RSM Review: Castle Season 3 Episode 3: Under the Gun

The only way I think I will be able to do these reviews is to do them in real time when my husband and I watch the episodes of Castle. Therefore, they are all going to be somewhat of a mishmash of a combination of thoughts and summary. Hopefully you can follow along. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, head on over to or hulu (or even iTunes) and check it out.

Welcome back. Here is my running commentary.

This one starts off in the office of a bail bondsman, who ends up dead. Poor guy. It never goes well for the guest star who appears before the beginning credits. 🙂

Alexis makes Castle breakfast in bed, and he sees right through her ruse. She must want something. Previous breakfasts resulted in buttering up for things like a Hello kitty backpack and authentic dual ESB lightsabers. This time she wants a scooter, a Vespa, A bike to get around the city.

A phone call from Beckett interrupts the bribery and Castle is off to the crime scene. I loved that Castle’s Spidey senses were tingling about the item folded up in his sock.

Castle “Someone actually named their kid “Random”? No wonder he turned to a life of crime.” – by the way, the actor who played Random was hilarious! I loved his obvious lies to divert what he’d done. No one bought them, yet he delivered them with earnest.

As they are on the way to find Random, Beckett tells Castle that she got a bike, spent all of college paying it off. Her dad hated it, but her Mom just shook her head. She declines Castles request to show him picks of her bike because he couldn’t handle seeing her in black leather stratteling it. …which makes him fear for how Alexis will handle her “wild child” days. 🙂 Beckett says that it’s the good girls who have the most extreme wild child days. Now, that’s a set up I hope they pay off with the opposite. I don’t need to see a pierced and tattooed Alexis.

Bounty Hunter old friend of Beckett’s shows up to cut Random off. There was a bounty on him and Royce was trying to collect. Royce trained Beckett back in the day. The two have obvious chemistry that Castle just as obviously picks up on with every facial expression.

Random in interrogation says he wasn’t running, he was jogging.

When Royce has Castle take a picture of him and Beckett, he does so in front of the murder board. My husband has wondered whether he’s trying to find the code on the paper in the bondsman’s sock. Hope that’s not the case. That makes him either a bad guy or dead. Let’s see what the rest of the episode brings…

Castle joked that the paper was code to start the Zombie apocalypse. (like the reavers?).

ah, ha, 10 millions dollars (in 1990 dollars) in stolen rubies and diamonds, etc. Yup, we have ourselves a treasure map. 🙂

Beckett ” all they ever taught me how to do in the academy was paperwork. You taught me how to be a cop” to Royce.

Castle tries to dissuade Alexis about the scooter by suggesting she earn her own money for it. A challenge she takes by going out and selling the lightsabers on eBay for $2k. (after Castle issued his challenge, thinking it would keep Alexis from getting the scooter, Martha told him he was doomed. Alexis has never met a challenge she didn’t go for 100%).

It is Alexis and Castle who figure out the folds in the paper made words appear, solving the code: “Under the Gun”.

Beckett keeps Royce on the phone, telling him that she was in love with him, and that he was the only one who understood her obsession with finding her mother’s killer. After the emotional phone call, she hangs up and deadpanned, asks if she was on long enough to locate him. Ryan is speechless, but Esposito recovers and says “yes, we got an address”. She walks away, and we, the audience see her face. She had meant what she said about her feelings.

The standoff in the cemetery was hilarious. Everyone but Castle had a gun. and everyone was pointed at another person. As Ryan and Esposito walk through the graves, E makes some kind of quip, Ryan notes “hispanic and cocky, ya, you’d be the first to die.”

In the end, Castle and Beckett find the treasure (off camera) but the disappointing part of finding treasure with a cop is that she will make you give it back. Oh well, it’s a good thing Castle’s already rich.

Overall, this was another fun episode. I kept thinking the whole time that Royce reminded me of the bit character, Don, Beckett’s trainer in the Nicki Heat novels. I am half way through Naked Heat right now, so it was on my mind as I watched tonight’s episode. Perhaps that was the inspiration for Royce?

I want to watch this one again, because I am sure I’ve missed some awesome one liners here or there. I do love how this cast works together with their non-verbals.

Hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to next week. The preview makes it look very steam punk.

Keep on enjoying Castle. For me, it is probably the most fun hour on network television right now.


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