Castle Season 3 Premier: My thoughts

The fall TV season kicked off for me tonight with the premier of Castle. I’ve mentioned here before that I began watching this show to follow the wonderful Nathan Fillion. I’ve stayed because of the writing, characters, and pure fun that this show serves up every Monday night. So glad that ABC has stuck with it and so glad that I am not the only one appreciating and enjoying all the fun.

First off, what was up with Castle Not trending in twitter tonight? Looks like it should have from independent twitter data. For what it’s worth, I tagged everything #Castle today for good measure. And can i say that i love how social networked this cast and crew is? From Nathan and Stana to the creator, Andrew Marlow, they all tweet! If there’s ever a time for castle fans to join Twitter, it’s now.

Just saying.

That said, I enjoyed tonight’s season 3 premier. In my opinion, Ryan and Esposito totally stole the show. (as is often the case with a strong supporting cast) Their show of solidarity for Beckett as they gave Castle the cold shoulder was awesome. They played it for laughs and I was chuckling right along with them. I love that this show isn’t about being serious and it isn’t about being groundbreaking. It’s just about being plain old fun.

I will try to write up an actual recap later (as in not tonight) but for now, I will just point out some of my favorite bits:

– Cracked up at Ryan ‘s obvious disappointment that Castle “really *is* ruggedly handsome” as the book store owner moved the Castle life-size cutout nearer to the front window.

– loved the “veiled” parallels between Alexis’ boyfriend not calling as soon as he returned from Europe and Castle realizing he’d done the same thing to the gang at the station.

– right off the bat, in the interrogation room, Castle learns that Beckett is no longer in a relationship. Sad that, apparently, Castle is in one with the ex wife ;(

– the mystery (spoiler): a chemist, a sculptor and a vending machine repair man walk into a burlesque club, punchline was well played. They “made” money. Emphasis on the made.

– the standoff opening scene, which when completed at the end of the show, actually played out far different than i guessed. The expressions of both Castle and Beckett as they realized each saved the other were excellent. All was forgiven. Next week we will go back to one big happy family again.

All in all, a great start. Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. My only issue was the arrest of Castle in the beginning. That felt too forced. The rest was pure fun.

Hope you all enjoyed it. I am so glad fall is here and Castle is back. My only beef with network television is that they all decided to cram everything into Monday nights. I had to use the old VCR to record Hawaii 5-0 because Castle gets the DVR spot, and who knows whether I’ll be able to keep up with that throughout the whole season. Not to mention The Event being opposite my daughter’s favorite program: Dancing with the Stars. What are they thinking? So they *not* want me to watch their programs? Or am I just old school in my viewing choices and not who they are going after with these absurd scheduling choices?

I’m planning on heading out tomorrow to buy the season two DVDs with the coupon ($10 off) that came inside the season six DVDs of Lost. ;). Looking forward to checking out the extras. And with that, I am off to bed. It’s way past time I should be asleep. I forgot how late Mondays could get. 🙂

Night all,

As an addendum, those who didn’t see the season three premier of Castle can download the episode for FREE from iTunes as of right now (Tuesday, Sept. 21st). I am not sure for how long this will be available, but run, don’t walk, to your iTunes account for some fun Castle goodness. You can also watch episodes for free off of ABCs site, either on the site itself or via the cool ABC iPad app (which I have done often). I believe you can also find Castle on Hulu.

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