RSM Review: Castle Episode 3:02 – He’s Dead She’s Dead

Below will be my running commentary about tonight’s episode of Castle. First, though, time for a rant, why did CBS have to put Hawaii 5-0 opposite Castle? I need to watch Daniel Dae Kim (I’m a Lost fan), but can not miss my Monday night Castle fix. So, the old VCR is finding itself in use once again.

Back to my running commentary on tonight’s episode of Castle. If you haven’t watched it, I’d go watch it first before reading the column below. I am not doing a recap first, just launching real time into my thoughts as the episode airs. I have my laptop (and my cat Suzie) on my lap as my husband and I watch tonight’s episode.

The opening was pretty gruesome and a bit shocking. Sure, the teaser trailer sort of let us know that the body is found in the couch, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so suspensful. A daughter finds her mother (the psychic) folded up in the sleeper sofa after calling her cell phone looking for her. That was just, disturbing. I don’t think you’d ever get that image out of your head. Speaking of the mother, I know that actress from somewhere…

Back at Castle’s place: Chet proposed! Holy cow! What a huge ring!

Alexis looked positively sad when Martha announced that Chet wasn’t the one, that the spark had gone out. Perhaps there’s something there in her own experiences?

I loved Castle and Beckett going back and forth about clairvoyants being the real deal vs. charlatans.

Wow, that was a long opening series of scenes before the Castle credits.

A Mr. Morano was one of the last clients. The psychic told him to invest in a company, and he ended up losing all of his money. He was an ex-mobster planning on going straight. The “universe” sorted itself out, and he did find the total happiness by reuniting with his high school sweetheart who happened to work with his broker. Castle is eating up the whole fate and sou-lmates thing!

Double Rainbows! Thank you Nathan Fillion! 🙂 (asking Beckett whether she believes in fate, unicorns, fairies, double rainbows).

Back at the station, Ryan and Esposito found that the psychic did research into her clients and that’s how she was able to forecast their futures. Poor Castle, He’s surrounded by skeptics.

None of the police stations they interviewed said that they’d worked with Vivian (the psychic). Castle surmises that the police who might have used her services wouldn’t be very willing to admit they needed the help.

A letter shows up at the station purportedly from Vivian, predicting her own murder. Castle buys it 100%. Beckett refutes it having been written by her, but rather by the murderer to run the police in circles. There’s a lot of fun banter back and forth about whether or not this ability to see the future and talk to the dead is for real. 🙂

Oh, Chet passed away! Martha was going to break it off with him and here he goes and has a stroke. I was not expecting that.

Naked Heat comes out “tomorrow” in Castle universe time, which is of course right because it actually does come out tomorrow in actual real time (did you pre-order yours? Amazon emailed me to let me know mine shipped over the weekend).

Castle: in answer to why it’s important that Beckett believes in fairies and Santa Claus. “if you don’t believe in even the possibility of magic, then you’ll never find it.”

There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this episode!

His given name is Richard Alexander Rogers! Not Castle. He changed his middle name to Edgar (for Poe) when he changed his last name to Castle. I was wondering how that was going to work into the storyline (his real name). How very exciting. 🙂 The psychic’s daughter (who also had the ability) said that an Alexander would look out for Beckett. 🙂

And my favorite line of the episode was Martha to Castle: “whatever mistakes in my life, I raised a good man”

Over all, that was a heck of a fun episode. I was at times confused and lost with all the characters, and with trying to keep this running commentary (how do you guys do it??!), but mostly managed to follow along. It’s the characters’ interaction that makes this show so much fun. The eye rolls by Ryan and Esposito to Beckett as Castle goes on and on about psychics and mediums, etc were fantastic. I just love this show.

If you haven’t checked out Castle, it’s never too late. has free episodes availble online. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available on DVD. Just saying. 🙂


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