don’t. He alibies out, and a back of his head shot is captured entering his apartment building. Sideburns, tatoo on the hand – come on, he works at a costume shop, those are mimicable identifying marks!

Beckett isn’t fooled. She assigned a tail to follow the suspect (whose name I cannot recall). Gates.

Beckett calls Castle. After some small talk, it dawns on him: “you called to seek my council!” Castle catches on that Beckett has called to see if he’s got some idea. Sadly, he’s got nothing.

Jerry, the friend inside the cell, got beat up for talking to the police. Jerry is afraid that Gates will get to him and his girlfriend. Therefore, Jerry must know something. In return for helping the police, Jerry gets an early release. Ryan is assigned as his protection. Is Jerry actually the bad guy? Is Ryan in danger? Ahhhh! Tension.

Castle says that he knows how Gates killed the victims. He used a partner to throw off the camera. (access to costumes, you know). The partner is too short. The partner was the sweaty von sweatsalot from earlier in the episode (I left him out in my commentary). They could see the glistening of sweat on his neck. (this is the man who followed the first victim at her cable company).

Esposito is searching for the girlfriend of Jerry. She hasn’t been home yet. She’s housesitting at her cousins. Gates is there as Esposito enters.

Beckett in interrogation supposes, that Gates wanted to be caught. In prison people fear him. All that’s left is to clear the air and be done with it all. Beckett is trying to get him to roll.

The gent in the hospital is the foster brother of Gates. He needed money for heart surgery. Beckett gets Gates to confess in turn for his brother’s immunity.

Ryan and Castle go to get Jerry. They tell him Gates confessed. He did go after the girlfriend but he’s been arrested. When Jerry doesn’t ask how the girlfriend was, Castle puts together that Jerry is the triple killer! Ryan reaches for his gun, Jerry knocks him to the ground, grabs the gun, and aims it at Castle…and commercial!


Castle has Jerry monologing!. Castle does an excellent estimation of Jerry’s background story. Then Jerry wonders the same about him. Why get so close to muder? What drives Castle? Hopefully we, the audience, will get answers to those questions as Castle enjoys many many seasons on ABC. 🙂

Martha calls to tell Richard that Alexis’ secret admirer was Ashley, so all was well. Castle, knowing Jerry is listening, ends the conversation with “I Love you”.

The killer leaves us, the audience, thinking that he’s killed Castle, as he strolls away from the hotel. As he turns the corner, the cops come sirens and light blazing. Beckett put two and two together, then Martha called the princinct knowing something was wrong. I knew that he was going to leave some sort of clue.

Castle and Beckett sit, knowing that the Triple killer has escaped, and Castle ponders his guilt in being unable to stop him. Beckett undertands that feeling all too well. Castle says “I know you do” and the two hold hands, sharing that feeling of helplessness. I could almost hear all of the “Caskett” fans squeeing with delight at the hand holding. I loved the continued depth of this relationship. Real adults. Real situations (well, as real as TV). Not just bed mates. I love it. By season five, I want these two in an honest to goodness relationship. 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed. I believe there is a new episode tonight. I hope to get my review/thoughts up sooner than I did this time.


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