RSM Review: Castle Season One: Little Girl Lost

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I am a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, and by the associative property, also a fan of the ABC drama, Castle. I have been watching Castle since the first episode of season one largely because I jumped at the chance to see the delightfully fun Mr. Fillion back on TV. Season three starts this fall with the premier on September 20th. If you are looking for something fun to put into your Monday night viewing schedule, I’d highly suggest you tune in. There are some threads that you might have to catch up on (Becket’s Mom, Castle and his past marriages), but this show isn’t Lost (another favorite show) so you can jump in at any time.

Castle is about characters. Fun, zippy, silly characters. I love them all. Throughout the source of the second season, the side characters got more screen-time, but the first season was more about introducing the audience to Det. Kate Becket and Richard Castle.

I try to send my comments in to a weekly podcast on Castle called CastleCast. I sent some of the following thoughts and favorite moments from the season one, episode nine: Little Girl Lost.

My vague memory of this one was that I found it to be interesting, hard to guess and overall, sad. I remember being really sad that this family that was together, will no longer be so at the end. I was hoping that the Mom wouldn’t go to jail so that the daughter didn’t have to live with only one parent.

Anyway, watching the show I am reminded why I love any episode of Castle: the banter, the dialog, the characters. All top notch. Some of my favorite moments (running commentary while watching)..warning, this got long.

– Starting from the very beginning, Becket and Castle are at it. After seeing the cover art for the first Nicki Heat novel, Castle learns that Becket is a fan and subscribed to his fan site! (Are you Castlefan ###?)

– The FBI agent called in is both an old boyfriend of Becket’s and an agent that the precinct has worked with before. When Beckett learns, the chief says “We’re all professional here.” as a comment and question, to which Castle replies “I’m not.” Love it when they don’t miss a beat with the one liners.

– While in the elevator at the precinct, Becket blurts out “six months” in answer to Castle’s unspoken question of how long they dated. When he points out that he didn’t ask it, Becket says that he was “not asking it very loudly”. Castle: “I know, I’m like a Jedi that way”.

– Castle goes home to find his mother, Martha, holding a session in “her” office life coaching an aspiring novelist on how to be creative! What happened to her life coaching business? That’d be fun to revisit in season 3.

– The kitchen scene with Becket and FBI agent (Sorrenson) and the kiss that Castle interrupts, was sweet. We don’t get to see that side of Becket (her smiling) often enough. 🙂

– The side story of the past kidnapping case, one that Beckett and Sorrenson worked on together, where they got the guy but lost the child anyway, was a nice way of allowing the audience to worry about the worst happening, without having to actually pay off with the worst happening. I was most happy that the little girl was found, nice and safe at the end.

– We learn Becket stood in line for an hour to get a copy of one of Castle’s books signed, and those same books got her through her mother’s death.

– Knowing the outcome, I found the mother’s reaction to Castle’s slipping the phone into the backpack really interesting. Having watched it before, I know she’s the guilty party and the actress played the scene so it read both as a worried mother and as a guilty party.

– I felt the mother’s anger, disgust, resentment of her husband. The actress did a great job of selling how cornered she felt. I wished that she could have found another avenue to leave her husband and be with her daughter. In the end, she’ll probably lose everything. Another bummer but really well done by this guest actress.

I do like that Beckett implies all might not be lost should the jury have enough moms on it. That’s how the story ends in my mind. While the mother owes the FBI and the precinct money for wasting their time, her daughter wasn’t ever in any danger. I see the couple divorcing and learning to work through their anger and resentment in order to give their daughter a happy ending. See, that’s my happy ending. 🙂

Alright, I am ready for season three! Bring it on ABC!


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