Disney Vinylmation

Disney Vacation Club Vinylmation figure

This made my morning.

Those of you who aren’t Disney World fans here, might not have heard of a little collectible called Vinylmations. They are strange little plastic figures roughly shaped liked Mickey Mouse, with artwork painted over top of the figure in various themes. I resisted the urge to start collecting at first, not really being excited by the first few lines of figures. Plus, you buy them in a series box without knowing which figure of the series you’ve gotten. It’s fun to take a change, but at $9 it’s a little steep to take a chance on buying something that you don’t like.

On our last trip to the world, I finally found a series that I liked just about every one of the figures in the series. I started to collect one of the Parks series (park series #4) and have a Disney Cruise line figure, a Monorail green figure and a Tower of Terror figure.

Disney Vinylmation Park Series #4

Now I’ve learned through DVCnews.com that a series of Disney Vacation Club figures is coming out later this month. I could not be more excited! I am a DVC member and love the various DVC logos and logod merchandise. I can’t wait to pick up one when we go on our annual DVC trip with my parents later on this year. The only trouble is that the kids and the hubby have put a limit on the number of Vinylmations I am allowed to buy each trip. It’s going to get tough this trip with the release of these DVC figures along with Toy Story 3 figures and some rumored Star Wars themed figures.

I guess I am supposed to set an example of how to not go overboard. That’s the trouble and the honor, of being a parent.



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