Review and recap: Cover Affairs: Fool in the Rain

The hubby and I managed to get our kids to bed in time to watch Covert Affairs episode last night in real time, as the DVR recorded it. You know a series has you hooked when you set a series recoding on your DVR and you actually watch it in real time if you’re at the TV in time to do so (as in, no fast forwarding through the commercials). While the first episode was just fun and nothing deep, we have both decided this one is worth putting on the rotation of things to watch. I am happy to read that USA Network has picked up Covert Affairs for a second season. Shows getting renewed by the networks are hard to come by in this day and age.

Back to last night’s episode. All of the action surrounds Annie again (I miss Auggie being front and center after the Auggie centric episode a few back) as she and her sister go away for the weekend to Niagara Falls. (Having stopped at the Falls almost once a year on our trips to Canada, I was excited to see some of the location shots being places we’ve been to before. ) While in Niagara Falls, an Iranian dignitary wishes to defect to America and offers intel in return for naturalization. Being closest to his location in Toronto, Joan (Annie’s boss) makes the call to our favorite agent on her vacation and asks Annie to bring in the intel to see if it’s worth offering citizenship. Hijinks ensue. It turns out that the intel isn’t about Iran and nuclear weapons but rather the smuggling of cigarets and booze to the bad guys (or something).

I wasn’t quite clear on the details.

There’s a side story about Auggie trying to find out who the CIA mole is. He’s taken it upon himself to get to the truth by sleeping with the reporter who is in contact with the mole. Aside from more scenes with a shirtless Auggie, we only really learn that the mole is one of 17 people who have access to certain information and that the CIA administrator wants to find out who he/she is without his wife, and Auggie and Annie’s direct boss (Joan), being implicated. It could be that he’s the mole and he’s trying to handle the situation, or that he’s afraid Joan is the mole, or that he’s really just trying to protect Joan. Either way, I don’t think the writers have decided yet. Still, it’s a fun line of story that will probably thread it’s way through season two.

Along the way, we learn that Annie is still looking for her former flame, Ben (who also shows up without a shirt in flashbacks) and is getting closer to learning things about him as she recalls their short time together. Namely, that Jai Wilcox (Suresh for you Heroes fans out there) knew Ben and was somehow related to Ben going rogue. Or at least that’s how things are looking right now.

In the end, Annie helps the Iranian national to relocate to the USA, after his Iranian friends try to assassinate him. Turns out, he just wanted to come to America in search of a childhood sweetheart. He’d found her via “the facebook” and noticed that she was going through a divorce. Ever the romantic herself, Annie does what she can to help him.

Overall, this seemed a tighter written episode than most without too many plot holes or last minute wrapups. I still find Annie’s big sister annoying and wish that Auggie would have more screen time, but overall I will keep watching.

Next week will be the big season one two hour finale. From the preview, it looks like Ben will play a larger role in the storyline. Hopefully they won’t decide to change show tone and kill off someone. For now, I’ve been most happy with the fact that this show isn’t drama and death, but rather, lighthearted with an usually “happy” ending.

Getting up on my soapbox, there is a time and place for dark dramas (Battlestar Galactica – BSG, I am looking at you) but I’ve had about enough of them. The world is dark enough. I am tuning into the tv for some lighter fair. I’d say that so far, Covert Affairs is filling that bill.

Tuesday night, USA, 10pm eastern.

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