Financial planners – are they all just trying to sell insurance

My husband and I had our financial planner over last night. He comes to our house because we have two young children and it’s hard to get away for meetings. I like the arrangement. When we first started this planning for our children’s college funds and our retirement, we worked with a different agent in the same firm. There were a series of things that happened that resulted in our original agent leaving the firm (a long story), so we’re working directly with the firm’s owner now.

Our current agent called us up about a week ago to set up our semi-annual meeting. It was a good time because we wanted to go over the kids college funds. Our son’s fund is outpacing our daughters, and we haven’t been putting enough into hers as of late. We wanted to even them up, for their respective ages, so they they both have money for college.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t why the planner was calling us. He has, apparently, been reviewing our life insurance policies, and saw that we could “save” some money on my husband’s policy if we upgraded his now (or something like that) and restarted the 20 year rider (we’re five years into this policy). Then he wanted me to restart mine with a 20 year rider (over the 10 year one we started mine with) to give me more time.

Well, we wanted to work on the kids college funds, as well as look over our savings for retirement, not go over insurance. Life insurance is a good idea, but I felt like I’d gotten suckered into starting a new policy when I hadn’t initiated that discussion.

So, I sit here, the next morning, being annoyed and thought I’d share it with the readers I don’t have. 🙂
Have a great day.


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