RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:04 Punked

As with my last two “reviews” I am typing this while watching tonight’s episode of Castle. So, while the article below is all spoiler and light on the plot summary, it is entirely my real time reactions to the fun that was on the small screen. I am really loving season three of this show. The writers, cast and crew seem to have hit their stride. This show has a voice and it is all about having fun. You know, fun. The eye-rolling, no harm no foul, sort of fun that friends have when they hang around together.

We open on actor skyline. Horses..closeup shot of a body in blue light. Very eery. Very 19th century English countryside.But this is New York City and the horses are mounted police officers. We have a body. A man has been shot and left in the park.

Cut to Castle making a “smore-let” not an omelet. Chocolate and marshmallows inside this omelet. like a smore but also an omlet. He offers a bite to Alexis, she’s distracted, so she agrees, then spits it out.

After she leaves (to set up a date with her friend Ashley), Martha clues Castle into the fact that Alexis is in love. She’s confided in Grandma. On her “Diva’s honor,” Martha swears she doesn’t know the boy’s name.

Castle is recounting all the firsts that he’s shared with Alexis to Becket as they approach the crime scene. Alexis’ first word was “denouement”, love it!

Castle has the same boxers as the body. Silk. So he was very comfortable before he was murdered. : ) Nathan Fillion brings the non-sequetors and they are always humorous.

Castle asks Beckett if she wears thongs, cheekies, grannie pannies? He told her his, she can tell him hers. Lanie (the ME) just gives him a look and Beckett just continues to walk away.

Bianca!. Or rather, the only Bianca Montgomery from All My Children as far as I am concerned. She’s the sister of the dead guy. Their parents died in a car crash when they were young. The bummer here (for me) is that this is the ONLY scene Eden Regal is in. I love her. She’s an enchanting actress. She was fantastic on AMC (in the day so was AMC). I felt she was wasted here in her one or two lines of dialog in the very beginning of the show. Perhaps she can come on later? Or maybe Eden was just looking for something small to fit into her busy schedule in the theater. ๐Ÿ™‚

A fingerprint was found on the wallet of some huge thug. Said thug beat the crap out of Esposito. Esposito is now in a neck brace. He wants the giant dude who pushed him into a wall. I love how they played off E’s injury throughout the whole show. Everyone was trying not to make fun of him in this huge brace, and be supportive, yet not laugh.

Castle: Two hundred year old bullet can mean only one thing: time traveling killer. (of course, Richard, that’s what it has to be!)
We join the gang with Castle saying “ergo” and continuing about time ripples and their use in traveling through time.

Castle: Maybe the killer came through the time ripple naked, needing the clothes. Like terminator.

Beckett: sadly I don’t have a better theory right now.

Ivan Yosemete Sam Bidovski (spelling?) is Mike Franks from NCIS. Love him as mike, to Mark Harmon’s Gibbs. Probably not a show you young kids watch. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the handlebar mustache!

Goldstein drives a Delorean! From Back to the Future – a Time machine. The clothes they find on a homeless man were period. 1800s. I love that Ryan and Esposito inspect the DeLorean and point out the Flux Capacitor and the power source. This show is so fun. Their delivery was so deadpanned and serious. Captured the humor.

Ah, ha! 40 paces. A duel! (truth be told, my dear husband got this one seconds before Castle did).

Castle borrows one of the guns and takes it home, where he surprises Alexis and Ashley-A boy! Castle and the gun scares the crap out of Ashley, ๐Ÿ˜‰ This scene was priceless. I was in stitched the whole time. I think my step dad and husband plan to one day surprise my daughter with the same kind of welcome for a gentleman caller she might bring home. ๐Ÿ™‚ (abc has a behind the scenes video podcast interview with the actor who played Ashley here.)

A Victorian club, 1892. Private steam punk society. That makes the tweets that Nathan Fillian posted with pics of steam punked art make sense.

The dual was to impress Julia. The blond at the office. The actor playing the best friend, who thinks he has accidentally murdered his friend, very poignant. He did an awesome job of selling the horror, remorse, guilt, sadness all in a few lines. Well done.

Alexis asks Castle how does she know when you’re in love? Then she goes on and on about how there are butterflies in her stomach, and all those love songs make sense. Then she bubbles here way out.

Beckett and Castle test out the accuracy of the antique pistols. They can’t hit any target. This scene montage was hilarious. I especially loved the police officer trying to help Castle to hit anything.

The reveal of the killer was quirky and I loved the whole plot complication of a third gunman.

The new boyfriend for Beckett walking in and calling Ryan and Esposito “boys” was slightly over the top. It’s a good thing he’s handsome, or that would have just come off as annoying.

This dance of Beckett and Castle figuring out the or feelings appears that it is going to be a slow one. I am ok with that for now. I won’t necessarily be interested in watching either of them go through relationships with other characters over multiple episodes but I am willing to watch as they slowly, come to the realization that they are meant for one another. Friends first. It lasts longer that way.

Overall, I loved the feeling of this episode. It had a great 1800s period feel from some of the shots. For example, the interplay of the horses galloping with the moonlit body was very old Sherlock Holmes- Ian. I am sure that was on purpose. Hope you all enjoyed it. If not, you can head on over to and watch it online for free. Or you an buy (or rent) it off of iTunes.


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