RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:05 Anatomy of a Murder

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I took some notes on my iPad last night, while watching Castle, but didn’t think I could post them without putting prefaces, closing thoughts and doing some spell checking. So, I have sent my notes to work and am massaging them a bit. I everyone enjoyed last night’s fun.

I tried to log into the chat room at last night, but it requires Java and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not supported on my iPad. Too bad, it would have been fun to chat along with other fans. Maybe I will have the laptop out for next week’s show. Maybe I should let the good folks at know.

Below are some running comments on some of my favorite parts or just things that made me laugh, pause or groan. If you are looking for an episode recap, head on over here: synopsis.

The episode opens on a Funeral. While trying to carry the casket, the pallbearers lose their grip, and the casket falls over, opens and a woman is also in the casket. A doctor from a local county hospital is unexpectedly inside the casket (dead of course). As she tumbles to the ground on top of the old gentleman who was in the casket, “Who’s the shiksa?” is uttered by a member of the grieving party.

Later at Castle’s place, after Alexis goes on and on about the song that she and Ash share (it was playing during their first kiss), Castle gets the idea to surprise her. Castle scores tickets to Taylor Swift to surprise Alexis.

After Ryan makes some smart alec comment to a theory Esposito suggests, E shoots him THE evilist stink eye ever. Ooh, that was a nasty look Esposito gave Ryan! Wonder what’s up there? I am sure that’s going to play out in a future episode.

Castle -“looks like someone gave her 20 cc’s of death”. Cut to commercial. I am still a big fan of the one liners in this show. Delivered by a less skilled set of actors, they would be truly groan inducing, but this cast has the acting chops. They both deliver them with sincerity but also with this layer of acknowledging that the lines are corny and they love them just as much as we do.

Oh motorcycle man (I believe this is how Castle referred to him, but I concur) is a doctor. A Cardiac surgeon to be exact. This is Beckett’s new boyfriend. If we have to have a boyfriend for Beckett in order to prolong the union of her and Castle, I liked the guy from BSG better.

“Catfight to the death”. – Castle thinks that would make a good title for something. I concur. R. Castle should write that. 🙂

Nurse McClintock is a man. Castle wasn’t expecting that. The doc thought he was too flirty with her residents.

Gina also got tickets for Taylor Swift as a surprise for Alexis complete with backstage passes. Castle is upset that she didn’t call or run it by him. You can see the disappointment in his face. She gets upset and leaves. They have an awkward fight where we get a glimpse of why Gina and Castle didn’t last. I get the sense that they will always have their attraction but aren’t friends. There’s no foundation. Castle keeps her very much on the surface, and doesn’t let her into the inner sanctum of his relationship with Alexis. As we the viewers know, Beckett is already inside. Alexis has called on Beckett for advice, and while Castle was hurt, he was accepting and seemed to be alright with someone other than him being involved with Alexis. Very subtle but more groundwork for the relationship between Castle and Becket having a real foundation. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

The ex-drug lord (Caesar Calderone) is a huge fan of Castles fiction. He only reads them in Spanish. Valerie was his private physician. He has a bad heart. She was his miracle worker. A. Martinez, of General Hospital was amazing here. Don’t know if he’s actually gone grey or if the folks in hair augmented his look, but he was dashing, passionate, interesting. Loved him. This show gets some awesome guest actors.

Leonard Maloney, of the attorney generals office is the gentleman who Valerie (the doctor) was meeting at the coffee shop near Caesar’s apartment. Valerie was working undercover for him. Investigating medical fraud at the hospital.

Yes! I hate creepy dolls whose eyes follow you! Castle was right about his doll being the better choice for Alexis over Ginas long ago. Truth be told, I hate dolls in general, but those with the moving eyes freak me the heck out!

In the end, Caesar’s brother was protecting him as he had done back in the old days (during their drug lord days). Turns out that Valerie wasn’t a threat to him and his brother killed her for nothing. Poor Caesar. He was in love. Now he’s alone. This was another one of those episodes where I was sad about the murder because of the pain of the family and loved ones left behind.

I loved Castle convincing Beckett (my take, and it was off screen, it could have been Beckett but I have a hunch Castle stuck his nose into things) to look into the young lovers cases and she did. The attorney general gent agreed that the prosecutor ignored key pieces of evidence, and will reopen the case. Then Beckett and Castle bring out the burgers the brought from burger-rama.

Loved the throw back at the end to the conversation Castle had with Martha about two scenes before the end. Martha observes, that like Nurse Maloney, “You know it’s love when you’d break them out of prison”. Castle thinks on this with respect to his relationship with Gina. Later at the precinct, he and Esposito are hypothetically speaking about how they’d be SOL if they were wrongly in prison. Esposito tells Castle he’d be on his own. E would escape. When Beckett walks by, she chimes in to his hypothetical conversation with Esposito “don’t worry Castle, I’d get you out”. Castle’s look was priceless. You can see Martha’s words go through his mind, as he stars at Beckett.

Fade to music as Castle walks down the hall in step with her.

Really cute. 😉

I love this show. Every week is just pure fun and every week the credits roll and I think to myself, I really like this show. Thank you, ABC, for the fun.


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