An RSM Review: Disney Poetry – The Mouse of Zen

For a while now, one of the Disney peeps I follow on Twitter (@mouseofzen) has been entertaining us all with his haiku tweets. Little did I know, at first, that @mouseofzen was following his dream of writing disney inspired poems and then one day publishing them. With the help of the online self publishing house, that is exactly what has come to pass. As of the time of this writing, The Mouse of Zen: Disney Inspired Mouse Sized Poetry by J. B. Conway is now available for order and download.

Mouse of Zen in packaging

It was with great pleasure that I was able to support one of my Disney twitter “friends” and bought his book from lulu about a week ago when it was available. It came in yesterday’s mail and I was able to read through a about half the poems before getting the kids to bed last night. I hope to read the rest tonight. With the arrival of this book, I thought I’d write my first ever review here on the RSM blog. Without further adieu, on to my impressions.

First impression: The quality of the book itself is very professional. Stepping aside from the review for a minute, self publishing is one of those dreams of mine. I have been drawing my whole life, and my Mom and I have been collaborating on children’s stories for the tons of grandchildren in our family. I’d love to publish some of them into actual real book form and buy copies for all of the extended family of grandkids as keepsakes. The physical book from lulu dot com is really nice. Cover has a thick paper clear plastic laminating like qualities. The paper inside if very nice and thick as well. It’s slightly yellow in color. As for this book in particular, I love the front cover. I don’t know if the author designed it himself or not but I am really impressed by it. It’s clearly Mickey Mouse ears, but they are stylized enough that it’s only inspired by, and not an exactly likeness of the Mouse. So, for me, the whole feel of the book was pleasing. There is an eBook version available for less than half the cost of the print book, but I am old school and just like to have an actual book in my hands when I read.

Second impression: The poems themselves. A haiku, according to wikipedia, is “a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of 17 moras (or on), in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 moras respectively.” The term moras is roughly translated into english as a syllable. I remember writing haikus in high school. They are rather challenging but when done skillfully, can evoke almost dreamlike pictures and images. The haiku in The Mouse of Zen definitely fit this description. Some are so visual that I am finding myself inspired to illustrate them. Might be time to dust off that Brushes app on my iPad and get to work. The poems are numbered, not titled, so the reader is left to decide what each particular poem is about. So far, among my favorites are: one evoking an image of a child carrying, and losing a Mickey Ballon (#21), two about the Haunted Mansion (forgot to write down the numbers), the Boo to You Parade (#29) and Soarin (#53). I will have to ask the author if I may reproduce some of them here. If you’re in the mood for some poetry, I do suggest you follow @mouseofzen on twitter. He’s still writing and he posts a haiku about once a day, sometimes more as the inspiration hits him. From his twitter page, he is working on version two book of poems.

Final verdict: Recommended I love the creativity of my fellow friends in the disney fan community, and I am happy to see another one of them reach for their dreams. If you are looking for a gift for the disney fan who has everything, this book is a nice quiet time addition to anyone’s library. I only hope to get it autographed someday.



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2 Responses to An RSM Review: Disney Poetry – The Mouse of Zen

  1. MOZ says:

    wow! very nice of you to do! please feel free to use ANY haiku from the book in any way you wish! would love to see this ipad art become a hobby! maybe we can work on an ipad only book version!

    • Collaborating totally sounds like a lot of fun. I will add it to my list of things I hope to accomplish! 🙂 I will play and see where I go with it.

      I will update the post with a couple of the haiku this evening. 🙂

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